God's Will.....

by Billie Newman
(Skiatook, Oklahoma)

-I am a friend of God-

-I am a friend of God-

So of course i am a teen that grew up

in a small town where partying and hooking up
were the two things to do. So right when i got
into the 9th grade i lost all my innocence.

It is so crazy how fast temptation can get you.
I went from a innocent girl with good grades
and a wonderful life in head of me. Then BAM
things changed. I went to a party and drank.
The more parties i went to the more God was
taking away from me. My grade went from good to failing. All i wanted to do is be that cool
girl that partied with all the juniors and seniors
then drinking lead to letting a boy take control
of my body.

I thought it was a cool thing i was suppose to do but deep down inside i knew it wasn't cool at all so i got depressed started cutting myself. I always thought suicide would be the way out of things but i never intended to do that i just wanted to hurt myself physically like i was hurt emotionally. I had a friend that was a daughter of a preacher and every time we went out and partied i would tell her Katie i want to change, i want to get closer to God and she would laugh
at me like it was some joke. That was not something i thought a best friend or a daughter of a preacher would say.

I was the only one out of my so called friends that wanted to change my life or felt guilty for all the bad choices i was make. I was such a confused girl.

I was going to church and for the longest time i was the oldest one in there so i had no one to look up to or help me. i just kept falling and
all my joys and blessings were going away. I wasn't doing God's will or what i am called to do.
I wasn't trying to spread the gospel. I wasn't
doing my part. i just kept going wrong.

I prayed for hours and hours for angles to help me. I got baptized then the next day a friend from a different town that was a Christian kid
is BAM randomly at my church, then BAM that
Wednesday 4 more of my random friends show up at
my church, i started hanging out with them
to keep myself out of trouble and i do believe
these 5 boys are my angels. They are a blessing
in my life. i am so thankful for them. i was getting so bad into stuff then they pulled me out of it.

i have been doing God's will and He is blessing me
for it. i thank the Lord for every little thing.
i prove to my old friends that a person can change
for the good and it is not stupid to be a follower
of Jesus the son of God. I push right through temptation to drink, to do drugs, to let boys take control over me. I'm dating one of my "angels" - he is the worship leader at my church
we are not sexually active, we are waiting.

i do not have to impress him he likes me for who i am. he is a blessing to because he has pulled me through so much.

"Thank you lord, you are truly amazing."
Just remember our Savior is the way to go.
get close to him and hold on to him he will bless you. The Lord works in many different ways and he can give just as much as he can take away.

Just keep your head up, never let anyone pull
you down with their own temptation, Press On
the Lord is always with you. Bless him, He is amazing.

If you do God's will He will bring you blessings.

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A Better Way
by: Minister Zan.

What a blessing to read your story. I understand where you are. I mentor thousands of teens who feel the way you do. How important it is for all to find there identiny in Christ and not this world. I say to you Billie Jo press forward in Him and focus on pleasing Him. Allow the Lord to mold you from your past, I was a teen mom and even tried to abort my son 3 times needless to say it didn't work. That was over 32 years ago and now I mentor teens to show them there is a better way. Billie Jo there is a better way, and how blessed you are to have chosen that path. God Bless

God's will
by: Julie

Thanks for sharing your story. We cannot hear enough stories of God's work in people's lives no matter what seems to get in the way of him showing us what we were made for. I encourage you to keep pursuing the faith, no matter if there are people beside you or not. I do know that God gives gifts of people to help us on our way, but we have to be careful to not put our identity in even those "godly" people, friends or family, who might be filling us up, because the ultimate gift is in the giver who keeps providing for us, never leaving us.
You're such a great testiment to how God is using teens like you to get the word out that there is a better way. I'm proud of you for making the choices you're now making and leaning on God for strength in your temptations. Honesty is so important since we all have weaknesses. Keep going!

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