A 7th Graders Thoughts...

by Syd
(Los Banos)

I think it's so unfair that all these girls on commercials are the most gorgeous girls. They make their hair all perfect and make them tan and make them thin with a shape. It makes us bigger girls feel so self-conscious. Why does everyone on t.v. have to be so flawless and thin? Why can't there be one show on with a chunky girl with zits? And not being teased on either? I feel so unwanted sometimes. Everyone around me is skinny and I feel so fat. I hate it. I hate these feelings. I think to myself everyday "Why couldn't I be that thin?" Or "Why couldn't I be that flawless?" Or "Why can't I have perfect skin?" and millions more like that. I sometimes feel like I just wanna run away and hide in a bag. I hate all the looks I get. I hate some boys looks they give too. But the good thing is I have a lot of girls that smile when they see me. Or they even want to hang. I even sometimes see some boys checking me out. This makes me feel so self-conscious it's ridiculous. I hate being fat. Everyone says i'm not then why can't I see all this? I just don't get it. When these boy's look at me I wanna run away. Just because I feel fat. I mean seriously have you seen some 8th graders? Most of them are skinny. I feel soooooooooooo fat. People say I'm beautiful but I don't see what they see in me. People say I lost a lot of weight. I don't see that. Is this a problem? I'm gonna attach a picture of me. It's the best I can find I think. Please (if you can) write me back. I need advice. I get it all the time from family members but I would like to get some from a beautiful woman to just tell me i'm beautiful. You don't have to though. Sorry if any of this is rude I was just venting. Thanks again so much


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Cutie Patootie;)
by: Anonymous

Hey Syd,
As a teacher of 7th graders, and one who has been in 7th grade before, I can empathize with what you're feeling. It's hard at your age to learn to be comfortable with the body that's beginning to develop when you look around and see that you're different than your peers. I tend to think that that is where the problem begins: Comparison. Don't compare yourself with others!

God made you unique, Syd. From your pictures I can see that you have such a cute and friendly face, which I'm sure matches your personality. Why would you want to trade the very intimate details God created within you to look like someone else?! Do you realize that you'll never feel beautiful until you learn how to be comfortable in your own skin, the skin God designed for you?

Though my point is not to encourage you to turn heads, I would like to encourage you by saying that confidence in a woman is what people notice. When you are able to look at yourself in the mirror and see the beauty that God created you to be, the way you carry yourself will be different, and people will notice. Even if people aren't able to see the beauty in you at this point in time, that doesn't change a thing about who you are.

Ask God to show you what He had in mind when He decided to design you. Ask HIm to show you what it is that He loves about you. Try living your life to please Him instead of people and see what happens;)

by: Natalie

I'm an 8th grader this year, and I know how 7th grade can be tough! I just want to let you know some of my observations.1) I noticed that I saw some pretty girls, but, they were all self-conciuos and stuff, and afraid to show who they really were, so people really didn't get to see who they were, then I would see another girl who was pretty too, except she showed her personality, without shame, for she was proud of who she is. So, what I'm saying here is, It's all about who you are not what you look like. 2)I here some guys talking like yeah soandso is pretty, but not on the outside, which I'm really glad to hear these words for it tells you that guys don't just want you for the outside, but most of all the inside. Plus, you don't want a guy who just wants you for what you look like, beacause, for all you know he'll just go off again for some other girl for what she looks like. You want a guy who wants you for who you and not for looks, popularity, money, or anything else besides who you are. At this age, you don't really need to be fretting over guys, you see, you probably have heard this before, but please take it to heart, you're still a kid, you don't need to be looking out for a guy or anything, you're a kid live it up before it's too late! I'm still a kid too and plan on being one for as long as I can! Also, when the time comes, the right guy will be attrcted to you for who you are!=-] Not your looks ,silly!3)YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Also, whenever ypu feel down remeber, to thank the lord for everything ou have such as, thank you lord for giving my strengths, thanks for giving me a home. Give him thanks for everything we usually overlook as things that are just there. Living a life of gratitude is definitley the greatest way to live it!=-]Hope this helps!!=-]

by: Kaitlyn S.

I feel the exact same way! Its so creepy because I feel like you are righting out my life! I always feel better if I'm around my larger friends so get to know more of those. They make you feel more comfortable. Always wear looser clothes, NEVER fitted. Omg I had some friends at one time that wore theses clothes that were too fitted and let me tell you they did not look good in them. Don't wear yoga pants. Don't go heavy on makeup. Don't wear short skirts or shorts. Don't die you hair a bright color. Try not to draw attention to yourself. Stay clear of the popular kids. Try being a sweat person (I'm not saying you aren't!). DONT be rude (it will effect how people think of you.) DONT show off. Don't slouch in class. I know some of these things don't sound like they would effet your beauty, but trust my they will change what people think of you as.

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