by Meg

Beauty is a word that i will never be able to use while describing myself. My life started out with Jesus being the main product in my life but as i have started high school he's been disappearing out of the picture.

My parents seem like they are shunning me for falling away but its hard. Guys seem like it is all about how hot you are. I look at myself in the mirror and see that i am ugly and don't deserve ever the "pokemon geeks" Hopeless and loveless i feel as though no one but my true friends (that are girls) notice me unless it is someone that is judging my appearance.

I look at this website and at magazines and see how the models are so beautiful, i know that it is all computerized but i still wish i looked beautiful. How can i help. Jesus isn't listening. I want a Christian boyfriend but i know none.

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Nov 09, 2009
by: Anonymous

Oh Meg, Jesus is listening, He is there with you, you are not alone and have not been abandoned even though that's the way you may feel, the enemy wants nothing more than for you to feel that. Don't let your heart be discouraged and don't let Jesus be pushed from you, it's in times like these that you need to draw closer to Him. Let Him show you that you are so much more beautiful than what the world is trying to make you believe. The world wants you to conform to it, to it's ways, to indulge in it's sin. but that's a path that is full of lies and leads to increased pain. Hold your standards high and save yourself for the one that the Lord does have for you and will put into your life when His timing is right & please trust that His timing is perfect and good. Do not look into the mirror and let that image YOU see define you, look deeper and see what God sees - you are such a precious treasure to Him! You are beautiful to Him - He looks at you Meg, and He smiles saying, draw near to me child so I can tell you how much you matter. Please don't let yourself be judged by a fallen world and those models who aren't happy, they aren't healthy and their appearances are decieveing. I pray for the Lord to help you look beyond to see all that the outside is not all that there is.

Feb 07, 2010
I feel connected, protected...
by: Anonymous

Hey Meg, believe me when I say I know what you're talking about. I look in the mirror and see zits covering my chin, unruly, thick eyebrows, chipmunk cheeks, flat hair, ghost-white skin...
Pretty hott huh? Nope. A lot of the times I feel like I look hideous! Even with makeup on I only feel slightly better about myself. Call me crazy, bu I'm starting to love my flaws. Might as well, right? Hating them won't make them dissapear. Besides, God's crazy about them. He made us all perfectly imperfect! He made what we think are flaws our best features! So try not to stress over your looks, it doesn't do any good. All you can do is learn to love yourself. Try praying to God and asking Him for self acceptance and inner peace.

Feb 07, 2010
I feel connected, protected continued...
by: Anonymous

As to feeling like God went AWOL on you, He hasn't. It's the other way around. That's right. YOU distanced yourself from HIM. I once heard about a bumper sticker saying "Feel far from God? Guess who moved?" Have you been reading The Word? Have you been talking and spending time with him on a daily basis or at least once a week? If not, something's up. For a while, I was pissed with God. I blamed Him for my unhappiness, for my not having a lot of friends or a boyfriend. But then I started thinking; What if God is doing this for a reason?
Most of my friends aren't Christians. They range from Athiest to Buddhist to Hippe. And 90% of the guys at my school are shallow rednecks and preps just looking for sex. Maybe God has limited my friend circle and hasn't shown me a guy as a means of protection. He knows that I long to feel accepted and may do just about anything to get there. So, by putting up certain walls and boundaries, He is keeping me out of harm's way and saving me from myself!
Did that make any sense? Haha, I hope so. I really tried to sound sane. My point is we often subconsciously distance ourselves from God because we've lost faith in Him. But He will "never leave or forsaken us" so we know it's gotta be something on our part. Make Him a part of your life again. Give Him the rightful place in your heart. It's the least you can do for a man that DIED for you! Just talk to Him. Tell Him everything, your fears, your hopes, your dreams. Then when you feel closer and more connected with Him, start reading your bible. It'll help you see the way God thinks and it'll comfort you. C:
Lastly, the boyfriend situation. Most of us christian girls struggle with finding our prince charming. We're looking for a cute, honest, genuine Christian dude and what with guys being immature, shallow, and having raging hormones that's near to impossible! Keyword here: PATIENCE. God has an amazing guy picked out for all of his daughters; we just gotta put our faith in Him and trust that all will be revealed. While you're waiting, I suggest praying for a boyfriend or future husband. Pray that God will work in his life to protec him and build him up to be the godly husband you deserve. Pray that you will meet him in His right, appointed time. Hope I helped!


P.S Here are some books I suggest:

1.) Totally God's by Megan Clinton
2.)Discover Your Destiny by Cary Schmidt
3.)The Christy Miller series

Feb 17, 2010
I have your opposite problem
by: Gigi

I struggled with horrible self-confidence for awhile (read my story Becoming Me) due to how people snubbed me and the way no boy ever seemed interested in me.
I knew I was good-looking. I knew I was pretty, but somedays, actucally most days, I NEVER felt it. I never had any good friends for three years because girls were jealous of me, I never had a lot of crushes because boys were intimidated by me.
You think pretty girls get it all? No. They don't. If you're a beach blond beauty and you have an obvious spray tan, you're like a flashing neon sign for any boy with an ounce of testocerone in them. But, spray tans and died blond hair isn't beauty. If you're a natural beauty, then THAT'S what beauty is. Only adults ever complimented me on my looks and that was because younger kids were so jealous or intimidated by me that they didn't like me.
And honestly, if there is a natural beauty that doesn't try to hard and who isn't into herself and has a heart for God, she's not going to get a lot of attention.
I was always the "prude" of the school, I wouldn't kiss boys, I was a virgin (obviously I'm in middle school), and I honestly was COMPLETELY clueless when it came to them. I was a true beauty, but not a true beauty of the world, but of God.
I wanted SO bad to have a boyfriend to cuddle me and rock me, but I knew that when God wanted me to have one, I'd have one.
STOP telling yourself you're not beautiful. I struggled with lonliness, self-hatred, and jealousy BECAUSE I was good-looking.
I was never okay with myself and it took A LONG time to finally just accept myself.
The grass is always greener on the other side in ANY situation. I wished for straighter hair, I wished for smaller breasts (I had D cups at age 13), I wished for shorter legs.
But finally, instead of trying to hide my beauty and want it to go away, I embraced what I had. You should do the same :)

:) God bless.

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