am i anorexic?

i just turned 15 two months ago i've always had a problem with my weight and body. i was always self conscious. i'm going into the new high school where most of my friends are this year because 9th grade is stil considered middle school where i live. i'm mostly close friends with older kids so i started drinking when i was about 14 but now this summer it seems like everyone drinks and every party or get together someone has everyone is always drinking and one beer is over 100 calories so i stopped drinking, if i eat over 400 calories i'll fast the next day, there are 3 more weeks until school i'm 120lbs and 5'1 i'm not what people think is "fat" i just think i am because all my friends are a lot tinier then me. i really wanna lose these thunder thighs before school so i'm gonna try to only eat 1 vegetable a day a lot of water and green tea. i get my braces off 5 days before school starts and guys think i'm a "pretty" girl so if i lose this weight in time for school i'll feel amazing! does anyone have any tips to lose weight fast? because i'm going school shopping soon and i wanna drop jean sizes but idk what size i'll end up being before school. how much weight could i drop in 3 weeks?

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God loves you just as you are!!
by: Anonymous

While you are growing, it is not a good time to diet unless you have a specific diet under the supervision of your doctor.

You can cut out junk foods like potato chips, candy, etc. I am happy you stopped drinking because for one, it is illegal, and it is not good for you for many reasons beyond the calories!!
You need plenty of vegetables, fruits, and dairy for your brains to work well and your body to be healthy. You need protein to build up your muscles.
You can also exercise...
Eat right, exercise...
As far as your self-concept...God loves you!! You are "pretty" and you need to be healthy to live a nice long life with your husband someday, to have children, and to serve God...

by: S'ambrosia

Hey there,
As I was reading through your post, my heart was kind of sad to know that you only chose to stop drinking beer because of the calories or that you only fast because you felt your calorie intake the previous day was too high. Abstaining from alcohol and fasting should be practices that people choose to do because they want to set themselves apart from the crowd and live a life that is holy and pleasing to God. It sounds like you're doing these things for all the wrong reasons.

I saw the picture you had attached (I had to delete it because of the bottoms you had on not being appropriate) and you are a lovely young lady with a very cute figure. Whoever told you that you have thunder thighs or that you're overweight was LYING!

You said you have always been self-conscious. Can you tell me why that is? What would make such a beautiful girl as yourself obsess so much over her weight?

I think you should stop comparing yourself to the other girls around you. When God made you, He made you unique, with traits no other person in this world will ever have. How can you celebrate the beauty that He's placed within you if you're too busy looking at what everyone else has, wishing that it was yours? You're wasting your time, love! Losing a few pounds before school shouldn't be what makes you feel amazing either. Knowing that you are precious in your Father's sight should be enough. Charm and beauty are fleeting. If you spend your entire life trying to fit the world's definition of beauty, you will find that you've wasted your life when you realize how much of who you really are had to die to achieve that goal.

Don't fall for the lies, love. You are beautiful as you are and that should be enough.

no title
by: cassandra

400 calories a day is not that much. especially since you're still growing and in 9th grade now. you really do need to eat more, even if its mostly healthy food. i've been where you are, not the drinking but the eating, and its not fun. my cycle has recently gotten much shorter now that i'm back on my "diet" and its not fun. please get help before its too late.

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