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Girls, it's time to take a stand for true beauty! Our goal is to provide you with resources to help you find your true beauty and then to encourage you to display your true beauty and share it with others.

Resources to Help You Find Your True Beauty


1.)  Mirror Mirror...Am I Beautiful?

A book to inspire teen girls.  

Get practical, real-life, biblical advice for the issues you deal with every day.  Body Image. Beauty. Fashion. Sex. Dating. Self Esteem. Relationships.

Will you dare to look deeper? If you do, you will find that there is so much more. More than what your mirror has for you. More than what Hollywood and the media has for you. More than what any guy can give you.When you look deeper, you’ll find true satisfaction, true beauty and true intimacy waiting for you. Jesus is inviting you to take this journey with Him. Will you accept?

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Optional Bible Study Guides

You can also purchase the bible study guide at the links below:

Bible Study Guide for Teen Girls

2.)  Forgiveness Formula

Sometimes life doesn't seem to make sense or "add up" in our math.  We have life circumstances that make us question whether we can truly have a full life.  Divorce.  Death.  Sickness.  Financial losses.  

And life doesn't seem fair.  

Maybe you've been searching for that formula that will help you make sense of your life.  Come join us as we explore the Mathematics of Jesus. Find out how Jesus is and always will be the greatest mathematician, in that He knows what truly adds up to a full life.

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