Because he lives..I can face tomorrow

by Simi
(London, UK) are so confident, you are always full of energy and zeal, I wish I was like you..Be careful what you wish for, looks can be deceiving was how I would respond to those who think they know me. I walked around with a mask on my face all my life, it became who I was. It was easy to pretend to be living in the life I wish I had than to face the harsh realities of my own life.

The truth is I hated life in general, death was the holiday resort I desired for a long time although I never plucked up the courage to take that flight maybe it was the fear of God or the people I will leave behind.

My life in 30 secs: excelled academically, surrounded by friends, career focused, loving what is wrong with your life you ask? Good question I wonder at times myself how I became a victim of the ravaging eating disorder, full of anger, lies, stealing, hatred for men, disgusted by own body, alone and depressed AND did I mention I am a christian as well?

There is always more to one's story and a past behind everyone, the word of God says: "Through Christ I am made whole, behold old things have passed away..." God has given me the reason to keep going each day which turns to weeks, months etc. I am able to face my challenges knowing the one who created me, can and will mould me back to shape.

I would to encourage us all to hold onto God and do not be moved by your circumstances, life will certainly bring difficulties one after another..the ones who survive through are not the toughest or bravest but those that wait upon on the lord. He will NEVER leave you nor forsake you. I am on the road to recovery, living each day with a purpose and learning to love for this is the greatest commandment of all..

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by: lydia

yes, simi...i was blessed by your testimony...thats so true...those who survive are those who wait on the Lord!
Keep going sister...whatever our problems now, we seek a better country...a heavenly one..where we will see the face of our Lord at whatever the will be worth it all when we see Jesus....
lets run with endurance the race set before us looking unto Jesus, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despised the shame and is seated at the right hand of God!

your fellow pilgrim in this journey,

i am so blessed
by: Anonymous

hello, thank you for sharing your testemoney with me every word is so true may god continue to bless you and please pray for me too
for god to give a complete deliverace and healng
my name is lawrence just pray jesus know who i am
god bless you and your family too and all the visitors

beause he lives I can face
by: esther

this is the truth the whole truth and nothing but
the truthy it is possible to live a fake life but as xtian we deed to be praying for the Holy spirit to help us so that we will not run the race on a wrong track,pretending to be who you are not is very very dangerous may God grant us the grace to run the race of the kingdom rightly amen

by: OIKA

One day i was listening to Pastor Paula White's SERMON tittled "destined but delayed". While she was preaching she said because He lives i will face tomorrow. i started digesting and meditating on this phrase and finally saw that even though things seems to be not well with me now, my tomorrow will be bright and that testimonies are inevitable. You know what people of God even thopgh we are tried and tossed on every side we need not to be shaken because a living dog is better than a dead lion. There is still hope in Jesus christ and we should hold fast the profession of our faith with out wavering because faithful is he that promised.

He said he will never live nor forsake us. if he said we are healed he means it, even if doctors can show US their negative results, whose reports will WE believe? Jesus said in this world we shall have tribulation and distress but we should be of good cheer coz be has overcome the world.

Therefore lets keep our faith because without faith we cannot please him for him that comes to him must believe that he is a rewarder of them that deligently seek him.Not only faith but corresponding action. Some of us God made us to be preachers, we sometimes think so, but if we dont start preching even in our rooms we will fail fulfilling our destiny. Faith without action is dead.My father David Oyedepo says that "action is the authentic evidence of faith".

Thank you anonymous, because he lives i will face tomorrow.

by: Anonymous

okay this was such a powerful story... it pretty much summed up my life exactly! I'm a born again Christian and I've grown up in a Christian home my entire life. I've struggled with starving myself for about 3 years. I've become very good at hiding behind a smile. I feel like people don't really know the "Real me" because I'm always hiding it from them... ya know? While I was reading your story I felt like I was reading about myself. . . although our stories do differ. I started starving myself because of being bullied and other things... so ya. But I just wanted to thank you for sharing this with all of us! God bless!

Because he lives..I can face tomorrow

Thank God for testimonies for they represent the works of God in our lives; doing that what only HIM can do for the purpose of glory and edification.

I am pleased to know that we can all be encouraged and blessed through our hardships and triumph; this is why we are persuaded to "fellowship with the brethen".

I believe that God is faithful and he who started a new thing in your lives will complete his work and he will reclaim everything the devil has stolen from you.

Stay encouraged and keep going for the race is not for the swift but for those who endure to the end. Don't give up on God, cos he won't give up on you!

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