Confused teenage cutter

by Isabella

I've been cutting every since I was 13 February 14th of 2008. I started cutting because my parents never listened to me and would always talk bad about me and make me feel bad until one day I just simply snapped. I cut every night now.

Sometimes I wish I was dead. I have tried to kill myself about 4 times. Never worked so I gave up and tried to live my life again. Still not working. No one knows I cut myself. It's getting really hard to live my life. I'm failing school cause i have a learning disorder(ADD)and it's getting really hard that I just want to let go of life. I don't know where I belong anymore and everyday I can feel myself losing grip of everything that I have worked so hard to get and myself.

No one understands me and I'm way to afraid to tell anyone that I cut I don't want them to think I want attention which I don't. I'm lost,I have nowhere else to go for love and I can feel my life slipping out of my hands. And there's nothing I can do anymore. I guess that's my story.

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you story made me cry
by: Anonymous

ive read so many stories for other cutters but none have ever made me cry this much your story touched me i to an a teenage cutter and i to did not tell for the same reason then one day i just fialy lost it and told someone i couldnt hold it in any longer it kinda helped but the help they got me is realy good i have wonted to kill myself before but the only thing stoping me is my friends they meen the world to me!!!

just keep strong mybe try and find someone who has been though it and come out on the other side!!!
and look to god for help tell God ask for help!!
God bless!!

i know it hurts but please live on.
by: Anonymous

Baby girl (dont be freaked out i call everyone that, except guys, i call them chibi ichi) your story really struck home with me. I wanted to cry as i read that because i know that feeling. I know you dont want attention, that you just want to feel as if your in control. I know. But please dont try to kill yourself! its not worth it, things may be bad but someone still loves you even if you dont know it yet.My heart goes out to you little one. If you ever feel like that again plaese dont hesitate to contact me. my name is stephanie and im 15, but in all seriousness, please contact us before you do anything drastic.

by: Isabella

Wow um...thanks I never really knew my story to be so sad.But thank you all.and I will try my very best to live on.

Same Here
by: Anonymous

This story is basically my life. All of this happened to me. My dad does this to me (my mom died)

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