dont agree

by rella

who would want to go swimming in full on clothes? its not comfortable, and does not fit within societal norms if you are looking to attract a decent looking man. most teenage girls would be mortified to go swimming with their friends at a public vicinity wearing the swimsuits you have here. i understand that you are trying to push the barriers of 'beautiful means sexy' but that is just what our society is about, and nobody enjoys being an outcast, so why not conform. barbie dolls and models and tv stars do advocate a small body, and i understand not everybody is born that way. but if it gets the overweight population off their butts and to a gym at a young age, then look at it as a positive thing. some people take dieting and working out too far, but instead of advertising 'modesty', you should focus on teens feeling good in their own skin, instead of showing them how to dress like a mormon. all of that clothing is not comfortable or flattering in a world that values good looks and presentable people. women and young girls want to feel sexy; not covered up and ashamed. ever heard of the saying, 'if you got it flaunt it'? let the people who were born looking good show themselves off. appearance is the first thing everyone judges you on, and thank God we live in a world where people value good looks.

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The world
by: Anonymous

We live in a world where people have very little worth outside of their own appearance. There are super models who kill themselves because they don't think they are pretty enough. In our world there is no such thing as good enough. Everyone has physical flaws. The "if you've got it flaunt it" attitude is what leads to women being raped everyday. It leads men to want them, and I am not excusing their behavior, but they don't control themselves and go after what they want. We need to respect ourselves enough to get our self worth from our inner beauty not something that we have little to no control over.

This is our choice
by: Anonymous

Some women really do want to look this way and not show of their bodies. As a Christian i choose to dress modestly to attract the right attention and not attention overwhelmed by lust. Lust in my eyes is a sin and i dont want anyone sinning because of me. You dont have to change your life to be this way but this is the path i chose.

To who do you belong?
by: Anonymous

I guess it is a question of who you want to belong to...the world or to God.
If it is the world we are trying to please, your rules would apply. If it is Jesus for whom we live, it is for Him we must strive.
If modesty is relative we have no need of change...but if it is objective we need to question and pray to learn exactly what is that objective standard.

We grow in our faith and knowledge in Jesus just like we do in relationships. If we give someone we love a lily, they will appreciate it because they know it was a gift from our heart...however, if that person is sneezing and we learn they are allergic to the flower, then it would not be a sign of love and friendship to continue to bring the same gift. We would need to bring something different...

As we grow in knowledge of the Bible and what Jesus asks of us, as we grow and pray...we start to learn what gifts are most pleasing to Him...
and many on this sight are learning more about the gift of modesty...

It is enough, at first, to begin praying about this issue...and at least think about it. Maybe take one small step towards more modesty.

What we wear does color how we are treated. Experimenting with clothing is what actually taught me this.

These modesty choices carry over into chastity as well. I am married and the more I cover up outside in public, the more I save for my husband. The more naked I am in the world, the less I have to give to my husband that is just special, between us.
We waited until marriage for sex which is rare these days but having done it, I would say that it is the greatest gift (our chastity) he has given me and I him. We don't worry about cheating on each other because we know we can be chaste...we know how long we waited for each other! Now, married...covering up is a way to preserve this gift for just between us. And it is lovely, special, and so intimate.

I guess I think my smile is for the world and my body is for my husband and for Jesus (as a living Temple of the Holy Spirit)...
Look at the beauty of Mother Teresa...and she is all covered up but wow does she shine!!

It is good to just begin by considering it...pray to God for the Grace to take the next steps...He always provides the Grace you need to move the form you need it...strength, courage, conviction, etc. Not that you won't have moments where you question or that people won't say stuff...believe me, I've been there...
But, after a bit, your friends just shrug it off...or change with you!! If you lose friends over this, they may not have been the friends God would have chosen for you anyways...and He chooses friends that will truly love us and guide us to Him and His Love.

A prayer, a baby step towards more modesty...change doesn't come overnight.

by: cassandra

ok, first of all, in the Bible, God calls us to not be like the world. if we dress the way the world dresses inmodestly, then we're being like them. also, you brought up the topic of meeting guys. would you rather meet a guy who likes only the physical you b/c of the inmodest way you're dressed or b/c he likes you for you--your personality, etc. while being dressed modestly? i would much rather meet one who likes the real me, and isn't just attracted to me physically b/c i show too much skin

To be born is to be beautiful
by: Anonymous

There are many ways to be attractive. The way we use our words is one of them. The way we carry ourselves, our smile, and what we wear. Attractive does not have to mean revealing everything. Sometimes, covering is more beautiful, like a gift.

It would be very challenging to follow the ideas of modesty posted here for religious reasons when you are not a believer. It is true, that once you believe, things change. Why? Not because you all of a sudden buy into a huge set of restrictive rules, but because you enter into this relationship with your creator and you discover how loved you are!! Once you experience some of the true dignity that is a part of every being, you feel different about everything-which includes the way you dress. And, you want to please this person...this Jesus. This person who created you because He loved you so much. And because this person died for you because He loved you so much.

It might seem like a huge leap to grasp this - but it is something you may choose to look into...there are plenty of books but how you meet Jesus is really found in a prayer..."Jesus, if you are there, reveal yourself to me. Help me to grow in wisdom and show me your path." This is a step that you can take and you will learn...if He is real, He will answer, right? But if not, you've lost nothing.

Whether or not you choose to research Jesus and explore Christianity is up to you, but regardless of your faith in Him, you are still created with dignity...and you already know that somewhere deep in your heart. It is that dignity that shines through when you dress modestly. And it is that dignity in each of us that is attractive no matter what we wear.

By the fact that you were conceived into life (no matter the circumstances), I know you are a true Beauty--God does not bring life into the world by chance...He brings us because we have a purpose and a plan...and that goes for you too, whether you believe it or are a much loved gift to this world from God!!

by: Anonymous

I can see both sides of wanting to be modest, fitting in with the time period, and being comfortable. My suggestion is to simply wear a one piece: comfortable, modest, and modern. There are some people who love old fashioned clothing and wear outfits reflecting other time periods because that is who they are. However, not every Christian woman would want to wear an old fashioned swimsuit. Old fashion clothing draws attention, and some people would perfer not to have that type of attention. "Dont agree", do not be discouraged by cold responses. I think you bring up a good point. Moreover, there are situations which would not permit a woman to wear board shorts and a t-shirt. Most pools and water parks forbide it because regular clothing can drag a person under the water.

The other factor is cost, old fashioned swimsuits and swim dresses are expensive and often have to be ordered online. Being a college student with a tight budget I can see why it would simply be easier to buy the most modest swimsuit available at Target or Walmart.

Leave "Dont agree" alone
by: Tasha

She is just expessing an opinion and and is free to do so. "Dont agree" brings up many good points, such as comfort and fitting in. You can fit in with the modern world and still be modest. A one peice is always a good choice and swim skirts are comming back in style. Moreover, if you are on a swim team you must wear the team uniform. There is no getting out of that. I work at a theme park and I know that it is forbidden for people to get in the pool or ride the slides in regular clothing.

I have read many cold comments to "Dont agree". I have to ask the commenters: Who are you quesion her faith in God? Isen't it God's place to judge her choice? It is all right to disagree with her opinion but you do not need to attack her

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