Break-up. MESSED UP.

by Angela
(Guilford, Indiana, USA)

So the following story i'm about to tell isn't really a break up. Well it is, but its not like your normal girl and boy don't get along any more break up. It's a break up that should never happen to anyone. And i'm here to tell you my story.

My friend Natalie of 3 months maybe, wanted to hook me up with her older "brother". So i said sure yeah, whatever we will see where this goes. So "he" started texting me, and we had never met in person before but "he" was so nice and funny and i didn't find it nessasary to hang out with "him" just yet. But "he" asked me out on December 24th 2012, and everything was good we never fought and everything. But i found our that "he" didn't go to our school he went to a school that was about 2 hours away and he was a senior at the age of 19 and i was a freshman at the age of 15. But he lived in a local neighborhood... Fishy right? I didn't think so at the time, because Natalie would always give me "his" clothes sweatshirts, basketball shorts, and a shirt and a blanket and stuffed animals.... But "he" never wanted to hang out, "he" did want to hang out but "he" wanted me to sneak out of my house at mid-night to see "him"... and "he" never called because he was too busy. I was getting frustrated
by the 3rd month of dating, and then i was on facebook one day and i found all of his pictures on some other kids facebook page... I Immediately called Natalie she said that it was a "joke" that he had made a few years ago... My parents didn't approve from the begging but this really got them even more fishy... so they started searching everywhere and couldn't find anything on "his" name or anything... And later found out that Natalie doesn't have an older brother... We found out that i was talking to her the whole time all 4 months... And during that 4 months, i did things that i said i would never do. EVER. But i did them, It wasn't really naughty pictures, but it was messages, that i guess you could call sexting... that is one nasty word... but i did it... :( CRAZY. Me and Natalie's "brother" had a special bond... at least i thought... So that's my break up.. even though it isn't really a break up break up it kinda is... And it hurts.. I thought about going to a christian counsler that my youth leader offered but i haven't gone yet. i really with i did though because i have anger in me every day, that i don't know what to do with, i have so much hurt, confusion, pain, i wake up in the middle of the night crying sometimes, and i just don't know what to do sometimes...

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