Godly Friends

by Dani

Choosing good friends and telling real friends from users/posers

God’s Word
John 15:13 "Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friend."

Meditate On it
God has given us people in our lives to help us grow in Him and to teach us things. He has given us annoying people, maybe to teach us patience, love, and self-control. He has given us gossips to show us to watch what we say. He has given us sweet, godly friends to rebuke us, to love us, for someone to go to when we are sad, and to do fun stuff with!

God didn't make us so we can be happy all the time...He made us to glorify Himself. Yes, He does want us to enjoy life and have fun, but our primary purpose in life is to glorify Him and to tell others about Him.

Have you ever had a "friend" who only wanted to be your friend because you had clothes from Hollister or Abrocrombie and you had internet on your cell phone? Then your dad lost his job and you didn't have that stuff anymore, so they quit being your friend? That is not a true friend. Then, you have a friend, and you go through the same situation, but they love you exactly the same. They are a true friend, right? That's the type of friends you want. That is also they type of friend you wanna be.

God wants us to be a good friend, and to love everyone. Please take not I didn't say like everyone...I said love everyone. Make sure you are a true friend! Do to others...right?

I know God wants us to be a good, godly friend. You also need to have good, godly friends. Pray to God and ask Him to help you be this way. I have written a prayer below, but pray what is on your heart...but if what I wrote is on your heart...pray that!

Pray It
God, I wanna be an amazing impact on my friends. I don' want to be a user. I want to be used by You, LORD. Help me to choose friends that you would choose. I want to be like You, Jesus. I love You! AMEN.

Think About it
1. Am I choosing good, godly friends? 2. Am I being a user of any of my friends? 3. Do I need to cut an relationships that are causing me to go against God, or evern my morals?

Comments for Godly Friends

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by: Princess

Hello, thankyou for posting this comment abouy godly friends! It's so relevant to me right now :) God bless xxx

by: Sara

THANK YOU *[SOOOOO]* much! I *loved* this study!


UR welcome
by: Dani

Sara & Princess,
Y'all R welcome. I hope U guys can write a Bible Study 2! Y'all have a GR8 day!


by: Annie

Thank you sooo much! :) I've wanted a friend like that for so long and I kinda have one. The only problem is I don't think I could share secrets with her, but I will say she wouldn't shun me for bad styles and such.
I am glad you took time to share this.
Do you have a blog with stuff like this? If not, you should start one. It would be a tremendous help! :)
God Bless You and thanks for the great study!

To Annie
by: Dani

Hi Annie! I'm so glad that you have a friend like that! If she is not going to care what you have or wear, etc., she sounds like a wonderful friend to have! I'm sure that you will be able to share secrets later on in your friendship. However that will take trust, and trust takes time. Trust takes sometimes months, sometimes years...My BFF is the awesomest person EVER!! If I could tell anyone (*besides God and my family :)) anything, it would, without even thought, be her. I trust her more than *anyone in the world, and I trust her. She tells me everything like I tell her everything. But our trust and friendship took NINE YEARS!! We have always been total BFF, but we had our secrets...now we don't, but we had to build trust. I hope that you and your friend will have a wonderful and Godly friendship forever like me and my BFF have. I will let you know if I get a blog!!! I will post a comment to you if I do...and thanks a million for your encouraging words!

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