grateful! :)

by Maddie

as i have been reading this book it has really just been confirming to me that my choice to stay sexually pure until marriage is the right choice. i also wanted to share that although some people may say i am missing out in not joining in with the crowd and breaking my decision of no sex til marriage but i am goin to stand up to this "goal" and to help, i will have my friends make sure i do not stumble. i want to add too, that i do not think i am missing out on anything by startin to have sex right now in high school, because come my wedding day i believe i will be the happiest person (besides the fact that i am getting married!) i myself will be overjoyed that i will have waited this long bbecause as she says in her book, talking about breakups she said the hardest breakup when u r sexually active is the first one because u have created th strongest bond with that person and you are now attached to this person by the means of u just gave them part of your heart. so u r NOT missing out on anything if u wait to have sex til marriage instead u r making it all the better for when u finally do have sex IN marriage! :)

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