Advice on dating

by Erika
(Usa, Virginia)

I am a Christian and I need your Help on some advice, I Like a guy in my class and He is really sweet and we connect like were just normal Best Friends.

He's not my Best Friend but we are Good Friends, i get nervous whenever im around him because he's just Amazing,Godly,Sweet AND Cute!!

He is a Christian and I REALLY Like Him , but ..... the thing is my mom wont let me date.
I understand that im Quite young but i understand the needs of a relashionship and i think that we will be a Great Couple!!

Any Advice ??

Love Erika. Thanks :D

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Dating Advice
by: Ms. Sylvia

Dear Erika,

First, I'm glad that you have the intelligence to ask for advice, and to weigh the comments.

You didn't say your ages, so I will assume that you may be in either middle or high school.

It sounds as though he has all of the qualities of a good boyfriend: christian, sweet, and you have a connection with him.

In my experience, the best relationships begin with friendship. It isn't enough to think he's cute, or sweet, but do you like the person he is? And that can only be discovered through an extended friendship.

Since he too is a christian, you have something great in common, which is another trait for a successful relationship.

However, your mother won't allow you to date. As a mother myself, my role is to guide you and protect you. We as mothers only want what is best for you. And I know you feel as though you understand what the needs of a relationship are, to truly understands situations you need to have had experience with them.

I would suggest that you invite he and his parents to your church, so that your family can meet his family. If your mother gets to see the same traits in him that you value, maybe she might be open to you being friends with him first. If it's true, it can wait!!

Blessings Erika,

Ms. Sylvia

Dating Advice
by: Anonymous

Well Erica,
yes there are needs for relationships that God wants us to have but in the proper manner. We are to build Christian relationships with our families&friends, where we view them as our sistes & our brothers showing the "Godly Love" because God is Love. I am not sure how old you are, but I am sure that your mom has her reasons for not wanting you to date yet.
You have to trust that she knows best for you & that when the time is right you both will know. A great thing to do is ALWAYS, keep an open line of communication with your mom because you never want to form any type of mistrust with her, because this will vailidate her reasons more for not wanting you to date.
Express to her that there is a guy that you like & that you want her to meet. I am not sure if your dad is in the home if so you should want both of them to meet him. Maybe it can be Sunday dinner after church in which you can invite him to church bc you have stated that he is a Christian. What better way to spend time forming & building relationships with our sisters & brothers through fellowship.If he is indeed a Christain he will not need to tell it or explain it to your parents they will see based on his actions. When we love the Lord it is displayed in our lives in everything that we do.
This may not make your mom allow you to date but this will help your relationship with her & when the time is right once again they will have no problems giving your hand away to right young man. His heart should be so hidden in God that he has to clearly seek God just to find you....if he is doing that then he is the one that God has kept for you. So just be patient & when the time is right for dating it will come.Everything comes with time and in Gods time.
Blessings to you my dear!

Mrs. LaToya

by: Katelyn Amanda M.

Both of the comments are true. :) I just want add that the bible says not to "Awaken Love Before the Time". I am 17 and never had a boyfriend before, I am not sure how old you are but the younger you are in a relationship the more time you have to fall into temptations. I would definitely recommend being friends until your mom feels you are ready for a boyfriend. Then remember to put God first in your relationship!
God Bless!

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