Fears and Nightmares

by Anonymous

I know this is going to sound totally and completely strange, but, I have a fear of something happening.

I have the weirdest fears that pop up sometimes, and I have nightmares about them.
My biggest fears are, becoming paralyzed, becoming deformed, loosing a limb, being kiddnapped, being raped, being murdered, being robbed, being shot, being held hostage, etc.
Get the point? I'm scared of almost everything out there, and I seriously have a big problem.
I'm so scared I'm going to get into a car accident and get my leg severed off and then I'll have no legs. The thought makes me shudder and want to cry, and because of that, I don't like to leave my house. I don't want too loose a leg or have something horrible happen to me!!
I always told myself, "If I become paralyzed, I'm shooting myself in the head." I just cant stand the thought of being paralyzed, loosing a body part, or becoming in a vegetative state. I have a fear of fears!
One of my other biggest fears is men. I'm seriously terrifyed of them. Wherever I turn, girls are getting molested, kidnapped, raped, etc. and I'm so scared its going to happen to me.
I've had frequent dreams of men kidnapping me and raping me, and they are the scariest dreams I could ever possibly dream. Imagine being held into a dim-lighted room with a man whos so much stronger and powerful than you and all you can do is lay limp under him. That's my dream. I'm so freaked out.
Whenever I see older men even so much as look at me, I accuse them of trying to hit on me.
One time, a man tried following me into a bathroom, and I went absolutley psycho. I had nightmares about him following me home, and he was always on my mind, always asking, "what if I didn't turn around and stare at him? What would've happened?"
Girls have seriously so much to worry about nowadays, and I'm even more deathly afraid of men hurting me.
My nightmares about men hurting me still continue and I'm convinced that the amount of good men out there are nearly extinct. I don't know how to control these nightmares. They haunt me and I freak out when my male teacher asks to stay after class just to get a late homework assignment.
I'm also a bit afraid of people and rejection. All my fears seem completely unrealistic, but my nightmares are just progressing about me being raped, molested, or kidnapped.
Is something wrong with me??
Please help!!

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Apr 19, 2010
Become Closer to God
by: EMMMeRs

Hey girl! I see you have a problem - and no, nothing is wrong with you! At least nothing out of the ordinary. Have you tried praying about it? Read the Bible every night - something like Psalms or Proverbs. This will give you good thoughts! Memorize assuring verses, whenever you think a scary thought say one of those verses outloud to yourself, listen to uplifting music that tells you God is with you. And hey, even if soemthing bad DOES happen to you remember this; If you have Jesus in your heart then nothing that happens to you can really be bad, because no matter what God will be with you - AND if you died you'd go to Heaven! So you can be assured of new life and happiness, think on God and what Jesus did for you sister! He is with you!
Luv ya! You're in my prayers!

Apr 20, 2010
i forgot!
by: EMMMeRs

Hey, about ungodly men - there are good men out there! Trust me! Pray that God will send good men into your life, try to become friends with tight, Christian guys, so that you can learn to trust. It sounds as though you don't have a close male in your life, so I'll pray that God sends a strong, Christian youth pastor or family member into your life, so you can feel more secure. God bless you! Remember that Jesus is ALWAYS with you!

May 11, 2010
by: Kathryn

hey! i understand how you can have such a fear of guys. When i was about 10, my uncle and aunt got divorced and i found out my uncle had molested my cousins, i was so afraid of men then! I mean, even if my dad just came into my room to tell me to get ready for dinner or my cousin (who's 18 and a guy) would come sit next to me while playing guitar hero i would have this fear lurking in the back of my head.
What I did was I went to my mom about this fear, i told her how i was afraid and how i needed some advice, she told me to keep my head up and know that none of the men i knew would hurt me, that there are some psychos out there but most men aren't, she reminded me that i had been training in martial arts for 4 years and could defend myself, and she also reminded me that i could find safety from my fears in the bible.
since then i have completely gotten over my fear, i have a lot of guy friends and they are seriously awesome (and not psychos lol).
and if you're that afraid of being raped or abused by a guy, i'd reccomend looking for a Ladies Self-Defense class or seminar to go to, theres some great information you could get from going to one (:

May 25, 2010
by: Anonymous

Most of these fears are irrational. Don't spend your day thinking of all the bad stuff. Be careful , but don't get to carried away. Wake up and think today is going to be great and the night is going to be a good nite.

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