Deliverance from Fornication

by Shauna- Kay B
(Kingston, Jamaica)

I knew this title would draw you here, especially if you have this problem and there is even a tad bit of guilt in you. I was just marveling at the deliverance God had given a few minutes ago with this terrible, addictive, demonic problem. Here is my story.

At 16 I began to have sex with my first boyfriend. I knew it was wrong but it felt so good while I was doing it. It had always left a feeling of guilt and worthlessness but I tried to deny it and bury it. My parents grew very concerned about my close relationship (with a non believer). They eventually forced me to break it off and even though that did not work immediately, I eventually could not take the pressure and just ended it. This was after a year of engaging in this sin. After that, I had a "fling" with a boy I barely knew and felt completely horrible.

After this I ended it and a few months later I met another boy and we got into a relationship. At first my parents did not like him and mainly the fact that I was in a relationship. They tried to say no but he was nice and He was getting into God a little so I continued. They did not interfere anymore but they were still unhappy. My mother told me that she spoke to God about it and He said just leave me be (He has a plan...the usual). And so me and my boyfriend struggled with this relationship and sexual purity unsuccessfully. This new year, we started over our relationship and based it on God. It was going really well but somewhere inside, I felt I deserved terms of more of a Godly man. I never felt any strong urge from the Lord that He was the one all this time despite how everyone was going on about we are the "perfect couple" and gonna get married and all that. So i kept on questioning it and praying for an answer.

I was reading, reluctantly, a Christian article about demonic spirits, their existence and how we as Christians need to combat them. I am usually fearful of the whole spiritual realm because I figure I could never be strong enough to take on that responsibility but God kept drawing it up for me to read it and after doing so I
learned that through fornication, especially with a person who may have a demon, I was opening up myself to demonic spirits. Through this sexual sin, the devil had permission to come in and take hold of me and build on this. This had been happening for almost 4 years. When I realized this, the article gave me the ways to battle against it. Firstly I had to confess my sins to God and ask for forgiveness. Secondly I had to repent and renounce my sin, telling God i would never ever! do it again. Then I had to fully and completely sever the ungodly soul ties with the person I fornicated with. That meant breaking up.

For many of you who have engaged in this type of sin, you may feel that this will be very painful and even the thought of it brought a cloud over my head. I immediately fell into despair because I really wanted to get this demon off me but I wish there was another way. I did not think I could do it. Furthermore, I did not think I could fully repent because I had tried before and I ended up doing it again. IT was very depressing!

But I made up my mind and I talked to my boyfriend about it. Surprisingly, he took it quite easily and did not give me a hard time (only God could have done that)! So we broke up, it was official. I felt some sadness and depression because I figured that was how I was supposed to feel. But I was fighting myself to feel that way, because really, I felt free! I could tell the Lord I would not fornicate again because I broke off the ungodly soul tie (that was literally tying my soul to my boyfriend and to the sin). I hate to see him depressed and I hope this will not negatively affect his growing relationship with God.

But I came to encourage you girls and women that are going through a guilt filled relationship because of fornication. Jesus can fix it if we confess and repent and BREAK OFF THOSE SOUL TIES! Its haaard I know but I prefer to be on God's safe side cuz i can't save myself. Better to be safe than sorry. Besides, if it was really meant to be, it will work out in due time.

Be encouraged my sisters!
God bless.

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by: Anonymous

I really appreciate you sharing your story. It really touched my heart because I'm dealing with the exact same thing and trying to find a way out. Thank you for giving me hope!

More help on overcoming fornication
by: Shauna- Kay B

I forgot to include this in the article for persons who want to learn more about getting over this problem. Apart from this specific article, there are other areas that can be of help to you on the website and trust me, it will draw you to them because they are really interesting and you will discover they are very helpful. Here it is:

"when pigs move in"
by: Anonymous

you guys should read this book "when pigs move in" by don dickerman or "pigs in the parlor" by frank hammond which talks about how demons can come in and try to ruin us..forniation is one of those demons and u may need to go thru deliverance to fully rid urself of it. that means casting it out in Jesus name and repenting(which u already did). its good that u broke up w/ ur boyfriend which seems very hard to do , but u should also renounce past soul-ties w/the other guys u slept w/ in the past to get rid of all the soul ties..i hope this helps..God bless

That is great
by: Anonymous


Praise God. That is awesome. You are his special treasure. Precious and valuable.

real help
by: Blesin

Tnx for sharing your's been a real help and encouragment to me.

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