Shelley's Book and Bible Study for
Teen Girls, "Mirror Mirror"

Our desire is to help women and girls find their "True Beauty" through our book Mirror Mirror... Am I Beautiful?

In a world that pressures you to look "picture perfect", join in the search to find your true beauty! It's there, it just needs to be discovered.

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What Others Are Saying

Thank you so much! I enjoy every single thing you send me! I love reading them, and they are also helpful to my friends! I have recently started a bible club at my school for girls, and I have shown them a lot of your stuff on your website!

Thanks for all the help,


Shelley Hitz knows just what to say to today’s teens. She hits on all the vital issues they deal with on a regular basis. She has the answer to these issues and shares in such a personal way that challenges one to examine their heart and do something about it. -- Debbi Witt, Co-Founder/Associate Director of Teen Quest

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