Double sided fabric tape

by Shelley Hitz
(Findlay, Ohio)

I use double sided fabric tape like the one you see at the link below for many things.

Double Sided Tape

It's inexpensive and I bought mine in the fabric department at Wal-mart.

If I have a shirt that gaps when I bend over (and shows all!!) then, I use the double sided fabric tape to tape the shirt to my skin. I usually tape it along the top edge of the shirt. This allows me to wear shirts that I like and not risk showing more than I want to those around me when I bend over to pick up my purse off the floor :)

I also use it if a button up shirt is too low in the front. I usually place the tape right above the top button. Unfortunately, many shirts are being made with lower and more revealing cuts. So, this help me out.

If you know of any really good brands of double sided tape to use, let us know! Or if you have any other great uses for it.

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Sticky Strips
by: Anonymous

These double sided tape strips are used by dancers to hold costumes in place, etc....I've never actually used this product, but it seems like a good concept :)

Sticky Strips

Fashion Tape Assortment Great Buy!
by: Janet

Discounted Fashion Tape here

Needed dbl. face tape
by: Helene

Like what kind of a title ???????????
Needed...dbl faced tape,
I need dbl faced tape to put in the lining of my hats. My head is small & I use the tape for making my hats fit tighter. Wal mart does not carry it any more. Nor do AC Moore or JoAnnes.
Please tell me where I can find it. I need white...thanx so much

double-sided fabric tape
by: Ms. Freddie Gilliland

Try Walgreen's or Sears to find this tape. Hope I'm able to help.

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