Emo Cutting

by Skylar

There's this girl in my grade. (I'm in sixth grade). And she says she's emo and she cuts herself. Not deep or anything, but she does. I mean, in all honesty, I am emo. Or what I consider it to be. What I consider it is a certain style, liking certain music, playing certain music, and connecting with your emotions well and chaneling them, and writing stories and poetry. This girl is basically none of that. She also has this idea of emo being always depressed and wanting to die and stuff like that, and I'm not saying that I've never wanted to die before (I have some family issues). But this girl just went what she calls emo overnight. It seems like she does this for attention though, because she's always showing off that she cuts. Which I honestly think anyone would hide if they actually did... And now that she's become that emo stereotype, everyone thought that I cut for a while just because I've got that emo style as well. It seems like my whole grade is in a stereotype about emo's and goths because of that now... I'm just wondering, why do you think she does this whole emo thing if she isn't actually?

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by: Anonymous

well im personely emo and not bcuz of only depression. i think she does it for attention or she just likes the style. she might of did it out of jealousy too bcuz of all the emo stories you see on the internet.

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