Dirty Pictures


Alright so, i have to admit, when i have a boyfriend i love it, because he always makes me feel so special. when i want a guy, i tend to do almost anything to get him. So there was this one guy, and i guess i did like him a lot. and i wanted everything with him, and he told me he liked me too. He started asking me to send nude pictures of myself. And im not going to lie, i wanted him, so i tried to impress him, i sent him pictures he wanted. After a while, he got everything we wanted from me. I still love him a lot, but im not sure why. Turns out, he kinda, sorta, completely played me. He did like me, but he was over me by the time he was asking for pictures. He made me believe i was special when he was calling me hot, saying i had a nice body. Calling me the bravest and most amazing girl ever. He told me we would be friends forever, and he was going to date me. But now, i havent heard from him in quite a while. I still love him, and i cant get over him. I competely regret sending him those pictures, and i know now, that it was extremely wrong, and i really shouldn't have done it.

Please read and comment, i need some help i dont know what i should do, or think of him . What if he keeps asking me for pictures?..

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just think
by: Anonymous

i am not trying to hurt your feelings hun but he completley used you
and although it may hurt you have got to think more wisely about things before you do them
you cannot always give people what they and you should definitley not do everything that someone asks you do knowing its inappropriate and could unfortunatley destroy your reputation.......
i suggest that you distance yourself away from this person as much as possible bcus they have obviously shown that they could care less about how you feel about them
bcus when ppl ask you to do something as risky as that and youdo it and they completley ignore then they really didnt care for you
i think that your best interest should be inn focusing on your relationship with God
He will never lead you in the wrong direction and once you start to really focus in on your relationship with God, He will start to reveal things to you to prevent you from getting into situtions like this
i must say that this type of thing happens a lot and it is difficult for people to get out of this crisis
just pray that God would let his Grace fall upon you and jst work everything out the way He wants them to
God bless=)

I Love You
by: EMMMeRs

Hey girl! You did the right thing going to people for advice! That takes courage! Even if I don't see you over the internet. I just want to let you know that when you ask Big G for help He will help! (That's God.) I am realllly sorry for what happened to you. Yeah - the guy used you. Since you find that you still have feelings for him, pray for him. But you need to know that you can't make him into something he's not in your mind. You'll beat yourself up trying to make him the best guy ever in your head. I've done that. I thought this guy was gr8, but then I learned more about him as he grew up, but during that time I give my heart to him. In my mind he was awesome, he loved me, and he was my hero. He was thoughtful and giving of himself in my IMAGINATION. It takes awhile to let him go, doesn't it? When I find myself thinking about dream guy I pray for him. Try it. But don't think he'll change. Just pray for his heart. I'll be praying for yours. And if he asks you for more pics or even more of yourself, know that God has someone waiting for you who is willing to wait until marriage for your body. DOn't give him the pleasure he's asking for. It will be good for him. My dad once said that those kinda guys are bottom feeders. They look for people with low self esteem to feed off of. I know that is really harsh, but it's true. Hold out for a hero who will honor you! I love you! And better yet, so does God!

Love, Emily

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