Dear Lord

by Matell Walker
(Saint Louis, MO)

As beautiful as GOD created me to be!!!!

As beautiful as GOD created me to be!!!!


Dear LORD, I come to you in prayer through my words.

I PRAY that you help and assist me in the right path I need to go.

I want to be able to walk through the valley of the shadows of death and fear no evil.

But who lives there life with nothing in the world to fear? Well to me it’s unbelievable.

I may not suppose to, but LORD I have a fear of life.

I fear that maybe my battle between life and death will be my hardest fight.

I want to be assured that everything will be okay each day.

I close my eyes, fold my hands, and get on two knees and PRAY.

I PRAY for help, I PRAY for guidance, and also PRAY for forgiveness.

Because I have faults and I still hope to receive a blessing.

LORD, please forgive me for the sins I have committed and those I haven’t.

I think about my wrong doings each day I wake.

My life feels scarred like a never healing wound.

LORD please deliver me from this hectic life real soon.

I know you have given me life for a specific reason.

But why the lifestyle of a long lost woman, a women nobody believes in.

I know I’m not perfect, LORD trust me I know.

But I feel like I’m stuck with no place to go.

Nor am I the only person who go through struggles.

But personally, I don’t think it’s something I can handle any more.

Dear Father in Heaven I PRAY to you with all my courage and honest words.

I wish I was getting closer to Heaven then earth, like a high flying bird.

I love no other man, you’re the only man I could count on.

Unlike my father who brought me in this world, i don’t think he could ever realize how much he hasn’t done since the day I was born.

You gave me a mother who loves me unconditionally.

But at the same time left us for all the wrong substances.

So who do I turn to now as parents?

I’m sorry if it seems like I sound a little arrogant.

I try to stay strong through the trials and tribulations.

But for twenty-one years I’ve been running out of patience.

I know you have an extra blessing to spare.

If so I wont mess it up for nothing, I wouldn’t dare.

There may not be things I can’t see right in front of my eyes.

But I’m trying and trying, can you just give me a sign.

Dear LORD, I ask that you watch over those I love the most.

I feel like my life is a drug, and I’m on the verge of overdose.

LORD if there is a Heaven will you kindly take me there?

Because anything is better than my life here.

People may look and judge me if they wish.

But one thing they can never take away, is my faithfulness.

I know what I’ve become, because you made me this way.

People who judge me, sinfully there’s a price they have to pay.

People go on and on about a sin I commit everyday.

But how can I be punished for being who I am, when Father you created me this way.

But there’s just no way I could take this heartache.

LORD, I know I’m strong but there’s only so much I can take.

I want you to not take just a piece, a little, or half my pain.

I wish that it will all go away.

I will continue to praise you, til you send for me.

And when that day come I will finally be free.

I know you love me no matter what from the outside in.

Thank you for hearing and listening to my prayer. AMEN

Comments for Dear Lord

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Dear Lord
by: Anonymous

Matell, be encouraged by this simple Truth, "For God so loved (you), He gave His Son."

His Son's Blood was shed to purchase for you a blessed overcoming life. This is not religous jargon, but spiritual Truth. God loves you, and even if father or mother leaves you, He won't - ever.

You possess a gift - and the enemy would love to silence you, to keep you from making an impact. Don't let him do it. You hold onto the precious promise that what God has for you, you shall have it. What He called you to be - you shall become.

Walk before the Lord honestly - seek Him diligently - go to a church where His Word is really being taught and surely by surely, you will see that change you so desire. Surely, your heart will sing a new song of praise for you would know for yourself, "look what the LORD has done!"

You're going to make it - God has too many things for you to do.

God bless.

Dear Lord
by: Anonymous

Lord I Thank you for leading me to this site. Your prayer blessed me real good. God will send a word. Lately I have been feeling a bit down. I know God promises to never leave us and he every where at the same time,but some days I feel soooooo all alone. The evilness of my haters is tryin to wear me down. After reading this pray, I have a little more courage to hold on, I know my change is on the way. Thank you and you be encouraged.

Thank u
by: Mrs. Walton

U brought me to tears. I needed that because im at a wits end and dnt knw what to do. To knw that there is someone lyk me i feel a little better. Thanks for those words

I totally understand
by: Choclate

As I was reading this it was kind of weird because every single word you typed is something that I could have typed for myself. Seriously, word for word. I am thankful that God thought highly of me to give me a life, however, if life were something that we could try on (like an article of clothing) and decide if we wanted to take part in I would chosen not to be here. It's hard when everthing goes wrong all the time. Don't get me wrong I do believe in God and His Son Jesus. I just feel as though I am unloved by the best. I have prayed to God so hard and humbly but to no avail. I just think I have been forgotten. My niece killed herself a year and a half ago and unlike everyone else I understand why she needed to do that even though I do miss her dearly. People can't see the pain you carry from the outside and when you try to talk to someone about it they don't understand. In a way I was jealous of my niece that she actually worked up the nerve to go through it and I can't. Life is truly hard for some people and it's a hurting, painful experience.

Thank you.
by: Tieirra

I love your prayer you have a wonderful gift please dont let anyone put you down.

Thank you
by: Matell W.

Thank all of you for your feedback. I actually didnt know my poem was on here until I googled my name. But it is so great to have some sort of understanding from others, and know that I may not know you all but I do understand. Love yall


by: Anonymous

By writing this poem and posting it, I think you have been touched by the hand of GOD. Your words were so beautifully written and you have made an impact on others. Keep writing and keep praying. GOD will always be on your side. It sounds like you were dealt a tough hand, but you appear to me a remarkable young man. Keep looking at the heavens. Be yourself!
Good Luck and GOD Bless!

he will never leave you or forsake you
by: Anonymous

Dear Matel

You are a beautiful princess created by the lordhe loves you and I know he has heard your prayer.

I just prayed for you too.He said the if two of you agree in faith in my name it shall be done.

He also said the he who calls his name shall noy be ashamed.

And I know from my life from first hand experience I have never failed or been ashamed after calling onto him for help.

I believe and thank the Lord for the blessings guidance he has in store for you

God bless you princess

by: Temeshu

This is so wonderful keep ur head up and stay strong no matter what crosses you're way trni knock you down get back up and try again until you feel you're purpose is fulfilled and even then keep going this has given me a lot of strength courage and motivation so thank you kindly ( great poem)

God hears you and so did I
by: Anonymous

Bless your heart, Matell. Your humble heart and words are exactly what God wants from you. If we met on the street, we probably would not communicate, but because I found this beautiful prayer just by researching prayers that said "dear Lord, I need you" our hearts met each other. I know He hears your words and sees where you are in life. Never forget that He is there for you and is as close as the mention of His name. I am a grandmother and wish that my grandchildren had the faith and courage to reach out to their Lord the way you have. May you be blessed by Him in ways that show you He cares about you and is always present. Jesus loves you, this I know. When I was a child I felt hopeless in so many ways....I look back now and see the hand of God was leading me even then. I hope my words will give you hope and strengthen the walk that you have. He truly sees you and has special plans for your life. Thank you for your sweet spirit and open heart.

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