Cutting, Suicide and Finding Freedom

by Krista Manning

Back in seventh grade, I got into an awful fight with my only friend. I fell into a deep depression, so I wanted to end it all. I started cutting my wrist, and holding my breath so I’d pass out. I really thought I wanted to not live.

Then in July I had a missionary come to my house, and I met my savior Jesus Christ. This helped me know how loved I really was.

Then when I was sixteen, my friend killed herself. It set my again into a deep depression. To where I started cutting again. Then I met a guy who cared a lot about me who really helped me get over her.

Suicide is one of the worst mistakes anyone could make. You can’t change it. All these teens think there is only one way out.

But really all you have to do, is read your scriptures, pray and come closer to God, and through him, all problems can be solved.

Comments for Cutting, Suicide and Finding Freedom

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finding true freedom
by: Anonymous

hi krista it was a blessing to see that you have accepted Christ as your Savior but continue on in your quest to know Him even deeper than that - get to know Him as Friend. it's an absolutely wonderful thing when your heart truly knows what it means to be loved, accepted and never abandoned.

it's a shame to hear of your friend's suicide. what a tragic loss. it's nice to see that you have a guy who helped you get thru that - but try not to develop a habit of looking to a person to provide what can only come from God. you run the risk of becoming depressed again if/when another disappointment comes.

God bless u krista.

Never give up
by: Anonymous


That is awesome that you are saved, from all of that. Always keep strong in your faith. Life is going to be hard always; But with God and faith, and hope we can keep going.

I'm sorry for all that you went through. But, it made you get to God, and sometimes we have to go very hard struggles to see, how much we are loved, and see that there is something more to life, then sadness.

Your a story that needs to be heard.

Have hope never give up

God is going to use you


amazing testimony
by: cassandra

you have quite an amazing testimony..i'm so excited for you in what God has done in your life

Finding Freedom
by: Anonymous

hello krista, what a blessing to see that you met the Lord and how that strengthened you to make it thru some bad times. and it was a real tragedy that your friend committed suicide.

krista, be careful where you go to find true freedom. the reason i'm saying this is because you got real depressed when your friendship ended in seventh grade and then again at sixteen.

you're right freedom - real freedom can only come when you know - really know the love of God. krista you're right He is Savior but - He is also Friend. keep on to know that truth in your heart and then you really will have found true freedom. that kind of freedom will give you the strength to make it thru disppointments and make you more understanding of others. people will fail you krista. they can't help it because we're not perfect.

keep writing krista - you're awesome!

Keep Moving
by: Prayer

That's amazing! Your story is incredible. I'm so glad you stopped cutting and accepted Christ. Once you know him, it's not so hard, is it? There can still be very difficult times, but it's good to know he's still there watching you from above. And one day we'll join him. Keep writing!

p.s. You're in my prayers!

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