Getting Pregnant

by Estefany
(Houston Texas)

Okay i been through a lot and lately i been thinking that i want to have a baby. Maybe it is because of the lack of love i received from my mother. It feels good to receive love from everybody around you that of course loves you, but sometimes i wish that love came just from my mom. Do you think im crazy for wanting a baby at this age of 16? And plus i been babysitting my little brothers and sister of down syndrom since i been 9 and i got raped. Do you think thats why i want a baby at this age?

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by: Shea

I think its normal to want the love of others, especially that of your own child. But love from any person is never guaranteed. The one that is always loving, always there, and forever faithful is God. Only He can fill that desire to be loved and that feeling of emptiness. People will always disappoint you. You just have to have a relationship with Him, tell Him how you feel, because He does want to hear from you.

God's plan
by: Heather

It is absolutely natural for you to want a baby. Most girls do. But we all have desires that aren't meant to be fulfilled. Not that you will never have a baby, but God's plan for us is to first be content in whatever circumstance we are in (Hebrews 13:5 and Philippians 4:11-12)Then we need to remember that His perfect plan for us includes not only a mommy and a daddy, but also that we ourselves do not commit the sin of sex outside of marriage.

I also completely agree with the first comment. The most important thing is that we know that God loves us. His love is so important. Nothing can fill that hole inside of us. People will always let us down, whether it is our parents, or our children. The most important thing I can suggest to you right now is doing a Bible study on the love of God. It might help you to understand that He loves you more then anyone on earth ever will! He loved you enough to come to earth as a human and die for your sins (and mine) while we were yet sinners. He also loves us enough to send His Holy Spirit to come and live in us so that we will never be alone. God is so good!

Your feelings are not abnormal
by: Barbara

With all that you have experienced in your young life, seeking unconditional love is not unusual. You have probably waited for that moment when your mom or some another person to treat like the loving person you are. Unfortunately, some people find it difficult to express this type of love because they are broken due to past experiences. While a baby may give you someone to love and to return that love, they require a lot of care. Your life would change and you may come to regret your decision to get pregnant. I realize that things are difficult now but I can hear the love that exudes from you. The entire idea of pregnancy will be so much better when he/she is conceived out of the love that you will share with that special someone that God has for you. One of the things that you can learn from the situation that you are in now is the type of mother you don't want to become. Although it may seem that this phase of your life is unending, it will pass quicker than you can imagine. God has a special work for you to do. Speak with Him about your situation and ask Him to give you the strength to make it, for the assurance of His love for you, and lead and guide along that path that He has planned for you.

by: Anonymous

It sounds like you have some underlying issues. A baby will not fix the hurt you have. Wait until you are older & more emotionally stable. A therapist can help you work through your trauma.

Hello Estefany.
by: Laura

I know that you have this deep desire to be a mom. And to be honest, that's not a bad thing. However, I am a concerned about your motives for wanting a child. First off, you're not in a position now to have a child. Physically you are, but mentally, financially, and emotionally, you're not. Sorry about the bluntness sweetie, but children need a loving home to thrive in. Becoming a young single mom at your age will be both difficult for you because you now have someone else (and yourself) to support and it’s unfair to the child because they deserve better than that. (Statistically, most guys who impregnate teenagers don't stick around) They need both a loving mother and a loving father.

Also, you have a bigger issue to work on. You haven't been receiving love from your mother. I'm sorry that you have to go through that. You need healing in this area. I don't know if you know the Lord, but his love is greater than any parent can provide. His love is never failing. I read a verse that I would like to share with you.

"Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? Yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee."-Isaiah 49:15

Others have already mentioned the goodness of God. It is true! Call on him and he will answer; maybe not in the way that we would expect. But God is not bound in a box. As for the above quote, that was God speaking. You are loved honey. You are loved by the creator of the universe. Don’t let circumstances tell you different.

What you want
by: Anonymous

You want somebody to love. You should get married first before having a baby, and for a marrige to last you need to wait untill your 25. Don't worry Pray to God and hang in there and God will eventually give your life a good turn around.

Baby Blues
by: Anonymous

I have felt the same way before. Honestly, You need to want until you are married. Wanting to be a mother is a natural part if life. It will come soon enough... :)

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