Can God Heal Acne?

by Kate
(Westfield, MA, USA)

I'm 17 and I've been struggling with acne and bad skin for more than 2 years. It's really affecting the way I feel about myself and the fact that I always have to wear makeup to cover it up which feels like I'm depended on it. I want to have beautiful clear skin and feel good about myself.

I pray about it a lot and ask God to heal me. Since it says in the bible that nothing is impossible for God and that he died for my sins AND sicknesses. Then why am I not getting healed? I don't understand. I'm beginning to lose hope. Will I ever have good skin?


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Lessons Learned
by: S'ambrosia

Yes God can heal acne (like you said, nothing is impossible for Him), but that doesn't mean that He will. Sometimes we have a lesson we have to learn through the hard times that we encounter, so until we learn the lesson...God holds off on the healing.

Maybe the Lord wants to teach you how to be confident in the skin that you're in and to recognize the beauty He's given you, whether you see it right now or not.

You may want to read the story of Job and take a tip from him. On top of losing his family and all of his wealth, he had boils all over his skin (so I'm sure he could empathize with your predicament)! His response, in the first chapter of Job, was to worship the Lord and say, "The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, but I will still bless Him name."

Even though you wish that God would take your acne away, probably as much as Job wanted those boils to go away, you have to make sure your perspective is like Job's. Job declared that God was still holy no matter what his circumstance was and because he adopted that attitude... God blessed him even more! He healed him and gave him more than he had before.

God blesses those who choose to trust Him through thick and thin. Don't trust that He will answer your prayer "yes," just trust that He loves you and knows what's best for you. With that perspective, it won't matter whether you have acne or not!

God Heals (period)
by: Anonymous

God isn't teaching you anything by giving you acne! God is perfect. God is love. How can something that brings pain be from God? It isnt in his nature to give disease. We live in a fallen world. We get sick, we have acne... ACNE ISN'T FROM GOD! God's heart for you is to be healed. (Would your mom let you get run over by a car to teach you something?!?!?!?!?!) NO!!!! How much more your heavenly father wouldn't give you acne to teach you something. That is stupid. Romans 8:10,11

10But if Christ lives in you, [then although] your [natural] body is dead by reason of sin and guilt, the spirit is alive because of [the] righteousness [that He imputes to you].

11And if the Spirit of Him Who raised up Jesus from the dead dwells in you, [then] He Who raised up Christ Jesus from the dead will also restore to life your mortal (short-lived, perishable) bodies through His Spirit Who dwells in you.

Baby you claim your healing every day! Pray this

no matter what it looks like
no matter what i see
i know that Jesus Christ died on the cross for me
that he shed his blood and his body was broken so that i could be forgiven and so that i could be made whole!


yes he will
by: Scott

well I just gota say god can do it just believe in Jesus truly believe and have faith. well i have seen acne cut up faces and other skin problems heal in Jesuses name cause Jesus wants you to have faith and it will happen.ask people to pray over you at chearch or simply call Jesus to help you with your stress and all will be well.cause Jesus does not give anyone acne its from the evel one..Jesus loves too much to see you suffer and he is always by your side holding you.and I will be praying for you too in Jesus name:)

God heal
by: Luke

I read this page about a month ago when I "had" acne. I am now healed... not because of this page.. But through group prayer in Jesus Christ! I prayed so hard before I went to the doctors the Lord pointed me in the right diretion for the right skin medication! ask your doctor about Minocycline! I been strugglin with acne (pimples pussy ones) for 12 years and that stuf worked!

by: Anonymous

First off, God did not die for our sins. His one and only son Jesus did. If you truly do believe God and follow his commandments then how much more will he do for you? Matthew 7:7-1. Matthew 17:20-21. Matthew 6:5-18.

Try This!
by: Anonymous

Use scriptures to pray back to God. Healing scriptures and give God time, just like you would medicine. You can also print out Joyce Meyer's Healing Scriptures. Google it to find it.

God Bless!

Jesus (Yahweh Rapha) - Our Healer
by: T. Lee

Actually, God did die for us when He took on the form of a man and laid down His life so that we through His brokenness could be made whole. My darling remember the Bible says that the name of Jesus is above ALLLLLL names and that includes "acne". Acne is under the feet of Jesus, it is defeated by the stripes He took for us and the blood He shed for us. I would suggest you not give up, but since you have already asked God, now it is time to walk in faith. Instead of continuing to ask the same thing over and over again, begin to praise God and thank Him as though you have already seen the manifestation of healing in your body. My dear, there is power in your praise, worship, and thanksgiving unto God. Many healings take place during praise and worship, so stop praying the same thing over and over and start praising and thanking Him every chance you get as though you are already healed because His desire is to heal you totally. The man with lepersy (a skin condition) in the Bible went before Jesus and said, Lord if You are willing You can make me whole. And Jesus said to the man, "I AM WILLING", then Jesus touched the man and he was made whole completely healed. Dear, by His stripes you WERE healed, don't let anyone tell you oh maybe you are just not meant to be healed. NOOOO, Jesus died so that His children could be healed. The Bible says that Jesus healed EVERYONE who came to Him, why? Because His desire is to heal EVERYONE who comes to Him in humility. He is the Great Physician don't forget that and the Physicain has prescribed a powerful medication for you and it is the Word of God. Read the Word daily, speak the healing scriptures over your life, and praise God with thanksgiving. I am believing God along with you for your healing, blessed be the name of Jesus always and forevermore, amen...

God WILL Heal You!
by: Saz

Hey there. I too, have struggled with certain skin issues, so i know how daunting it can feel sometimes that everyones looking at you and not feeling good about yourself; but do not fret! You are God's masterpiece, and if you are an obedient child, your Father will heal you. May i suggest a few things? First, you have to stop looking at the negatives. Perhaps your skin has not healed because you keep saying to yourself it hasn't- when you truly begin to accept the fact that God can do anything and cure anyone of any disease, you will begin to look at things differently. Also, do not think that because you don't see immediate changes, that God isn't healing you. Keep your faith strong, and continue to seek Jesus's face. Read God's word everyday- no matter what your situation. Thank God for healing you, and for the awesome plan he has ahead for you. I bet you anything, that you will see miraculous things happen when you believe. Write down healing scriptures, study them. Look up testimonials from other people on how God healed them. Do not be discouraged, God will heal you in his own time; after all, he does have perfect timing.

by: Anonymous

I don't think God will heal you. Sorry. Probably won't hurt anything to pray, but if you really want clear skin, look to medicine and medical doctors. That worked for me.

Stay Strong
by: Sarah

Don't listen to anyone who discourages you by telling you God won't heal you. Of course He will! Nothing is too big, or too small to God. The Lord wants you to be healed, trust in him. I know its not ideal or what you want to have acne, i know the emotional pain the condition brings. But i also know that God is faithful. Keep praying. Ask the Lord to heal you, and once you've prayed, BELIEVE that you have recieved that healing. Keep the faith, be strong. You're gonna have beautiful skin. Trust the Lord.

by: Anonymous

I feel the same way, Acne seems to be getting worse for me, I try everything out there. I want a clear skin too. I feel low and just want to hid my face when I get my acne. I just want nice clear skin...I feel like its a curse or something for my mistakes but I know i cannot blame God for what happens in my body. I just need help how to get rid of my ance,blemishes,pimples..scars.

by: Anonymous

I am 24 and I developed acne at age 21.. It is defeating and it makes me not want to be face to face with anyone.. I know the power of prayer and the truth of healing. Lately Ive been feeling doubt that I would be healed but today Im standing up to that doubt, I KNOW that I am healed!! When my skin is beautiful and clear I will be humble and I will know it is from God.. I will be praying for you as well.. God bless

by: Anonymous

He will. I believe it with all of my soul. Just like he'll heal me, he's going to heal you. He is a healer. When Jesus was on Earth, people only had to touch him and they were healed, INSTANTLY. I am going to some Healing Rooms next week to get prayed for. I know he's going to do some amazing work in you and I from this. He's watching now, smiling on us because of how much he loves us and how he knows he's going to bring so much joy to us by healing us.

God is Omnipotent!
by: Anonymous

The truth is that God is an almighty powerful God and he can heal us. Sometimes time is the best for healing. But it does help to pray. If you really have faith and believe God he can do it. If acne is a disease and Jesus healed all sorts of diseases and sicknesses, why can't he do it for us?

by: Anonymous


god is our healer
by: gordon

i have current struggle with acne and although i have prayed and nothings happening yet but thats where am wrong god has already healed me and i believe god will get rid of the marks on my skin and trust in him he is our healer and I WILL BE HEALED IN JESUS NAME

Resist the Devil
by: Anonymous

God has already paid for our sins and sicknesses on the cross. It is already done, How can God not buy something he has already purchased? I think it's vital to know that God is not testing you, God does not put sickness on your body. Our God is a good God. We know that "Jesus has redeemed us from the curse of the law" Gal 3:10. Curses and Blessings are listed in Deuteronomy 28 and it describes every disease, illness and condition. The scripture says "by His stripes you were healed", it is done, you have already been healed of your acne. We now need to "resist the devil and he will flee"!
Stay Blessed!

by: Anonymous

My mom still gets acne into her 40 s my aunt still gets acne into her 30 s nd my sister still gets acne almost 30 im 19 nd my acne has ruined my life I'm miserable nd don't leAve my house or talk to any of my friends. Nd if acne is hereditary I probably will have it for at least another 25 years. Why would god allow my to suffer so much I'm absolutely miserable can't even look in the mirror I used to pray nd thank god every night nd try to be a good person. Why do I have to be so miserable jus because Of my skin. Sometimes I just wanna move away from all civilization nd be by myself that's how sad my acne makes me. I believe there's a god I'm sure of it but sometimes I think everythings planned out u can be a good person bad person pray or don't pray nothing u do affects ur life on earth. I understand there r ppl that have aids nd cancer nd I probably shouldn't be complaining but imagine u were trapped in ur home nd everytime u met someone u got so much anxiety from ur skin u just felt like running away nd could barley hold a conversation is that much better then having cancer?

by: jcf

In God I trust he will heal all of us just belive

by: Anonymous

Thanks for the support God bless. Will try to stay positive stressing over acne can only make it worse.

by: Anonymous

I Have an appointment wif the derm in a few I hope she grants my wishes nd puts me on accutane. I can't lie tho I'm really really scared of taking it. I guess all I can do is pray now. Hopefully I wake up tomorrow acne free so I don't have to take such a risk.....acne fightim tip to all boilin 2 green tea bags in 3 cups of water put in bowl nd put a towel over ur head nd allow steam to open ur pores them when water cools some Like about to drinkin temp don't burn urself! Cleasne ur troubled areas well. All of the dead skin will end up at the bottom of the bowl. Haven't gotten the chance to try but was told it works well. Give it a try can't hurt. Good luck ppl

God is Awesome
by: Anonymous

god is a healer. acne could be a test and tribulation. look what job went through and he got more back after it was all said and done. acne has cause a lot of things for me. It ate my my finances. But On the other hand It keeps me with god. If it was vice versa i probaly wouldn't even have a relationship with god. Also I never want to go to the barbershop but I now have my own clippers and cut my own hair which is definitely a money saver and I also wouldn't have to wait for others to get their hair cut. Im now taking vilante which is a new product next best to accutane with very miminal side effects. I truly believe God sent me this.

God did heal your acne
by: Amanda

Dear Kate,

I know this is going to be hard for you to understand, but God already did heal your acne. God provided your healing through Jesus Christ's Blood. God wants you well. God does not want you to have acne nor is He teaching you something by putting it on you. Remember, God=Good, devil=bad. Jesus said He only did things that His Father did. Did Jesus put sickness on anyone?...of course not. All Jesus did was heal and deliver and raise from the dead and bless. Just know that "by Jesus' stripes you are healed." Accept that gift from God by faith. Don't follow your senses. Speak the Word and know it to be true. Keep speaking the Word and know that you are healed and your body will have to obey God's Word. Don't pray once and look at your face and say, "oh, it didn't work." "For we walk by faith, not by sight." Keep speaking the Word and know that you know that God's Word is all the proof you need. Your body will have to obey...God created your body. God wants you well more than you do. If you want this explained in more detail, go on Andrew Wommack's website and look for his teaching on "God Wants You Well", on the TV Broadcasts section. It's free to watch and there are free downloads.

In Christ,


Thanks for all the comments
by: Anonymous

Thanks for all the comments, I am in my forties, and still suffer from acne, but I got a prophecy in church that God was going to heal my acne, and I believe just that, but it is very encouraging to read all the different comments, I believe it is time for christians everywhere to encourage one another, and to believe and to pray for each other, and the one good thing that I do see in this is that we are coming to together as one, just as Jesus said we should do, so God Bless and keep the faith. And remember Jesus never had hisself in mind, he is always thanking of us, so when you pray, dont pray for yourself, pray for someone else, and I believe God will heal you.

he can do anything
by: Anonymous

Absolutely. If you pray and believe firmly there is nothing he wont do for you.

by: Anonymous

God wants to heal you. I know from experience. God healed me and he wants to heal you. Ask and you WILL receive. Don't loose hope. If you want proof that God heals go to International hose of prayer's website, then prayer room, then prophetic worship. There are so many examples of God's healing hand.

by: Bianca

I struggled with seriously bad acne most of my teenage and early adult years and asked the same question...he healed me,,,im 31 now and get breakouts now and then but not major, mostly when i have my monthlys, other than that I have a beautiful came with positive confession, meditating on Gods promised and building my faith through his word, believing while praying, disciplining myself to clean my face 2-3 times a day and to eat healthier (avoid eating too much of the sweet stuff and the fatty deep fried foods, the rich and creamy stuff etc)

Believe it, confess it and it will happen!

by: Josh

Dont worry your not the only one suffering. I also suffer from acne, believe i know what you are going through... Just want to let all ance suffers know that i have pretty bad ance case, i know god is going heal me one day. I dont when but i know god has perfect date picked out. Just believe that jesus can heal you, i do... God is creator of all things yours and mine acne is very little compared to the power he has... Have ever thought that maybe he is using your ance for something good? He can turn something bad in to good... What i pray is that "i willing to do his will not mine but his even if this means more suffering lord jesus but i aleast im suffering through you. So that your name may be glorifed... I sincerly think that jesus will heal me. Belive and God bless you all

Healing Oil
by: Anonymous

I suffered from cystic acne from the age of 21 to 35. I tried every antibiotic, face wash, cream, etc out there and nothing worked. I finally have clear skin all because of Castor Oil. Even though I was scared to put oil on my face, I am so glad I did it because it's a miracle oil! I used the "oil cleansing method" which you can google. Don't use any other oil except for cold-pressed Castor Oil. After the very first night my face felt less inflamed and irritated and after the first week I did not get acne anymore. I think when we pray for healing, sometimes God leads us to the right information, and I just wanted to share this in case it can help someone else like it has me. I wish I would have known about it sooner so I could have prevented the scars I have.

Have faith and believe!
by: Anonymous

I have very mild acne, but I still want it to be gone. I believe in God and I have prayed to him about healing me of my acne. Now that I have excepted he wasn't the one who gave me acne, and that Jesus and the Lord have already healed me when he was put on the cross. It shows that if you believe, and realise, and have faith, and just be happy with who you are and what you are, my acne will eventually go. The Lord is leading me in the right direction.
I pray for you others who are having the same trouble to.

Yes! And He IS healing you!
by: Raquel Fernandes

I am a miracle. My skin is a miracle.
Most teens have acne. I did as a teen. To be honest, I didn't even remember it being a big deal. UNTIL December 2010 (I was 21). I broke out like you wouldn't believe. All along my jawline, on both sides. Crazy pimples. Inflamed. Like hundreds of them. Real acne. Nothing like I had ever had before in my life. My skin was a nightmare.

I cried every night. I went to several dermatologists and nothing worked. But little did I know, God was working.
I found a dermatologist my pediatrician recommended to me. He told me that my acne would not heal, and that I would always have the scars. He put me on medication that would help control it, but I'd have to deal with the scars.

I'm sooo thankful and so happy to share that God completely healed me. 100%!! Not a scar. He put me on Bactrim which is an antibiotic- not meant to heal scarring. God saved me. Saved my skin. Saved my life.

I promise you, promise you- as real as the pimples are, God will heal you. Miracles don't need little hints leading up to them. They happen suddenly and in God's time. Keep praying. Thank Him for the skin you have. We both know it could be worse. And have faith. Faith can move mountains.

And remember not to skip the lessons. God would never punish you, ever, but maybe we, as humans, in our infinite human nature ways, delay the healing. Learn to devote yourself to God. Allow Him to work in you. Read your bible, pray, speak words of Faith. God will not let you fall. He will always save you. No matter what. Trust HIm.

God can do miracles. I am a testimony.

Healing Right now In the Name of JESUS!
by: Sister IN Christ

My dear Sister,

I know how it feels as I’m suffering the same as of the moment…wayback my High school days. I suffered severe acne also but thru constant
Prayer I was healed that time, later on, when I’m 28 it came back, I asked God why, then came to my mind, it’s one way of eradicating the toxins in my body
As I took medication before, Praise God because when I had my check-ups , everything is normal in my internal body except for my skin….But God is a God
Who hears our cry. I’m very hopeful that just as He healed the leper man, He will heal us against the work of Satan and his demons from inflicting to us this acne disease
And I rebuked this infirmity for both of us right now IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME! I claim our complete healing, and we’ll enjoy both a clear and beautiful skin starting today onwards!

Godbless Sis.!

by: Nicole

I am 18 and I, too, have been struggling with acne for about 2 years now. It's gotten worse in the past few months and I have hardly even let myself go outside in fear of people seeing me and judging me thinking i am no longer pretty. I literally wasted my ENTIRE summer over this! Honestly I'm pretty ashamed of myself for hiding. I went to church about a month ago and went into what they call the healing room..where you gather with a few people and they pray over you and ask for healing of things. God doesn't want you to keep praying over and over again, asking to be healed of acne. Once you pray and ask for healing, he wants you to declare that you HAVE been healed. Even if you look in the mirror and you see acne on your face, you still thank God that despite of what you see on the outside, that you do have clear skin. If you start doubting and saying "i don't think God wants to heal me of my acne" then of course you are not going to get clear. God does want you to have clear skin, and he will give it to you. Once you have total faith and no doubt that you do have it, you will have it and you will see it. I am struggling with this myself, but everyday I thank God for my clear skin. Once I get passed my doubt, I know I will have what is rightfully mine and you will too.
God Bless!!!

its expensive but effective
by: Anonymous

Acne Practice.....Acne Boot Camp by DR. Neal .....

P.S. God heals but also he has given wisdom to mankind so medicine is very effective with common disease we struggled in the flesh, as the word is medicine to my soul so does the flesh need to be cure by disease and thats where medication comes in , we never lose faith in God but we must also act upon our faith so it can be alive..........and that is doing something while believing ...example need a job and your going to trust in God to provide you with one BUT its not gonna come to your door , your going to have faith that Gods gonna provide you with a job but your part is to act upon it, you just not believe you go and put resume in computer , take it to companies; make phone calls; read ads; etc ..that having Faith and putting it to action and thats where God moves MOUNTAINS....he then does what you are not able to do because you did what moved him and that is putting your TRUST,FAITH in HIM!!! GOD BLESS YOU ...TRY ACNE PRACTICE WITH DR NEAL

I've gone through
by: Anonymous

The answer is YES!!! i was like u once .... it was terrible,i did not even dare to look at the mirror , not even far away. i prayed and prayed but nothing changed .... until i read a book "HEALING PROMISES". The key points u need to remember are "GOD WANTS YOU HEALED" ,"JESUS IS YOUR HEALER" . To receive your healing u have to have faith , never doubt HIS love and willingness to heal u , REMEMBER if u have a sudden thought that god wants to punish u for what u have done wrong thats why he gives u acne this is 100% from the DEVIL . Healing is your rightfully!! and GOD is happy and willing to heal u TODAY!! if u ASK it shall be GIVEN. Just visualise your face CLEAR from ACNE , this is what GOD wants to give to u TODAY!!! GOD BLESS U !!AND DONT LOSE FAITH UR HEALING IS AROUND THE CORNER !!!

The Blood of Jesus will never loose its Power!
by: Anonymous

I feel all of you have been struggling with acne since primary and I am now 24yrs old.I was put on Diane since 2006 and I hate taking pills cause of the side effects.I don't believe that Christ would put me on medication that might kill.I believe that true healing is when His blood touhes my acne infected blood and cleanses it so that the healing may be displayed on my skin.So Jesus is a great physician and He has healed me completley by Faith.

God does love you
by: Andrew

I dont think god gives us acne its a cause of our fallin state and satan becuase there was a lady in the bible suffering of some illness and it was satan who had her in bondage that being said If god doesnt heal you theres a reason why it may be that you focus on beauty too much or you want it for all the wrong reasons dont focus on acne focus on god and in doing so he will give you the desires of your heart

Could be a root to the problem.
by: Anonymous

Sometimes we bat at the symptoms, and there may be a root cause to the ongoing annoying problem showing up on the outside.. I've learnt that our emotions and our bodies can be the "warning lights/signals" to a deeper cause. Anger could be one... If you're in bitterness and unforgivness... it could be manifesting throuch acne. I could be wrong...but maybe ask God, what is the root of this? am I just batting at symptoms? I pray God reveals an answer to you, I am as well waiting on God for healing for the very same thing. Anger was something I was dealing with, even anger towards God... and I had been hurt/betrayed by a couple people..I forgave them and "Let them out of jail" so to speak, and got right with God again...and my face started clearing up the very next isn't fully healed! yet...but there was a noticable difference. I too have to keep claiming my healing, and standing on faith....because it can be hard if you've struggled with it for so long. I do hope this is helpful though, I know that you've recieved alot of different comments. It was refreshing hearing people say that God is love, and God is good, and he wouldn't put sickness on you to teach you something. We have to be careful not to fall into condemnation, because that is not from God. Seriously... I will stand in agreement for your healing for acne, along with every other cry on this page for healing. God says that when two or more agree it is done. right? God you see the cries of everyone on this page, you see our hearts, and you know how much of a struggle this is, and this is not too insignifcant for you Lord Jesus, you do care!!. Lord make the answers clear to each and everyone one of us, specifically what our answers are, wether its diet, medication, or simply declaring your word and believing it. God Give each and every person their specific answer and make it clear to them (and myself) in Jesus mighty name. Stir up our faith needed to attain our healing. Thank you Lord that even coming onto this page today wasnt' by accident... We can all realize that "we are not alone!!" in this, we are not the only ones struggling, but here are many out there. But there are answers, because God there always is with you. We love you and praise your Holy name. in Jesus name Amen. THankyou God that you hear the prayers of the rightouse, and you love us and want good thigns for us becuase we are yours. Thankyou Lord that your word does not return void, but does what you set it out to do. Thank you God that you are not a liar, and when you told us you came to heal, you meant it! Bless you guys, don't lose hope and keep pressing into His presence. Find peace while you wait (I'm trying to do the same) :) I'll keep you guys in prayer.

Let's pray!
by: Ek Tan

Acne is one thing that we hate it, always. I believe God has certainly planned His ways to guide us pass through this obstacle. I suffer acne since I was in high school until now. And I am still fighting for acne, I will never give up. Just continue your regime or medication as usual, pray to God every day, be grateful, I believe sooner or later we will be healed. God is love. Let's fight acne together! God bless all of you.

What a blessing!
by: Anonymous

I sit here crying as I read all these comments and encouraging words! I am 42 and have had acne since I was 12. There have been very few times in 30 years that my skin has been clear enough to not have to hide under a 'mask' of makeup, even when I was on meds or birth control pills. I have wasted so much money on the 'cure' for acne. I pray and ask God daily to heal me and I ask Him why He doesn't. I do see that emotions and stress cause me to turn to 'comfort food' and all 3 of these things have contributed to my acne. Not to mention that in my attempt to rid myself of the acne, I have made it worse by picking at it. I know its because I'm self conscious but when I'm out, I don't seem to see anyone else my age that looks so bad and people seem to stare at me like I truly do have some awful disease and they're afraid they'll catch it. I'm sick and I'm lonely now. I feel so diseased and alone, like nobody understands. Our culture makes me feel so rejected and ugly! I need prayer for healing in my mind and on my face. I will do the same for all of you. Praise God that I found this site! I am going to start today thanking God that He does care and that He does want total healing for me. God bless you all!

by: Lindsey

some of those commenters up there aren't exactly right. God heals ALL OF THE TIME. if you want healing, Jesus ALREADY died for your healing from acne. all you have to do is confess that you're healed, even when it doesn't look like you are. here let me give you a breakdown with scriptural evidence;

~~~~~When is it God's will to heal?~~~~~
All the time ! In Matthew 8:16/17, the bible says Jesus took ALL of our infirmities and tells us that Jesus healed ALL of the sick people who came to him. In Matthew 8:2 specifically, Jesus replies to someone who has asked him if he's willing to heal, "I AM willing." According to Hebrews 13:8 Jesus is the same "yesterday today and FOREVER." That mean he's ALWAYS willing ! And you know what ? Jesus said we are to do everything he did and MORE! (John 14:12).

In another scripture in Mark, Jesus tells us what believers will be able to do. Mark 16:17/18, "And these signs will follow those who believe: in My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick. and they WILL recover." Did you see that ? They WILL recover ! Not, maybe they will get a little better... they WILL recover. Another example, James 5:15 - "And the prayer of faith WILL save the sick, and the Lord WILL raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he WILL be forgiven." That, "WILL," is a definite phrase, it's ALWAYS true !

One reference to this is in Acts 3:6-9; "Then Peter said, 'Silver and gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.' And he took the man by the right hand and lifted him up, and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength. So he, leaping up, stood and walked and entered the temple with them--walking, leaping, and praising God." In this verse we can see that Peter used the power he had in Jesus' name to heal this man... power that God GAVE him and every single one of us because we're Christians ! He didn't ask God, "Lord if it be thy will..." because he KNEW it was God's will to heal all the time !

HEALED ! (part 2)
by: Lindsey

~~~~~Does God ever use sickness to teach us things?~~~~~
No ! God sent his only begotten son to DIE for our sicknesses, not to condemn us for them (John 3:16/17). He sent Jesus to make intercession for us, so that we could be cleansed and able to abide in the presence of God (Isaiah 53). Galatians 3:13 - "Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law having become a curse for us." Jesus' death on the cross COMPLETELY redeemed us from, "the curse of the law," which is anything we were subject to before Jesus came to die for us... sickness, poverty, sin, despair, anything bad. God does not afflict us with sickness, he provided the way OUT of sickness.

I suggest you get into a church that will support the belief that God heals ALL the time. that means for cancer, arthritis, the common cold, everything. God does NOT use sickness to teach us a lesson. he is only good and just.
if you go to this site, there are recorded services. this pastor believes in healing and will be able to explain more to you than i can on here.

God is The Divine Healer
by: Stella

I thank God for His faithfulness and love for us, i thank God for bringing this site to me, i have been suffering from acne since 13, and am 23 now, it started taking a toll on me while i was in college and i did not want to look at people, i have become withdrawn thinking that am doing everyone a favor by not showing my face, i cant stand mirrors cuz i think i am disgusting . But that is a lie from the evil one. Acne has drawn me close to God, there are days i question why i have it and cry alot but He has been and is still my strength. I know His plan for me is to bring healing to my skin, am reminded of Naman in the Bible, his skin was really bad and he had leprosy but God healed him till his skin became like that of a child. God is still faithful and i know He will heal each one of us from acne. Trust in The Lord! God bless you all as we stand in the gap for each other

To Lindsey
by: Anonymous

I don't understand how you can defend what you're saying to people like myself whose mother, a prayer warrior and strong woman of God, died from cancer. We prayed and prayed for her healing, yet God chose not to do it. Seven years later, I see exactly why He took her when He did and I can see the fruit coming out of her legacy. There were over four hundred people at her funeral and it took three hours because so many people came up and shared how God touched them through her and how on her death bed she was praying for people and loving them with all the strength she had left. I hope that I can leave this world in a manner half as honorable as she did. God didn't heal in that case, and there are millions of others cases where He chose not to do it for a specific reason.

I once read the story of a girl in China born with a prominent birthmark across half her face. She had been put with a family after she was born, but her mother was going to return as soon as she could. Something happened and the family had to leave the village, leaving little possibility for the mother to find her daughter. Meanwhile, as the girl grew, she prayed and prayed and prayed that the birthmark would go away, but nothing ever happened. One day, in her teen years, the mother happened to pass her and recognized the birthmark on her daughter's face. Through her "flaw" the mother and daughter were able to be reunited again. She makes the remark that she had no idea what she was asking for when she prayed, and that her prayers for vanity could have actually cost her the chance to see her mother again. As I said before, millions of stories exist like this.

The statements you've made here, and not just you but plenty others, belittle the truth that so many have found in the waiting periods either before they're healed or if they're never healed.

The idea that you present, and that lots of people propogate is a misinterpretation of the scripture, and actually gives false hope to people, which makes them angry at God when things don't turn out the way they want. The scripture in Isaiah that is ALWAYS quoted to support God's desire to heal everyone of everything is speaking about being saved from sin, not physical ailments. What we should be pressing people to do is not believe that God will do what you want Him to do, but to come to understanding of who you in Him are regardless of how you look. If we could encourage young girls to be confident in who God made them to be, we wouldn't have so many girls walking around with insecurity because of how they look and because they think God doesn't like them because He won't heal them.

I really didn't mean to type all of this, but I just wanted to speak up for the people who may have had questions after they believed with all their heart they would be healed from physical ailments and it never happened.

Dear Anonymous
by: Lindsey

My heart goes out to you and your family. Someone very close to me died in their 40's of cancer, so I know where you are coming from. Let me share with you how I came to understand their passing.

My close friend who died of cancer was the person who inspired me to learn about God. So as you can see, I had high respect for her. However, no matter how much you pray or how 'devout' a christian you are, if you do not understand that God always wants to heal and will heal you, you cannot receive healing.

If you listen to what the doctors say, and take their word as truth, that means you are not taking God's Word as truth, which says that Jesus died not only for our sin, but ALL our iniquities. That includes sickness. Sickness is an attack from the devil. To defeat him we must know that Jesus ALREADY took our sickness on his back. We have authority over sickness to cast it out of our bodies for good. Specifically, to rid your body of sickness, you need to speak the Word of God for healing. When God created man in this world, he formed the world to be governed by the words of man. Our words affect our healing. If we are saying things like, "I have cancer, but I'm praying/hoping God will heal me." You cannot receive healing because you do not know the truth of the Bible and are not speaking it. He always wants you healed. And we all have ultimate power over the devil, in every circumstance we come against. God already gave us that power in the Garden of Eden, Adam gave the authority over to the devil when he sinned and hid from God, and Jesus gave it right back to us Christians when he died on the cross.

Isaiah 53:4/5 - Surely He has borne our *griefs and He carried our *sorrows; yet we esteemed Him stricken, smitten by God and afflicted. But he was wounded for our *transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon Him. And by His stripes we were healed."
***in the original greek, griefs and sorrows are both words that describe physical afflictions.

What I shared in earlier comments is not my opinion, nor is it the opinion of the first person that I heard it from myself. It is the bible. I hope that this does not offend you or the memory of your mother. Many wonderful people have died because of a misunderstanding of the truth of the Word. Our God is an awesome God who does not want us to live lives of pain and suffering. He created us to be victorious over the devil ! Thank you for bringing this to my attention :)

Dear Anonymous (cont.)
by: Lindsey

I must have skipped part of your comment ! Let me continue to answer. Whenever healing is not received by someone it is not God's doing. There are MANY healing scriptures, not just the one I have quoted from Isaiah. I am sorry that you feel the way you feel. But I have received healing many a time, and I have seen others healed of cancer myself. One of my friends, in fact, believed for healing and her tumor grew out of her breast in a matter of months and fell onto the floor, piece by piece. No trace of cancer left behind. I encourage you to reconsider the way you believe and research it yourself in the scripture. By no means take my word for it. This is not simply an interpretation. I am a young girl, and I have found that being able to believe the TRUTH has set me free. I have found my body PERFECT in Christ because he made me to be perfect. and any imperfection in my body is of the devil. So I cast it out. The lies of the devil are oppressing young girls today. Not the power of God.

This is a great site and blog
by: Erin .

I have always struggled with acne, but my face was always clear from Proactive. Well, I made a stupid decision to get off of it and ever since then my face has not gotten better. I started to get huge cystic acne. Now the big ones went away, but I can't get my acne under control and I get red bumps. I never gotten this type ever. And now I have bad scars and spot. My face is the worst as it is fully covered everywhere, jawline, sides, and cheeks. I spent 4 four months in severe depression and anger. Now I have deep emotional problems and I am having a hard time trusting God. I don't know what treatment plan to do. I have researched everything! The doctors want me on accutane, but I am so scared and I feel like my life is over. My job is at risk and I lost all my friends. I feel like I should just end my life. I am 28 years old. Any advice?

by: Anonymous

Hi guys,
I'm seventeen and i had severe acne for 2 years. I've had many psychological and social problems from this disease, from not staring at the mirror, to be obsessed with looking at the mirror to pick out the spots and scars on my face.I hated people who commented on my skin, and would instantly change the topic when people mention anything about their skin, no matter how unrelated it is to my acne. I felt horrible and helpless, and constantly
However, recently i've started praying to God, keeping his words in my heart.I suggest to anyone who has acne to google JOYCE MEYER'S HEALING SCRIPTURES, its not very long but it has many good verses inside.While my acne has not healed yet, i am faithfully believing that Jesus would heal me.I meditate on the verses when they pop into my head, and at night before i sleep. For when we place our trust in God, nothing is impossible, and in other areas of my life such as my studies and my basketball God has never failed me.
This is not a success story. To be realistic, it is very hard to stay hopeful in the lord especially when we dont see results. But heres where trust and faith comes in, we've gotta put our heads up high and thank god for the skin we have, no matter what condition it is in. For Psalms 42:11 says : why art thou cast down, o my soul, and why art thou disquiet within me? for hope thou in god, who is the health of my countenance, and my god.

Pray for me
by: David

I'm 17 year old I have for 2 years acne and acne scars
I believe in God because i now he can heal me
And I wanted to give you a comment to pray for me because i know when more people pray together the power is more stronger
I like your all comments God bless you all and and I know how it feels to have acne
But I know that my brothers and sisters will pray for my and I will pray for you
I believe that God will heal me because you will pray for me and I will believe
I will send you a message when I will have my skin clean to thank you for the pray
God bless us all

Can God Heal Acne
by: kamala

im now suffering to with acne ..u have said we need group prayers to heal acne...

i don't whom im going to tell this realy awful and im correcting my self if i have ever at nay me

i will pray for you
by: David

Kamala i will pray for you and i hope you will pary for me to and the others
And don't forget Jesus loves you

by: Anonymous 2

Dear everyone,

Please pray for me to have faith. I have all of a sudden been struck with acne and it's getting worse and worse. Please pray for me and never stop. I feel so horrible about myself. I believe and I need all the help I can get. God made me a beautiful human being and I am so blessed in my life, but I hate this acne. I've tried what seems like everything and it has only gotten worse. I will let you all know when I have healed so you may gain faith as well. I will pray for you all as I hope you will pray for me. God bless

God Please Heal My Skin
by: Steven

God, please heal my skin and everyone else's who suffered the same... I've been suffering this for so long due to irritations and pain. I pray for all every night. Oh God, please help us...

My struggle with acne
by: Danielle

Hi, I'm 16 years old and also have been struggling with acne as well. It's so hard for me to hang out with my friends without caking on tons of powder to hide my blemishes. I really do love myself, it just gets hard going out in the world around other beautiful females. You have to constantly be compared to all of them. I hate that I think like this but all I want is clear skin. I been using different anti-acne products but they wont work. I'm not going to say I give up because I have faith in God. I just want these ugly blemishes to disappear. Their all on my back, chest, and face. I just need some helpful advice or products to get rid of them.

Thank You

Please Pray For Me!
by: Ryan

I will be praying for all of you guys above and soon all of us will be HEALED!!! I have been suffering with acne since I was 16 and now I am 18 with almost no difference. Recently I have been staying in my house trying to avoid face-to-face contact because I feel so poorly about myself. This site is amazing and you guys are just awesome for praying for each other. All of you guys will be in my prayers. God led me to this website to become apart of something bigger than me and I know Jesus will heal us all by praying for each other and thanking him.

continue to pray
by: David

Continue to pray for each others brothers and sisters because God is able to heal us and do not lose faith in him just bealive and it will happen

I will pray for you and i now you will pray for my to :D
Just bealive that your acne and your scars will disappear and that you will have your face beautiful and clean

I want to make a list with you to pray for you and me but not all of you have written your names
I will write a part of you and i whant you to do just the same to write a list with us on it and to put your hands every day on the list and pray
God bless us all

Best Advice:
by: Kate from England

Please see your doctor too. He will give you cream or tablets to help minimise severe scarring. God doesn't want you to suffer. I'm a comitted Christian but I also see my doctor if I have health issues. I take drugs to keep me alive. You don't have to choose between your faith and medical help. CX

Best Advice:
by: Kate from England

Please see your doctor too. He will give you cream or tablets to help minimise severe scarring. God doesn't want you to suffer. I'm a comitted Christian but I also see my doctor if I have health issues. I take drugs to keep me alive. You don't have to choose between your faith and medical help. CX

i know God will heal me =)
by: chell

Im suffering acne too,and i always cry everytime i look in a mirror. But i know God will heal me. sometimes i loose hope but i always try to fight it. I know God loveS me and this is only a trial. my friend... ALways remember God never Let us down =)

I know God will make me beautiful again
by: anonymous

Hi iam 23 years old female.In my teenage years, i had such beautiful skin but just when i reached 19, i started having pimples.And for the last 4 years it has grown so worse.I have pimples, acne, scars, wrinkles, under eye cicle, excessive facial and body hair growth, dark skin colorings on my face and body.I just dont understand what has happened to me all of a sudden.I have to use facial hair remover every three days to get rid of my facial hair which ruins my face more.I look so ugly now.I feel so shy, so embarrassed to face my family, friends and the outside world.i have become so depressed because of all this.I have tried so many herbal and doctors medicines but nothing worked.Now God is my only hope.I have taken Him in my life.i have faith in him and i know He will help me.I will become beautiful just the way i was when i was born.When i become the way i want, I promise i will serve Him all my life and work on the path he wants me to.Lets pray for each other....

I understand
by: Anonymous

I totally can understand all your pain that acne comes with because I always had clear, beautiful skin. Until I was 28, I started to have severe cystic acne and it would not stop for months. I literally just wanted to be home. I didn't want to work anymore. I fell into depression and anxiety. But thankfully the Lord has slowly guided me out of all the depression and anxiety, but I still hate the way I look. I feel anxious and embarrassed to go out. My skin is much better then it was a few months ago, but now I am left with mild acne (I will still break out weekly)and the brown spots, scars, and hyperpigmation all over. It is very hard and makeup is hard to cover the spots especially when you are in scarring territory. The key is to find something you are comfortable using and stick with it for 3-6 months and then see what the doctor says and see if others can notice a small improvement. Then, move on to the next trial and error solution. Skin problems tend to stay for a long time and there is a long healing process. The key is to accept this trial and accept who you are and who you are in Christ. What has been amazing is that the people around me and the kids I work with are able to look past that and see ME. And through that they can see my beauty. And that encourages me. Also, another thing that helps me is to realize that God will turn it around for good. I never thought I would have skin problems for this long now, but I have to believe that there is purpose for going through this experience. In the Bible it says, God works all things for HIS good. But everyday I still get very sad and obsess about my face. It is a everyday battle. I am praying for you that God will give you the strength everyday to be who you are because people will see that much more then all the blemishes on your face. Hard to believe which I still don't believe at times, but it is true though. But trust me I understand how all of you feel, I truly had the worst skin and still do. It was a very traumatizing experience and I always get scared it will come back.

by: Anonymous

guys prayers is the most effective to heal acne...
God is so good =)..keep on praying cause God will heal you in a perfect time..

"Isaiah 53: 5...and by his wounds we are healed"
by: God Heals

I believe God will heal you. I am person who is dealing with acne and acne scarring as well. I have prayed about it for long and still praying. But then I felt I am praying about it but I am not doing anything about it. So I prayed about going and seeing a doctor. I got some meds stopped taking it after 6 months. It has definitely calmed down my acne. But I have the occassional acne coming up again and the scarring is definitely there. But I find strength everyday in Jesus to be beautiful. Yes, there are days I do feel so down, but without God I don't think I could go through this. God looks at my heart even though man looks at appearances. Charm is deceptive and beauty is passing. I do pray everyday for my scars to heal. I do wonder if anyone would love me for who I am. I know my Jesus and my family and friends love me. Keep your faith strong. God has beautifully and wonderfully created you. You are beautiful. There could never be a more beautiful you, you were made to fill a purpose only you could do, so there could never be a more beautiful you(Song by Jonny Diaz - More beautiful you. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!

im healed!
by: angel

Ive been experiencing the same thing as you right now. i'm not sure since when this post was made but im thankful i wasn't the only one experiencing this thing. I ve been having pimples/acne/zits whatever you may call since highschool. it got off then came back... i've been through some grueling times. Not able to enjoy my high school life like the others because of insecurities and self esteem issues.
And now april 2012 that i'm on my early twenties and working as a nurse it's coming back again :( i needed a doctor and nurse myself.
I questioned God for this but i partly knew i had my fault as well.. And yes i learned my lesson for not being contented with my face...i asked him for His forgiveness for doubting and not having complete trust and faith in Him.I know He is already in the works.

i just hope and pray this will end right away.

My story
by: Angel

Hello Im Angel, Im 12 I've got acne, I used to ask God why? every time i looked in the mirror, after i read all of these comments, It helped, I look into my eyes, not my face. I say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I don't want to feel ashamed, but i say "God, I love you, thank you for every thing you gave me, I am surely blessed by what i have". It's not easy. I got sent to this page because I was losing faith. I see people with the same deal. I felt bad and prayed for all of these people with the same problem as me. I see people struggle with acne all around the world. Just, I am trying to focus on God and the positives. This world is so negative though. I sound like everything is icing and cake ,but inside I feel bad sometimes. You only live once so make it the best you can. No regrets (: I love you all.

God is good, He is able and willing to heal

Hi All

I can totally identify with what all of you are going through. I have been struggling with outbreaks for almost 1.5 years now (25 years old). It has been a very difficult period in my life thus far. I sunk into depression, low self-esteem, rejecting concerns from loved ones, self-pity etc. I have tried a couple of doctors and only to end up with pimples and disappointments. I became angry with God, shouting at Him, questioning why am i not healed especially when i have been praying so hard for Him to heal. Thank God for His Grace and mercy, even though I was angry with God,and even question His goodness,He didnt let me go. He has sent many people around me to comfort me and to remind me how good He is and that we serve a God who is both willing and able to heal.There is a purpose in everything under Heaven, nothing is coincidence.

I just want to encourage all of us to preserve, continue to give thanks to God, continue to ask for His Grace and Healing upon us. Most importantly, let this not be a stumbling block to our relationship with God. I remembered there was a time when i was really upset over newly emerged pimples, God suddenly asked me if He is worth more than my face. I broke down, feeling ashamed for doubting God and for placing my skin above Him. You know what, God hears our cries and weeping over the situation. Whether or not we are healed in this life time, i pray that we will continue to give thanks to God, deepen our relationship with Him and towards the end when we meet God face to face, we can say "Abba Father, I have tried my best to keep my faith".

everything happens for a reason
by: Anonymous

you wil be fine God knws

we were healed already, just claim it
by: Anonymous

I too was a sufferer for more than a decade and I work in the beauty industry.the proof of our healling isn't in the disappearance of the acne and scars, u just take God's word and start confessing that face is scarred but now attitude is changed and I am always complimented on my beauty amongst flawless skin pple.let God's joy overshadow ur life and keep speaking the word over ur flesh until ur flesh gets the message. Proverbs 4:20-22 God's word is health to our flesh. Likewise medicine isn't the enemy, God gave wisdom to doctors to help us but even if they fail, God's word never fails!

by: Anonymous

I'm a father of six children,... My three teenage daughters have acne and my oldest one, age 17, has pretty bad acne. I feel and know the emotional pain she must be going through because I had acne when I was a teenager, was even called pizza face a few times....But I find it very difficult to approach her to say some comforting words, so as not to embarass her or offend her. Please help me on how I can approach and comfort her, and some words of comfort I can say to her! ...I pray for her that God will heal her but nothing yet...Please pray for my three daughters! Thanks and God Bless!

Plz god heal me
by: Poor girl

I am totally broken. acne has ruined my life.i wish god to listen me.coming sunday is my b'day.i wish god to gift clear skin to me!wil tht b possible

'god help us'
by: Anonymous

u know, i think i have been fighting acne for 2 year still i'm fighting, i pray i cry always even i left my study since last month i'm in place where no one see me,even my mother haven't see me since last year i miss her but when she see me she get cry i love her but how could i see i ask my god what did i do that make me to be like thise, i tell my god i would rather die i say take one of my eye and remove me thise acne

Trust the Lord
by: Michelle

I suffer from acne too, I prayed that God would take it away and heal me. I started to think... God does and lets things happen for a reason.I think God was trying to tell me not to be so obsessed with the way I look outward and and to focus on my inner beauty. So now i pray God please help me not care what people think of me and only care what ypu think of me and give me a gently quiet spirit (inner beauty). I believe God's answering my prayers even though its taking forever!!:p my acne is going away and now im focusing on inner beauty. He probably also wants to teach me patients. The Lord works in mysterious ways:) God bless you! The Lord loves you

im going through the same thing and was incoraged when i saw this.....GOD PLEASE HEAL US!
by: Anonymous

For a while now i have been struggling with acne.I had a major break down earlier on today because of it. I told myself i wasnt gonna fret about it any longer bt today i actually looked in a mirror with proper lighting (my worst fear) and saw my acne and i felt the pain all over again. I was at church when this happened and i was emotionally down for the rest of the survive.Then, i came online to finnish a project with the burden still on my heart and decided to look up 'if god cares about small probs like acne' cause it really felt like he i see tht alot of other Christians are praying as well for healing. I see alot of u have access to a 'healing room' at church. I just pray tht when u go to that healing room u remember me in name is Anna-Lisa. i give u my name so u could pray for me and ilL pray for each and every1 of you on this site as my heart really goes out for u all and I FEEL YOUR PAIN TRUST ME. I see u as my brothers and sisters because u r like the online people tht may understand the pain i go through. Usually i dont comment on ANYTHING on the net bt i HAD to for this as i really suffer with this thing. if nothing good ever comes frm me having acne i wanted this to b something good that comes from it. I hope it helped some1 even though i dont have much inspirational words.From today on im declaring that i will have faith and believe in my healing!

He will deliver...
by: John

I have been struggling with acne, scars, and stretch marks for years. I'm currently 22 and I believe God is a healer. It was so moving reading all these comments, I cried. I just asked that you pray for me and I'll pray for everyone on this page and just ask that God heals us and continues to move us in a positive direction. God Bless you all

Don't feel guilty!
by: Sara

Hey girl, just letting you know I'm praying for you and that you are BEAUTIFUL no matter what!
Don't feel guilt for doubting- sometimes it's hard :).
Find scriptures about doubt or healing or faith and learn them/speak them etc. :).

God bless :D!

Discouraged acne struggler
by: Anonymous

Ive suffered with acne since i was 14 and now im 34. I had a feeling in my heart that I would suffer for the rest of my life with this disease. I tried to commit suicide once and God saved me. From that day I became closer to God..I dont know if hes protecting me from the world are what, but all I know is I havent lived yet and I just wanna live..I now suffer with acne and aging skin. Im starting to lose faith..All i do is pray. I dont know what else to do. Im not vain buy I am attractive and people always judge me thinking that I wear makeup to look pretty, they make me feel like i am vain..Could i be vain are could I just wanna live like everyone else.Not hide for the rest of my life..Not even people who have Cancer are any other disease can understand where we come from because at lease people respect their disease. People think that this is jus a cosmetic issue.. totally not true..Please pray for me, and I will continue to pray for you!!

God does heal. He will.
by: Krista

Yes he can. I have struggled for years with SEVERE Acne. I challenged god. Told him if he didn't fix this I would kill myself. I planned some suicides. No one cared. My mom acted like she did. It hurt to have to wear a mask of makeup and have people comment. I wanted to die and I cut a little, I strayed from my long lasting, strong faith in Jesus Christ my savior and I just aligned back. Now I tell him my life is on his hands and to heal me and I'm sorry for what I did. Keep your faith. I am now. I feel so much happier.

God is a healer
by: Anonymous

Yes God can do all things!! I had really bad acne on my cheeks my freshman year of college. I was so devastated to have to walk around campus with acne and I felt so alone. I went out and spent over a hundred dollars on products to heal my skin but the products made the acne worse. I didn't know what to do.. every night I prayed to God to heal me but nothing changed for quite sometime. I really hated the skin I was in. My mom and my friends kept telling me to leave the products alone and to let my skin heal naturally but I didn't listen. So over nine months had passed and I still had my problem with acne till one day I finally listened to what God was telling me through my mom and friends. I let all of the products go and slow but surely my skin healed and I regained my confidence back! I was so happy with the results of my skin and I thanked God for bringing me out! If he brings you to it he will bring you through it! God is a healer and all he wants is our trust and faith in him! Just remember you can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you! I will pray for you as well!

I need prayer too
by: Anonymous

Please pray with me as well you guys I really need people to be in agreement with me for my healing. Thank you

by: Anonymous

right now im having acne...i have been praying to God and i believe he will heal..pls people pray for me too...cos i dont believe any doctor can determine what happens to me only God can..i hve started reading scriptures containing healing..and im reading those healing scriptures back to God..because i know God's word shall not pass away

Lets Pray
by: Stephanie

Hi Kate, I like you always wanted to have clear skin so when i was younger I prayed to God and asked Him to heal my skin and maintain it for me, and you know what He has been faithful even when I saw my other family members breaking out I never did.

In the name of Jesus Kate's face be healed of every form of acne and any spots that may have come from them fade away now in Jesus name. The bible not only says we have been healed by Jesus stripes but it also says blessed is the fruit of our body and as we ask and believe in our hearts we have what we ask for. Kate you are beautiful and just keep speaking out that you are healed by Jesus stripes and watch and see what happens within the next 3 days.

I also think you should do a detox.....a great detoxifier is the aloe vera gel (I trust the forever living brand). You would feel better and I can't wait for your testimony!

Jesus loves you, don't ever doubt that. x

by: Amelia

Redeem: Gain or regain the possession of something in exchange for payment.

It was heartbreaking to read how acne had made life miserable for so many people. As I read their stories it was so obvious to me that acne is a curse. I totally agree with Lindsey that God has already healed us, and I would like to add a few things, and I will be praying for all of you.

As I wrote before, acne is a curse. All of mankind was put under the curse the moment Adam and Eve sinned and were sent from Eden. There was nothing that they could do. That is not the case for us though! If you are a christian (you have accepted Jesus as your savior and were born again) then you have been redeemed from the curse!

Galatians 3:13,14- Christ has redeemed us from the curse, having become a curse for us, (For it is written, "Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree") that the blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles in Christ Jesus, that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.

You are above the curse! You do not have to deal with it! Many people have told me that it is just nature, get over it. Well if you have been born again into the Family of Christ. The 'Gentiles in Christ Jesus' are all of us who are saved! If you are a part of a family, you have those genes. So you have God's genes. If your family has a history of acne remember, you are now a part of His story.

Romans 8:14- For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are the children of God.
This goes on to say that we are joint heirs with Christ.

It's ridiculous to imagine God with acne, and it should be just as ridiculous for the children of God to deal with it.

One last thing: Some people have been using Job as an example of God using sickness to teach. However, if you read the book, God protected Job, and didn't allow the devil to kill him. Some of his friends tried to convince Job that God was punishing him. But Elihu saw that they were wrong. He spoke of God's goodness, and how God would deliver him,(Job 33: 24-26)and "his skin shall be like a small child's". At the end of the book, Elihu was the one who did not need Job to pray for him, the other friends did. Also, Job was given the most beautiful daughters in the land (Job 42:15)!

So ask God to heal you, and have faith that He has, even if you can't see it at first! He will not turn you down. Jesus' words:

Luke 11:9,13-"So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. If you then, being evil, know to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give to those who ask him!"

He works in mysterious ways
by: Anonymous

As everyone else I have also been dealing with really bad acne. I hate myself when ever I look in the mirror. I constantly feel people judging me. I just wish I had better skin, but then I hate myself for thinking that because of vanity. It's a vicious cycle. Last night I came across this and read some stories but tonight I was reading them again and turned a channel on tv because I accidentally pressed an extra #. It turned to a Christian service on HD and the speaker said something about God healing through His stripes. Honestly I never heard of Jesus's trails as stripes until this website and now I heard it from the TV show. God is speaking to me I know it. Although my face is crap I must trust I Him. Without him what else do I have? I wish you all luck. We are a community and we understand each other. Love you guys

Dont worry, in fact its a blessing
by: Anonymous

I'm 14 and myself suffer from severe acne. Ive been trying to get rid of these spots and scars in many different ways. But i still seem to have it no matter what i try to do. It does make me feel uncomfortable and sometimes it makes me want to hide away forever. But you know in time, it will go away, you just have to have patience with God. And its true you do need faith becos with faith anything is possible; and to be honest the way i look at it is that my acne is a blessing because if i never had it, i probs would have never known how others feel and it could have made me really vain. Thats why im kind of glad i have it becos this will strengthen my faith in God and it'l help me to be a better person. I mean who cares, God thinks im beautiful witn them, so why should anyone say different? So dont worry your beautiful just the way you are; just keep praying and look at the postive side of things

Scriptures for Healing
by: Omenka

I too am suffering from acne, and I have decided to activate my faith and pray for clear skin. Below are 36 verses I found for healing that I am going to begin meditating on. But don't forget another very important verse, Psalm 139:14, which says, "I will praise you Lord because I am fearfully and wonderfully made." No matter what you look like, you are beautiful in God's sight! Focus on drawing near to Him and your inner beauty will shine bright enough to overcome any flaws you might perceive :) <3

Verses for Healing:
Proverbs 4:20-22
Mark 1:34
John 10:10
James 5:15
Romans 10:17
Mark 5:34
III John 2
I Peter 2:24
Matthew 7:7,11
Mark 10:52
Hebrews 13:8
Psalm 42:11
Matthew 8:7, 13, 17
Mark 9:23
Malachi 4:2
Psalm 6:2
Matthew 9:29, 35
Mark 11:22-24
Matthew 4:23, 24
Psalm 41:4
Matthew 14:14
Luke 6:19
Psalm 30:2
Psalm 103:2, 3
Matthew 15:30
John 14:13, 14
Psalm 91:9, 10
Isaiah 53:4, 5
Matthew 17:20, 21
Acts 10:38
Proverbs 3:7, 8
Jeremiah 17:14
Matthew 19:2
Galatians 3:13
Exodus 15:26
John 4:4

Praying for a miracle to happen
by: Esther

I've been suffering from acne too and I know how it feels. Its been one year now and it seems like my pimples keep on showing up more and more.. I'm so helpless that I cried myself to sleep everynight. I pray everyday and hoping for a miracle to happen. Somtimes when people talk about my face I feel so down & hopeless, there are times when I'm always mad and angry and just want to be alone. But I'm still greatfull to God no matter what coz he has saved my life & yes like most of u said "God do listen & hear our cry" & i believe God will heal me n everyone here just waiting for his perfect time. There's healing in Jesus mighty name &
Please remember me in your prayers too.

by: Anonymous

It is totally amazing how God heals. He is healing me. Each and everyday. I tried medications from my dermatologist, but nothing worked. They just made it worst. Waste of money. So I prayed and surrendered it to Jesus. He just told me (not audibly but I believe it is from God) to just drink lots of water everyday and stop touching my face. So, I did it. But i do it to obey Him. Whenever I am tempted to touch my face, I just remind myself that God is watching me hehe. Its been two days since I surrendered it to Jesus. And I tell you, no new pimples have appeared. And my skin got so much better. My old cystic acne is drying little by little. Amazing God!! Continue praying. Nothing is too hard for Him. He desires to heal us.

God can heal anything and anyone
by: Chandler (:

I've been dealing with acne for about a year. And it's not the bad acne just small bumps on my forehead. I know it's not bad and it's the least of my worries, but it still makes me feel bad about my self. But I know with the power of God and his word I can be healed and so can you. You just haft to have faith that God can heal you. God can do anything. Be strong. I came across this page today and it has given me so much faith and wisdom it's amazing. The people who have commented I thank god for yall because yall have totally made me feel good about myself and if I wouldn't of came across this page I would of probably still be feeling bad about myself!! And I shouldn't be!! Cause God make me in his own image!!! Genesis 1:27 ( God created mankind in his own image..)

Not by power, might but by My Spirit!
by: precious

Been wanting to pray about my acne, seemed it was a small issue to bag God about but sure my Strange Healing is on the way.Have learnt my lessons through this bad experience. Glory to God Forever.

Me too
by: Anonymous

Just recently I've begun struggling with very bad acne. It's impossible to cover up the scabs- (Ik you aren't supposed to pick them) when someone looks at me that's what they see. I hate having to wear makeup esp since the acne is still visible . I've pleaded to God to take it away, because Ik he can. Right now I'm struggling b/c, if he loves me why does he want me to hurt so incredibly bad? I'm starting to lose faith.

Teen, adult, & middle aged acne
by: Anonymous

I'm glad I found this website and there are others out there just like me. However I think I have everybody beat on age and years of suffering. I'm 53 and have had acne since teen years.I have scars, red and brown spots.I've spent money on otc products,dermatologist visits, prescription meds and even the dreaded accutane.The accutane did work and my face was clear for 2 years. Praise God! BUT then I went through menopause and my face exploded again.Its been a year and no med has worked. Dr. Apt in 2 weeks...maybe accutane again,but it is dangerous. I just want God to heal my acne forever. I've been praying and reading scripture. I am depressed, have panic and anxiety attacks, hide in my house,try to cover up with make up. Please pray for me and the healing of my skin.

Jesus saves
by: sarah

I've been very encouraged reading all of your comments. :) I know the truth and I love Jesus but I really struggle with vanity and how people view me. I hate it, I want to be free of my need for others approval. Please pray I will claim the precious blood of Christ and find my security and fulfillment in Him alone. How great is our God! May we look to Him and see His Glory and be changed so radically that our outward appearance would be such a trivial thing. When we are feeling low and being self absorbed, may we look up to Jesus who was the perfect example of sacrifice and love for a lost and sin filled people. The devil wants us to be stuck and not joy filled. When we have fear we tend to not act. We don't reach out to others which is exactly what he wants. Oh I pray for you all as well as myself that we would abide in Christ and by His power be changed from the inside out. Jesus loved/loves the ugly, the poor in spirit, the broken and hurting. Oh praise Him for calling and saving a sinful, lost people.

Jesus Heals
by: Yoanna

God said I will not cause pain without allowing something something new to be reborn.
-Isaiah 66:9

So never loss faith because he wounds but also binds up, he injures but his hands also heal.
-Job 5:18

thankful for everyone in the comments
by: Anonymous

may the lord bless and protect you guys and keep his healing hands over us always if I didn't come across this post that devil would have still been laughing at me and taunting me with insecurity I believe the lord has already healed me and all of you and will keep us in his healing hands as long as we keep believing and keep our faith strong in his holy name may he always remind us that we are loved unconditionally and no weapon formed against us shall prosper thank you sooooo much guys

To Annonymous
by: Heather

I am so glad you found us! God is so good isn't He?

Keep faith
by: Shakia

I have been dealing with acne a very long time now since I was 12 and still to this day (24) so I definitely know how it feel I tried mostly everything I start to go into depression and question god on why I was dealing with a problem that made me feel so miserable but I know if I prayed on anything god answered my prayers so I know if I keep praying for my skin to heal he can make that happen also just don't question god keep faith and pray..GOD BLESS

Yes with God all things are possible
by: Anonymous

Of course if you have faith in Jesus he can, but just give thanks to God for the acne in your, that with that kind of disease God make us humble but do not loose hope trust the Lord with whole your heart and walk according to his will
may God bless you in Jesus name


God is good and faithful
by: Anonymous

Dear brothers and sisters I pray that God completely heals your acne in the most powerful name of our God Jesus Christ and let u see His goodness in the most difficult situation you are facing. He fearfully and wonderfully made us. I thank him for saving me from the darkness and freeing me from depression due to severe cystic acne. I am looking forward to complete healing and let us trust in His perfect timing and will to heal us. :)

ME and my ance
by: Anonymous

HI there I am 13 years old and am sufferign wiht ance right know and its getting bad I tryed mostly everything. And i started to also pray more about my ance about for 2 months know , and little did I know that I was doing it all wrong I dont belive in him htat much I alway slook at my face in the mirror and cry I say I look ugly and know one likes me but I did not know that God was already healing me God suffered more htna us on the cross forgiving our sins. NAd you know u just need to belive and trust but thats a probelm for me say every morning what you are gratfull for insteaad of what you are not. It helps trust me and tell yourself you are buetifull not ugly dont stare at your self often dont think alot about it, it will give you more.

PRAY> BELIVE AND TRUST and oyu will get healed GOd said to us that seek and oyu will fing ask and you will get be thankfull for the face you have right know you would of have worse and i bleive that god will heal me in his own time I just have to give it sometime an dit will come try to be confident


All is well
by: Anonymous

After you pray for healing and give God things because it has already been done you are healed I also suffer from Acme and reading this, and inspired me to give it a try Because I know gid is good Give him thanks in advance for healing and for everything else all is well And someone recently told me before you pray always ask for forgiveness And pray that God will reveal to you all this since you have made so that you can pray over them and ask for forgiveness you see I I have a thire that Nature is for everything like I remember always hearing that in the old days they didn’t have any medicines and if they would have a headache they would go eat grass or something like that and for a upset stomach eat some kind of tree are natural ingredients from a plant or flower something like that I never did any research on it but I believe that all natural things is for our illness and to better ourselves without man-made pain medication and antibiotics and all other sort of stuff Maybe in makes sense to some of y’all but it makes sense to me I just don’t have the right words to explain myself but I hope that you do I pray for each and everyone of you guys suffering from act me and skin conditions and I thank Jesus that each and everyone of use Are healed in the mighty name of Jesus by his stripes we are healed in Jesus name I pray amen and amen 🙏🏻 🙏🏻

You Have to Believe
by: Anonymous

I remember months ago I came to this site. I remember reading tons of comments everyday to help motivate me and I listened to the things people said. I started to read bible verses about the power of faith, God’s healing, etc. Nothing else in the world gave me more strength than the word did. The word moved me and I started to finally believe in my heart that God would clear my skin. I used to wonder if I would have a "success story" of my own or a testimony to come back to this website with, so that I may give someone else hope. It’s amazing how much God will do for you when you show Him that you believe He can. Sure, this journey to nicer skin has been an emotional rollercoaster of it clearing up then getting worse, then clearing up and getting worse again. But simply BELIEVING and keeping my faith has worked wonders for skin now. My skin isn’t crystal clear but it’s soooo much better and I thank God every day for teaching me about faith and helping me grow closer to him, leaning on him with every situation. The most important thing I’ve learned in this all is that God WANTS to heal us. But we have to BELIEVE that He will. Believe that if you pray for it, you WILL receive it no matter how bad it may seem. No matter what it looks like. And know that you are beautiful and so is your heart because He made you. Find peace<3 "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." - Mark 11:24

God is a miracle worker
by: Anonymous

I know how you feel.. Trust me I HV been there before. There used to be a time I was disturbed having a very rough face with cystic acne surrounding my face.. One minutes when it looks like it's going. It tends to become more again.

I was always worried with tears in my eye everyday. I was scared to see people.. If only I had magic I'll make my face smooth again. But before then I used to have a very smooth face.. Now that my face was rough haters began to ask questions like "whats the red scar and cyst on your face?". Not like they care but to make me feel bad. That angered me making me feel bad of my self

One day in the midst of tears I remembered there was a God who was ready to meet all my needs.. I know he heals but does he heal acne? I asked myself. I decided to Google it out and I read of people's testimony hoping to share mine some day.. I prayed consistently believing on his words.. I also continued with my medications
Tab doxycline
and neo medrol
Acne didn't go in a day though but it is now totally gone ,people now refer me to be a fine boy, I get that complement almost everywhere I go.. One thing I know is that the power of prayer boosted my healing process and allowed all of my medications to work for me.
You're believing in God doesn't mean you should set aside all medications.. Heaven helps those that helps themselves.. God won't come from heaven to touch your face but he can allow all medications you use work for your good..
Never underestimate the power of God.. He heals and would always lead you to the right medications

Jesus will heal my acne
by: Anonymous

I am sure that God will cure my acne. I will keep on prayering even during my hard times and firmly believes that God will touch me .... I believe in jesus. He is watching my struggle with acne ...I will be healed in jesus name. Sing praise to the almighty

To have completely clear skin forever
by: Samantha

I suffer from bad acne/blemishes for a long time. My face keeps breaking out. I pray to stop breaking out and to have completely clear skin forever. I pray to have no holes on my face/body, no marks either.

God the father everlasting king
by: icon quan

me too i have pimples, it makes me feel shy to my friends and other people i feel like they are all looking at me i even hate myself sometime i always tell myself why me i feel like i am the only one who as pimples in this world i really feel bad it makes me feel hurt moreover my friend dont have pimples when i look into the mirror i dont even recognise myself but my cousious keeps on tell me that trust in God nothing is impossible with God so my dear friends soon we are going to live our testmones God is able is far beyond what we know him God bless us in Jesus mighty name amen

Have hope and faith
by: Avari

I get you. I am currently in the same situation, waiting on healing and deliverance from the Lord for three years now. Cling onto the hope that He has given you and pray! Pray scriptures over yourself, and every time that you look down on yourself, remember that Psalm 139:14 says "I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made." My tips: pray, praise, hold onto hope and have faith. I've seen God heal my friends in front of my own eyes, He can do it for you too if you believe! Remember that you aren't alone, with the struggles that you are facing and the fact that Jesus is with you. He is in the fire with us, and we'll be set free together, brought out of the fire without any remaining burns (literal scars.)

by: Anonymous

I battled acne for ages and I still have it but I learned a way to manage it to a point where I hardly get it anymore. Basically you have to work out what kind of food (if any) makes you get acne more - for me it's anything dairy. However even though I don't eat anything dairy I still get acne. You then need to buy products that will DRY your skin. I wash my whole face with Benzac 3% wash every night. Every 2nd night I apply Retrieve Tretinoin cream on my whole face where acne can appear. You do need a GP prescription for Retrieve Tretinoin 0.05% but not for Benzac (Retrieve is more important). If you keep your skin dry you will see results within a week or less - your acne will stop appearing and the ones that do will go away much quicker.

by: Anonymous

I have prayed about it so much
I believe that God heals but I am now starting to lose hope and have faith
I Don't think I might ever be healed
It's just like he doesn't want to answer me


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