God and Boyfriends

by ACS

I'm only a sophomore, but I desperately want a boyfriend. Someone who will listen to me, and look at me like I'm the only girl they'll ever want. I want someone who will hold me when I'm crying, and protect me from people who want to tear me down. My mom always tells me that I'm not the type of person who's going to date a lot of boys before I find the one, but sometimes I wish that was the case. I have a rather large group of friends that I hang out with all the time, and in that group there are only three of us left single. The worst part is, that not only is everyone else a couple, but they're all paired off with one another! One of the other girls in this group, single along with me, says that she'd rather have a broken heart than have felt nothing at all, after I pointed out that at least we don't have to feel broken hearted for now. At the time I thought she was crazy, but now I feel it. That yearning for something. Anything. An aching of brokenheartedness in my chest. Just not this nothingness. Throughout all of this, though, it seems like I have forgotten about God. God is exactly what I described up at the top of what I'm writing. He loves me, protects me, holds me. God is perfect. And someday maybe, hopefully, God will put someone in my life who I'm meant to spend the rest of my life with, but even if He doesn't, it's going to be okay.

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by: Anonymous

Hi my name is sharnetta and I really like your post. I'm 19 years old and I feel like all my friends and everyone I kno has a boyfriend. I've never had a real boyfriend I've talked to guys and stuff but nothing serious and nothing like the type of guy u described. But I kno that god has a better plan for me later and that god us always there to listen to me and protect me and love me no matter what. And god loves you and will send you someone when the time is right.

Totally agree!
by: Anonymous

I totally agree! I feel the same sometimes. I also feel like I have high standards and I think thats always why us girls don't have boys. But that's good to be picky. I admit though i fall short sometimes just because I'm getting attention from popular guys. I have a very protective family and I feel like I don't even get a chance to date when I want to. But recently I have figured that I am so blessed to have a family like that, they are only trying to help and guard my heart, saving my heart for that special guy. My standards need to stay the same, and then THAT guy will come and I will know that he was worth the wait. I pray for patience though.

In the end it's worth it
by: Anonymous

In the end, when you're walking down the aisle to the most ridiculously amazing guy EVER, you'll realize that waiting was totally worth it :)

I know that one day I'll look back at my life and see God's hand was in it all along...so just remember, He knows what He's doing!

response to God and Boyfriends(My advice to You)
by: Rita J.

Hey Hun! So after I read your post, it made Me remember My highschool days, and I was a lot like you in a since. I wanted somebody to love Me so very badly. I was willing to whatever it took to have that. Needless to say I ended up loosing Myself in the process. I strayed away from My faith in God, and My relationships with Family and Friends, changed who I was. All to have what I thought I was so desprately missing. Now I look back on it all. I realized that NO guy is worth loosing your faith over, your soul over, nor risking a broken heart over. I know that it is easier said than done. But, to wait on God's timing is the best option possible. Take it from a Woman who has been there, done that, one too many times to make Me learn My lesson. I found that it is much better to have patience on the Lords timing, be content with who I'am, and where I'am at now in Life. And know that by having Faith in God. He will lead Me down the right path that leads Me to that right match for Me. I have had many boyfriends and a husband(resently divorced). And even though it is nice to finally be single again. It still hurts, and I still very much want to have that wonderful, beautiful love that so many desire all their lives. But, My best advice to you is to Try your best to be patient, be happy with now, and never loose faith in God or Yourself. You are an incredible young lady, and deserve the best of the best. You just have to believe that, honor, love, and respect yourself enough..to never, rush nor settle for love. Just wait, Learn, and Trust! Things will happen when you least expect it, and when it's right it will be the most wonderful experience of your life I'am sure! Many blessings to you hun, and if you ever need somebody to talk to I'am here. -Rita J.(Self-Love Mentor).

by: Aimee

Don't ever worry :) think of it this way:
One day, you are (more than likely)going to marry a man, that you have never loved anyone as much as him! When you marry him, are you going to want to know that he has dated, kissed, and given pieces of his heart to other girls? Of course not! You wouldn't want him to have kissed another! And he wouldn't want you to have dated, kissed, and given pieces of your heart to other guys. I know it is a hard, hard to wait, as I have had to wait also (and it is hard) but one day you will be glad that you totally saved your heart for him :) oh, and it will be worth the wait, my friend! :) well worth the wait :)

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