Can God Heal Scars? x

by Vanessa

Hello Everyone I am 13 years old I am just writing that i have two scars that am very affected about when i was 1 years old i took a blade and damage my Cheek it a very thin line but its long and When i think about 2 years old i banged under my lips just above my chin now these accidents has left a scars i didnt really care intil i was 12 now am 13 so i buy scar seurms and creams and everyday when i put it on my scars i pray a prayer that god will remove this scars i cry alot about this but i believe in miracles this scars makes me feel so less confident and sad also ugly my scars is not very noticeable but when i look in the mirror i feel upset i was thinkinng of laser sugery but i want god to this by creams and by prayer =] All i want to know is.Is this a selfish thing to pray about? i hope not becuase this scars really effects me i will continue to pray when God finally heals my scars and turn to a miracle GOD BLESS!X

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God heals
by: Alison

God hears your prayers! God is our healer, and wants to heal all emotional and physical hurts and scars in our life. He cares about you deeply and therefore, cares about the things you care about. I'm sorry this is a source of suffering for you. Keep close to Christ - the one who identifies with us in our suffering. and remember God can heal ANY hurt or scar, and I will be praying for your miracle too!

Lord, thank you for healing us physically and emotionally, completely. in Jesus' name, Amen.

He was wounded and by His stripes - He did it for you Vanessa!
by: Anonymous

Hi Vanessa, loved Alison's word of encouragement and also wanted to be another witness about the healing power of a loving God.
Precious, the Bible is full of accounts of God mainifesting healing. To build your faith, you might want to do a study of them for It tells
faith comes by the hearing of His Word" (paraphrased).
Be strong in this TRUTH, "Before the foundation of the world, God knew you, chose you and calls you His own". As His child Vanessa, because you have accepted Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior, you have some awesome covenant benefits. What He did on that Cross paid the way for you to be healed. He was wounded, bruised, suffered, bled and died - His Blood was shed for you. To redeem, restore, deliver and heal you. He rose from that grave triumphant and now sits before His Father (and your Father)praying for your complete healing. It's not religious jargon precious, these words are true. So yes it's okay to pray for your healing and yes dear heart it's okay to expect it! Keep studying to grow in your knowledge of His great love and care of you. He caused the lame to walk, the blind to see, a man's leprous skin became like that of a child - He certainly can heal your scars! What an awesome God He is! (By the way precious, I was once covered with scars all over my body, face and neck brought on by profound excema/psoriasis combination - the scars are now gone along with the disease. Why? Cause He was wounded!
Blessings to you precious, keep us posted!

by: Anonymous

I prayed for many years. God never heal my scars so I stopped believing in God. I prayed and things got much worse.

by: Alison

To the anonymous commenter:

God has a deep love for you, I just prayed to the Father on your behalf.

I feel him saying that your trust was / is so precious to Him.

God is making ALL things new. I know it can be scary, even frustrating to trust in Him without results, even for many years. You are so precious to Him and is is waiting, even still today in anticipation for you to return and place your trust in back in Him. Your trust, regardless of your natural circumstance, is SO precious to Him. I want you to know that :)

Please read Hebrews Chapter 11. Faith is not based on what is seen.

6 scars on my left hand
by: Kharishma

hi im kharishma and i'm 16 yrs old... im a christian i really believe in Jesus Christ,i do believe in him but it often happens that my faith 'fluctuate'.. Satan attacks me emotionally..last year i got a fight wid my mum, she really hurted me wid her words and without realising in a rush of anger i took a blade and cut my hands..few weeks later wen these cuts got healed,i got 6 big scars on my left hand..soon after dat i became to feel complexed and embarrassed with these clearly visible scars wen people noticed it n questioned me.. its already 11 mnths that im carrying these scars on my hand as a tremendeous burden..i dnt feel like meeting people, i prayed dat these scars disappear instantly as it really harass me psychologically. i feel really sad, my dream is to bkom an air hostess but its all still very young and the sad fact is dat my future will be all shattered because of these scars,people will judge me wrongly as an immature stupid girl..every night wen i think of all these i cry till i get sleep.. i tried creams but the scars are too deep n wont fade wid creams but only by a miracle of jesus.. plzz do pray for me i need to be healed i want to live like other normal youth and dnt want these scars become an obstacle in my life and make me feel unhappy..

To Kharishma
by: Alison

Your story touched me...

I prayed for you, and believe that God will bring people in your life who will overlook the scars. They will see you for the beautiful healed person you are, just as God sees you. And as for the airline job, you should still go for it! With God, ALL things are possible.

I have suttle burs scars and hypper pigmentation and alopecia
by: Anonymous

Last year I was 29 and I looked 25 this year I´m 30 and I look 35 My face was clean and my hair was full . But because I mistreated my wife with harsh words commited adultery in my mind with another woman and convinced her that I wanted to leave her and take our daughter away from her, she decided to start putting something on my face. Whatever it is it burned my skin and made scars and hair fall off. I feel like I want to die. I have always been insecure about my apearance and now I cry everyday. I also consulted witches before this happened so I want to know if he can stop being so angry at me because I LOVE HIM. I´m an adventist and my church leader or high priest thinks that we have to suffer! I DISAGREE!! We have to be forgiven and healed for our faith recieve holy spirit and heal others.

Want to tell my story
by: Miranda

You know, guys. All these stories are so familiar to me. I have a little but really visible scar on my nose. I got it 3 years ago. I believe in God as in my Father and Savior and I go to the church since I was 6 years old. And before this moment(like few days ago) I just tried some creams and something like that. But few days ago God spoke to me and He said that I have start to pray about healing of my scar. And really, I have thought about prayer about it very often but...I don't know. Just want to let you all know that I'm praying about healing and I don't know why but I'm pretty sur God will help me, He will heal me. And so He will do for you( author of article and others). He talked to me and I have a big hope. So keep praying! Jesus will help. And 'With God all things are possible!'Matthew19:26. In Jesus' Name. Amen, guys.

These people
by: Vanessa (Esther)

I just want to thank everyone on this article for the word of encouragement.

Much love

Stretch Marks
by: Mandy

I am covered in large stretch marks. I'm unmarried and have never had children. The scars (some faded, some still purple) are from extreme and sudden weight gain. I'm ashamed and feel ugly because of it and avoid wearing t-shirts and shorts (forget a bathing suit) so as not to gross people out.
I avoid the mirror in the morning so I can make it through the day without an episode. But I still consistently break down over it.
My relationship with God has greatly suffered. I refuse to put this issue into His hands because I believe He will deliver me simply on an emotional/spiritual level...and that's simply not enough for me. I don't see that as love. I feel like if God loved me He would take away the scars.
This biggest problem is I have no specific scriptures to stand on so I don't know what to have faith in. Because of what Jesus did on the cross, I know we all have healing and prosperity. But scars don't need to be healed. They are reminders of someting being healed and the last thing I want is to be reminded everyday of just how fat I was.
I have heard all types of advice and all are conflicting with one another.

Any scriptural revelation on this issue would be appreciated.

To Mandy,
by: Anonymous

sweet girl.
its ok to ask God to heal stretch marks.
its more than ok.

For a long time I have sought the Lord on revalation of true beauty. I have been covered in stretch marks since my early teen years. I've never been overweight, but I had carried so much shame & self hate because of them. I began praying for God to take them away since I was 15 (im now 21).
They never have. I just mannaged to go through life, avoiding many things I would have loved to do; the beach, dance, just fun in general.
Until recently, I just made do with praying and hoping they would go away. However, I was sent into an absolute panic when I got engaged a month ago.
The thought of the man I love seeing those things on me! uggg!!! I didn't realize how much of a cage I had allowed those stretch marks to put me in. I was considering calling off the marriage just so that I didn't have to share this part of me that I was so ashaimed of.
Thats when I had decided I had had enough. What a load of crap. I knew that the Lord was more committed to my heart being free than my skin, yet I also know that he is longing to heal!
I'm sure you see that too.
They don't contradict themselves, they go hand in hand.
I had decided to let him heal my heart of its "stretch marks". Before I had been unwilling to make this compramise. It was either my skin gets healed or I would not walk down that isle. I wouldn't humiliate myself like that.
But I decided one night to give it up. All of it. Let him heal my heart, even if the scaring remained, I would not live in a prison of fear.
and you know what happened, my heart is free.
i have stretch marks!!!
and im free!!!
do i want them, no. do they bother me, nope. (belive me, you would have never heard me say that before.)
I still pray for them to be gone. And I say in faith that they will be. But regardless, I will walk down that isle on my wedding day, and those scars will be the last thing on my mind.

open your heart for God to heal first. I believe more than ever that my stretch marks will go away, yet i have never cared about them less.
He paid the price for freedom. In your heart & on your skin. You are you loved.

its not to big for GOD
by: Anonymous

My face got scared 12 years ago.Ever since thin people treat me very bad.But god told me he would heal me.I just pray for people.I know if i had not got scared thay wouldnt make fun.And say hurtful things.I can not wait for god to heal me.I know he has a time when the scars.He him self will take away from my face.AND I CAN SAY TO THEM PEOPLE WHO HURT ME.God has healed me now.And see the look on there faces.Thay will not beleave it.And ill them NOTHING IS TO BIG FOR GOD.. YOU SEE NOT EVEN HEALING SCARS!!!

by: kevin

i have a raised(hypertrophic) scar on my face that has caused much pain in my life. It has ruined my life. Theres days when I just want to kill myself im so sick of my problems and scar. I am a christian and believer in jesus as my lord and savior. I keep praying to God to help me, to heal the scar, to change my life. So far nothing has changed. Im running on fumes in my life, im ready to die to be honest. Please pray for me if you could, I would appreciate it greatly.

God Bless.

To Kevin
by: Stephen

Kevin, I know how distressing scars are. I felt the same way as you too, and secretly hope (or pray) that God would take me away to heaven during my sleep. It caused me social anxiety. It caused me depression. It caused my decreasing social life. My mood is affected whenever I think about my scars. I just want you to know that you're not alone in such thoughts and distress.

Well, I guess the only positive thing out of all these is that I hang on to God tighter, because I really have no other alternative! I've tried lasers and it didn't work. And then I read that God is the master of all physicians, and He told us to ASK and NOT be anxious. I'm trying to do these 2...that is to ASK and NOT be anxious by lifting my worries to Him, and believing He will heal me in His timing. Is that faith, or obedience? I don't know...there're times when I prayed and it got worse, and I lose heart/faith (and hope). Again, what can I do, except to try again to ask and pray.

Why can't I be like any other normal person with normal skin without scars or holes? I don't know. I am still learning how to cope with it (I've been suffering in silence for past 20 years. I'm 35). May God help me (us).

White Swan to Black Swan
by: Anonymous

I am here writing to you to find hope !! Just a couple if months ago I had a break out in acne! I am. Thirty six yr woman. I have never had this problem before. Due to high stress I believe this was the cause of it. I was so upset that I overly picked at them and therefore got bad scars ! This has taking its toll on me! I am very depressed and have been asking God to heal me!! Please pray for me! My marriage is falling apart and I don't feel the same !!! I just want to feel pretty again!!

by: Anonymous

I believe dat as am commenting on dis,my God is working 2 make my stretchmark disappear,nd I believe dat by d next morning I won't see dem again in Jesus name 'coz I know dat God is a miracle worker.I know my faith will heal me.I"ll keep u posted as soon as its gone.God bless.

Please pray for me
by: Anonymous

I am a 27 year old christian girl. When I was 19 I lost my virginity under pressure and had a crises concealed pregnancy. I have had stretch marks ever since and I am praying that God will heal me and take them away because they are to me the product of a nightmare. ever reminding me of it. It stops me wanting to go out with men. Please pray for me. I am sure that if others pray for me i will be cured! I'll pray for you in return.

Scars and the beauty of Jesus
by: Alina

Dear all,

I want you to know that you have all inspired me deeply to pray to Jesus for my imperfections--I have a dog bite scar on my nose that everyone told me would not go away, and very bad acne skin.

I will ask the Lord over and over again in faith for him to provide complete healing for my face!

Thank you Jesus!

scar on face by picking skin
by: sonal

I wish i hadn't done this to myself:(
I hv picked my skin and has left scars on my face like really big and visible..
I hd a beautiful face given by god and now i pray each day to get it back...
Can that happen? Miracle only can make it possible.. God ll bless right?
If I ask for forgiveness?
I really dont want these on ma confidence is gone. And i get very upset seeing them.
I hope God Shows me a way..

plz help
by: emily

i self harmed and I regret it so much. I still have scars on my arm and prayed to go away but nothing happened. I don't want to keep on wearing long sweaters when its hot and still try to keep it a secret from my family. the scars makes me depressed just by looking at them.

All skin conditions
by: Anonymous

I have had a relationship with God since I was practically able to talk. My roots are veryyyyy deep with Him and I love Him so much. But I have a request for Him to heal my scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, pimples, and more stuff. But the thing is, I feel like He won't heal me because it's not something important or because it wouldn't be good for me. I used to have perfect skin and then I started to get all this stuff and it depressed me because I don't deserve ANY of this. I really want God to heal everything and to do a miracle. I told God that if He does heal me, I will make sure I won't show my body inappropriately or flaunt it or anything just cause I have perfect skin. I told Him I will have self respect and to be a lady and that I will take care of my body (I already am by working out everyday). I just want God to tell me if he's going to heal me or something I really want Him to talk to me about this. Please pray for me. Thank you for your prayers in advance and Godbless you all.

by: Anonymous

Wow im so encouraged reading these replies. particularly the one who mentioned marriage kept her from wanting to commit. I know how you felt. This is what I am going through now. I have been praying to God to help me afford a corrective surgery to get rid of my unsightly hip stretch marks and the miles of cellulite that i have on my thighs. From the neck up I am beautiful but below that I see imperfections. I want to get free from this pain too, i have been carrying this shame for years. I remember thinking to myself at least when i die and go to heaven at least i wont have stretch marks. I envision a more beautiful version of myself in heaven restored from all of the damage. I want to challenge us all to try to begin the process of coping what the reality is and believing God for whatever his plan is for our recovery whatever that is. Its different for everyone. God Bless each and every single one of you.

Fix scars for me?
by: Sofia Rivera

Can you please how to heal scars god and beauty tips?

RE: Sofia
by: Heather

I want to share one of our devotions with you. Because while God can heal our scars, He doesn't always. What I share in the following devotion, is what God has taught me about my own scars.

Things in this life leave scars. Some scars are physical, while others are emotional. Both were left behind by something painful, however the scar is only part of what is left.

Have you ever sat around with someone talking about your scars? I have done this on a few occasions. I have a scar on my arm from when a friend was trying to scare me and pretend to run me over with his bike, only I realized what was going on and tried to jump out of the way at the same time he gave up on me jumping out of the way and turned. We both went the same direction and he did run me over. I had a huge cut on my arm, and his handlebars were all bent up (I declare myself the winner of that battle). I also have a really cool scar on my finger that’s shaped like a Nike sign, but I don’t remember where it came from… Then there are, of course, the emotional scars left behind from life.

However, my favorite scars to ponder on aren’t my own. I have a friend who has scars on His hands. One in each where they were pierced with nails. You see, these are my favorite scars because He got them saving me from eternal hell. He loved me so much that He gave His life so that I could live. But not just for me, He did it for you, too.

When I look at my scars, I see memories made, or memories lost, but I also remember His scars. I remember what He did for me, and for you. No matter what the story behind my scars is, or even the story behind yours, He got His scars to save us from ours. Only He could heal the scar left behind by the sexual abuse of my step father. Only His scars were created to cover both the scar that left in me, and the sin of the person that caused it. And you know what? His scars can heal your wounds and cover over your sin as well. Whether you have been scarred or caused scars, He’s got you covered. All you have to do is trust and believe.

I want Jesus to heal me with His miracle
by: Priskila

I had 2 scars on my face, I prayed to God and He healed me emotionally everytime I prayed. I was a horrible child to my mom, and these two scars made me able to hug my mom and cry on her shoulder. It was such a wonderful experience. But as a 17 y.o. I lose my confidence, I skipped my friends bday parties. I want God to heal me. I prayed and prayed till I cried to sleep. These scars brings joy and sadness at the same time. I can't take it anymore. I know I'm a sinful child, I got these cuz of my sins, I really wish Jesus will hear my scream. Please do pray for me

RE: Priskila
by: Heather

I totally understand what you are going through. I used to cry out to God for Him to heal my eye. I lost it to cancer when I was little and I have always hated having a prosthetic. I share my of my story on this website and in our book, Mirror Mirror... Am I Beautiful? But what God has been teaching me is that my outer appearance doesn't define my beauty. You would think it wouldn't have taken me so long to realize that, but it's true. My husband thanks I am beautiful. I get complements from others both online and off. My face might not be flawless, but that does not define my beauty. And the same is true for you. God may never heal you, but that does not mean He doesn't love you, or that you are less than beautiful.

Please pray that my scars and scabs to be healed completely
by: Olivia


Please pray that al my scars and scabs heal completely. I want them gone and fast. I've been told by someone special to see the doctor about them as I have an open wound.

I'm nervous and scared due to embarrassment- I have had a lot of judgement with them.

I just want some prayer to effectively moves them completely and I can be totally scar free. I don't want to go to doc about them I just want prayer. I want them completely gone as of Now within a milli second. As fast as possible. I'm sick of the embarrassment. I want the completely gone way before Thursday.


God is great
by: Alecia

Don't worry .god can heal the sick, the deaf, the blind and the dumb
He can heal us all from those scars. he will do miraculous miracles soon.
Believe that is a god with good timing and he plans your life from the first cry to the last breathe and he commands our destiny.
Beauty in the heart shines better than the outside but beauty on the outside is a remark of us being healthy and we proclaim and decree healing and order in the name of Jesus.

Acne scars
by: Grace

So I'm 17 and I have a lot of acne scars. They have caused me to feel so insecure and angry. I really want them off and I just prayed. I gave my life to God so I know I am a Christian and I have faith in Him. It would be nice to be prayed over. I truly want these scars to be completely gone.

RE: Grace
by: Heather

I will definitely be praying for you. As time passes, most scars will fade away, but remember, even if God doesn't heal your scars, your true beauty is found in Him and scars won't change that.

by: Anonymous

"But he was wounded for our transgression, He was bruised with our inequities, The chastisement for our peace was upon Him and by His stripes, we are healed."
Isaiah 53:5

No matter if it's stretch marks, acne, staph infection, broken bones, blind eyes, deaf ears, color blind, headaches, cancer, whatever you're going through, proclaim you are healed to the top of your lungs and believe what you are receiving. you have to BELIEVE! if you don't believe He can heal you, you won't receive it. speak it through your tongue! forget what the doctor tells you, forget what society tells you, remember what Jesus said, Isaiah 53:5 is a good reference verse. He was wounded and took the punishment, He suffered, He died and resurrected and was made new and therefore so are we! He will heal you both mentally and physically, again all you have to do is accept him into your heart and believe and claim you are healed to the top of your lungs, shout it out brothers and sisters, YOU ARE HEALED! people will say He won't heal your scars, but I'm here to tell you that they are getting it all wrong, because it's in the Bible! He wants you healed! BELIEVE!!!

Burn scars for over 7.5 years
by: Anonymous

I as well pray everyday since I was a kid. I read the word and believe God loves me and wants to heal me and take these horrible thick raised burn scars from fire that cover my entire thigh.

I reached out for prayer speak word over myself ask specific use scar products etc my life everything about my peace joy actual living destroyed! No more modeling, beach, pool sun shorts skirts for over 7.5 years are you kidding me crying everyday wearing pants silicone sheets compression pants laser treatments hospital stays trauma contact ptsd!

I was active in church! The money I gave also blessing homeless with clothes lots of clothes I’ve given. I can’t handle this! Not wanting to live as I can’t do and live do what I use to. Third degree burns are you kidding me I didn’t deserve this! God should of stopped the fire from burning me look at those he save from car crashes as example are miracles for those that didn’t know or believe in god got Prayer one time and healed. I can’t take this I’m tired of this crying depression no one understands my pain I’m in Fl I live miss the sun getting tan even freedom in shorts I can’t even handle or have sun beat down on my thigh driving in a car or stand outside through my pants the pain my skin hurts! Help me Jesus take these scars now already give me back my normal skin!

Metanoia-change of mind
by: Mhadem

My face is covered with Big scars, scratch marks,acne,pores.They are so visible and i have zero confidence in talking with other people and social gatherings.When i look into the mirror i see my ugly face.. Infact there's no space in my face without scars. I am emotionally and physically down. During my high school days i always kneel down and cry out everyday for God to heal me but didn't work till now. And the worst thing is new scars are appearing and forming again and again.Now im 24 and after i knew the truth about God it really change me. God swore that He will never be angry with us and has love us with an everlasting love.It moved me with that and also the very hairs on my head are all numbered. So i change my mind(metanoia in greek) towards God and now i believe that He will surely heal me and cleansed me from these ugly scars as He did to the man covered with leprosy who don't want to go and meet people because of his skin disease saying im willing be clean.He is saying to me and all who believes Him that He is willing to cleanse us and make us whole and going to restore to our original skin.Praise God Amen!

by: Stephanie Conner

I got stretch marks from anorexia in 1983 from being bullied at work. I am praying for their removal as they remind me of that incident. I know with faith and receiving it they will be healed.

Scriptures you asked for
by: Deborah

David's son, Absalom– 2 Sam 14:25 ESV:Now in all Israel there was no one so much to be praised for his handsome appearance as Absalom. From the sole of his foot to the crown of his head there was no blemish in him.
26 ESV:And when he cut the hair of his head (for at the end of every year he used to cut it; when it was heavy on him, he cut it), he weighed the hair of his head, two hundred shekels by the king's weight.

in Songs of Solomon4:7

KJV:Thou art all fair, my love; there is no spot in thee.

ESV:You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.

Those are scriptures to think on, God does want us to be beautiful

Stretch marks
by: Anonymous

I am 19 yrs now and I got stretch marks when I was 7 due to sickness that made me lose weight rapidly. Back then, I wasn't bothered, but as time went on I got additional stretch marks to ones I already had. They are almost everywhere on my tummy, my thighs, my arms, my back, my boobs, practically everywhere that stretch mark could be and they disturb me a lot. So much that I cried every day for it.

Then I decided to put it in prayers after some serious novena (Catholic) I received a positive answer that God has heard and answered me this was on January this year and now we are in March and they are still there. So right now am confused.

Is there something am missing or something I need to stop or start doing for the miracle to manifest? I read the other comments and I really don't see any positive reply of scars going away. I just decided to write mine. Please, any idea on what I should do because I am lost right now.

Do God heal scars
by: KeyshaAnonymous

I have been praying for approximately seven years for God to remove a scar on my face that I received while having a Seizure. God apparently said No because I still have the scar and it’s ruining my life. I wish I would have just died that day I had that Seizure.

Please pray for me :(
by: Gabriella

I fell off of a bike yesterday and it left horrible ugly scars on my arms and my leg, while making it hard to walk. Please pray for me, my self esteem and confidence is going down because of this stupid decision. i just want my normal arms back, what did i ever do?

by: Diego

My names Diego and I’m 14 years old. There was this one day I got into a argument with my mom and her words hurt me so bad that I ended up harming myself I had big scars on my left arm but they faded away recently. All though I am left with 3 scars 2 on my left wrist and one on top of my bicep from years ago. Sometimes I look at these scars and regret everything I have ever did and wish these scars were gone it makes me feel guilty and it makes me feel that I failed god. I haven’t really looked at these scars or thought much about it but it’s just the fact that I have them and look at them at some days just makes me feel sad I just hope one day god can really hear me out and cure me I want to live a happy life when I’m older but without these scars being here.

Will God heal my scars and forgive me?
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm 16 I was baptised at age 14 but about 6 months ago I had my navel pierced and have been getting godly signs to take it out and find my way back to him. Now I cry almost everyday because of a hole like scar now on my stomach I'm just so confused and depressed over this I don't know what to do but pray and cry, I also have exams and I'm not in a proper state of mind. I just want to be whole again in God's eyes please pray for me.

God is Gracious
by: Heather Hart

RE: Anonymous

God is so gracious and forgiving. When Jesus died on the cross, He said it was finished. His blood covers all our sins. And I'm not saying having a naval piercing is absolutely a sin. I had one when I was a teenager. I took it out when I was pregnant with my first son and never put it back. I was never overly comfortable with it because it seemed like something you had to show off, and I didn't like showing my stomach. But no where in the Bible does it say, "Thou shalt not pierce your belly button." What the Bible does say is that Jesus' hands and feet are scarred from where He was nailed to the cross. I look at all the scars I have as reminders of what Jesus did for me. That's what I would encourage you to do. Look at your scar and instead of seeing a sin, see the love of Jesus.

RE: Diego
by: Heather Hart

Hi Diego,

The wonderful thing about God is that He is quick to forgive. A lot quicker than we are. He has already forgiven you. The guilt you're feeling, that's not from God. It's a tool of Satan. Satan wants you to feel like a failure. He wants you to think God is upset with you. He wants you to live with guilt for the rest of your life.

That's not the way our Jesus works.

Jesus died on the cross so we could be forgiven. He has already paid the price for every sin we will ever commit. And He has the scars to show for it. To echo what I wrote to anonymous above, when I look at my scars, I see a beautiful reminder of how much Jesus loves me. And He loves you just as much. Your scars can be a reminder that there is nothing you can do that will take His love from you. There is no sin you could ever commit that would make Jesus say, "Well, that was just too far." We are NEVER too far gone for Jesus.

The scars will be healed. Be patient.
by: Anonymous

Hi Vanessa,

I’m going through the very same thing as you and share the exact same emotions of a loss of confidence when I look in the mirror due to scars which I’m praying that Jesus can take away from my face. There is hope in everything that we petition to Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. He healed a very bad scar I had on my face before and I was astonished. I was vain and arrogant afterwards and did not behave humble enough and another worse scar came upon my face which bothers me more than the first one did. I’m praying for us both and just remember to always thank God for healing your scars even though you may not see anything happening at the moment. When he does heal it remember to thank him and not to be boastful or vain when you see that your fave looks beautiful again. God Is willing and able to heal scars, just keep praying and thanking him for already answering your prayer requests, in Jesus name amen.

Healed by the Master!
by: Susan

The Lord never ceases to Amaze me! I have had a scar on my arm for over 20 years. I proceeded last night to pull my sweater sleeve back to show my daughter the scar I have had on my arm only to see there was no scar to behold! The Lord healed me and took it completely away!! My arm is completly smooth! He is Amazing!!Its All God!! All Glory to Him!!There is a Revival Spirit of The Lord breaking out throughout the Earth! Get Ready!! We are going to see many come to experience this great Salvation of the Lord!!! Go tell the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!

God can do it for me (us)
by: Anonymous

I’ve been encouraged by all the comments I’ve read here, I have faith and believe that my GOD will surely heal me. I’m looking forward to that. I can wait to see that the Lord my God has finally answered my prayer and cleared de scars on my legs for me.

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