Why Modesty is Important

by Danielle

Like this one from Sears Canada

Like this one from Sears Canada

Hi Girls!

I'd love to add my opinion to this debate.

Modesty is important! God designed us to be holy temples. He wants us to always honor those temples by carrying ourselves in a respectable manner.

Men and women are made differently. The fact of the matter is that men consistantly struggle with lust in a way that women don't understand. I feel like it is important for men to take responsibility for their weaknesses. However, I feel that it is equally important for women to assist them by dressing modestly and acting in a ladylike way.

So, when it came to choosing out beach-wear this is my rule:
#1) If I spend any time obsessing/thinking/feeling insecure about a specific body part while you are at the beach/pool, that part needs to be covered up. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF!

#2) If I had to stand in front of my pastor/Dad/president in this swimsuit, how would I feel?

For me, I was self-concious about my chest (small), my bum (big) and my bikini line (don't want that showing!). My solution was a lightly padded tankini top with a skirt bottom. That way, my chest would be flattered and covered AND my bum/bikini would be hidden aswell.

Each person will come up with a different solution based on what they feel is both comfortable and God-honoring. All you are accountable to God for is what you choose and whether you were obedient to him - no matter what other people are doing.

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