Prayer and Worship Are AMAZING Tools

by Cassandra
(Maiden, NC)

I just got home from church, and IT WAS AWESOME!!! tonight was an adult/youth combined worship service. God really showed up. these last few weeks, our church has been doing the Daniel Fast, and its over in 4days, and tonight was a celebration of what God's beeing doing in these 21days of prayer and fasting. I haven't been fasting because because I don't feel I really can, and my health still be fine, but I have been believing God for some things, one of which is the general manager being taken care of, by however God chose. We were told he was being transferred to another burger king, but today, I got a text saying that he'd been let go. We have a new general manager, who seems really nice. Another thing I've really been praying for is freedom. Yes, I'm doing much better than what I was, but still not completely free, and if I'm not completely free, I'm still in bondage. Anyway, tonight, our pastor said that he senses that there are several who are struggling with stuff, and that he wanted all who are to come up to the front, and make a line facing the altar and for several who can pray and touch Heaven and make things happen to stand behind everyone. Well, so I don't usually go up to the front, rather just worship the best way I can from where my seat is, but tonight, I felt God telling me "Go up front. Its ok. You'll be fine." So I went up front, and several of the youth prayed over me(I was so glad it was youth since I'm in the youth group, and am so much more comfortable with them, than I am with the adults, besides my youth pastors.) Tonight, after we were done praying, I could tell a HUGE difference. Before church, and even during worship before this, my anxiety was through the roof, and I was feeling very triggered. After this, all anxiety was gone. All pounding heart symptoms, all fear, GONE!
Also, our pastor said that God's opened a door for all, youth and adults alike, to go through. He said that we'd probably lose our friends, we'd look like we weren't normal, that we'd have to give up our lifestyles, but that we'd turn the world back right-side up, because right now, its upside down, based on what God's plan for the world was from the beginning. He said our impact would go around the world, if we choose to step through that door. I've chosen to step through the door. I want that impact. I'm choosing God over cutting, depression, anxiety, and anything else from the Devil that's trying to get ahold of my life. I'm believing for some miracles, including my dream for South American children where I want to start an orphanage, some personal family ones,and for my uncles healing from MS.
One thing God is telling me is that if I want Him to use me in the lives of those around the world, I have to be willing to let Him use me here, in my school, in my work, in my home, in the public, at church, wherever He sees fit!
Here are some songs that God has really used in my life.

"I Lift My Hands"-Chris Tomlin

"So Good"-Lincoln Brewster

"We Could Change The World"-Matt Redman

"You Never Let Go"-Matt Redman

"Great I Am"-New Life Worship

"Rooftops"-Jesus Culture

"You Won't Relent"-Jesus Culture

"Even Greater"-PlanetShakers

"Lazarus"-Great Awakening

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