Getting more friends & getting a boyfriend?


I know I can be really shy around people that I don't know & it's sometimes hard for me to come out of that shell. But once I start talking to someone, I open up & after they get to know me I'm crazyyyy! But I'm having trouble opening up to new people. When I'm shy, I act really awkward. I want my high school year to be a lot better this year(I'm a sophomore) but how can I be more outgoing?

Also, I feel like no guys like me... I've had only one boyfriend & that was in 8th grade. Only two other guys have kissed me & they didn't even like me! They just used me! How can I get more guys to like me???

Thanks for helping me!

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Be confident in you
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

It must be really tough being you, as if each day is a battle to get through. I used to be like you at one point in life and it tool some time to work on myself and accept my weak areas as a challenge to work through. We are different being made for a specific purpose.

Being shy is not a bad thing, it can work in your favour at times but the key here is confidence. We don't all have it but if you can fake it then before you know it you become a victim of it. Making friends at your age can be difficult because all the popular girls have boyfriends, look like models, are cheerleaders etc.

I can tell you now that most people would secretly like to be friends or get to know more about that "odd" or quiet girl who is just being who she is, and looks easy to talk to, looks welcoming, looks like a lot of fun to be around, seems intelligent and says the quirkiest things but she is soo funny. Get the picture?

You are who you have to make people want to be friends with you by giving off good vibes and not withdrawing yourself away. Take part in activities, conversations, invite people to an event or socialise more with others and it will come naturally. About boyfriends, there will be a lot of boys but most are there for what they can get (i am sorry those boys took advantage of you, but remember you are worth more than that) an next time someone doesn't show interest in you, it is their LOSS not yours and it doesn't mean you are not good enough for someone else..remember everyone has their preferences.

SEEK GOD IN YOUR WAYS, FOCUS ON YOU FIRST, LOVE WHO YOU ARE AND EVERYTHING ELSE WILL FOLLOW...and it won't happen will take time, time worth spending!

Kissing boys...
by: Simi

In addition to my previous comment "Be confident in you", kissing of boys or letting them kiss you could lead onto other activities God doesn't want us to be participating in until we are married. I know you probably hear this all the time but saving your purity is the best valued gift you will ever own.

I would like to recommend this book to you if you haven't already read it..You can purchase them on Amazon

I Kissed dating goodbye by Joshua Harris
Kissed the Girls and made them cry by Lisa Bevere

These are 2 brilliant books which really helped me and guided my decisions when it comes to the opposite sex.

Stay blessed

A struggle for many...
by: cameo

Confidence......something that often is a struggle for many people, myself included.
The main thing to think about in moments where you're not feeling confident is to remember those who believe in you - there will be some!
Parents, friends, family you'll know the ones but of course the main one to remember is God.
A good verse to memorise for those tought moments is:
"God did not given us the spirit of timidity; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
- 2 Timothy 1.7

As for guys.....
1)Just focus on being the best person you can be, whether it is being a good friend listening and caring.A good way to get to know yourself is pressing into God and getting to know him.
2)Relax, enjoy time with friends.
3)Dont worry about trying to find a boyfriend, the right one will come at the right time - Gods timing is always perfect
4)Never let boys use you. You can generally tell the ones who are likely to. Your conscience should let you know that lol Because sadly, in the long run YOU are the only one who gets hurt.

Wish you the best

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