Suicide of a close friend.

by Krista

Once upon a time, there was a little town called erlanger, with a little street named Center street. There was a little girl named Krista. She was a annoying spoiled brat, and being her mom's first girl, she could do anything. She took gymnastics, and went to A.J. Lidemann. One day at school, they put everyone's name in a hat and randomly selected two children from the school to win a book that every writer of the week was in. "And the winners are Chelsea Westwood, and Krista Manning please come to the office to get your book" Krista walked up in pride, being the first thing she's ever won, besides the coloring contest between her and her cousins and sister. When the two little girls finally made there little steps to the office they handed them the book, which had their name in it. Krista went home excited to show he mom they book, even though she could hardly read. And to her mom's surprise, they put the wrong name in her book! Kathy (Krista's mother) called Chelsea's mom, Jennifer, to show her the mistake. And after a little bit of talking they found out they lived very close to each other. So Kathy drove to their house, and Krista realized Chelsea and her both went to the same gymnastics place.

Krista and Chelsea began to become closer and closer. Kathy started driving Chelsea to school. These two little girls became like sisters. Spending the night at each others house, playing in the dirt, attempting to sing, and being like best friends should be. Kathy brought some upsetting news to Krista the summer before her fourth grade year, she was moving an hour away from her once called home. Krista was devastated. She told Chelsea and they cried for hours. The moving day came, and Chelsea and Krista said good-bye, hugs and tears were made. Chelsea and Krista started talking less and less, until it withered away to nothing. Then the summer before high school Krista called Cheslea. They talked for hours, figuring out chelsea skipped 7th and 8th grade, so this new freshman was talking to a junior. Another year passed, and chelsea and krista talked again. This senior wasn't doing too well, she was suffering from bulimia, and was a cutter. This didn't worry krista too much, though. she knew chelsea was a strong person, and Krista knew she wouldn't throw it all down the drain. Dani, one of chelsea's and Krista's friend, Krista visited a lot, so they decided to all three meet up. Krista was so excited to see her old friend.

March 14th, Dani called Krista and told her to sit down, and they needed to talk. She asked if she was ready, and Krista was like "Umm Sure?" Dani then broke the news. "Chelsea hung her self Krista." Krista didn't know what to do. She just said okay and that she needed to go. Krista then hung up the phone and went to tell her mom, still not in tears. Then Krista found her parents in the living room, and said the news, and after she said it, it hit her. Her best friend had hung herself. She cried herself to sleep. Went to school, and cried some more. Hoping she'd wake up from this miserable dream.

Going to a sixteen year old layout would be the second hardest thing any person could ever go through. She stood in the sad silent line for two hours, awaiting to see her friend. She finally made it up to the casket. She saw Chelsea's lifeless beautiful body, laying then. Arms crossed, neck covered. She could only think one thing. "Why me God? Why her?" Finally the day of the funeral arrived, this was the hardest thing to go through. Listening to the friends and family talk of her. And thinking of her body laying in that casket being lowered into the ground. She went to school the day after the funeral in her black skirt, unable to focus on her school work because of the sadness built up in her. Krista stopping going to church, because she didn't want to hear that her friend was going to rot in hell. Now to the present, yes she still misses her friend, and she is thankful that God is forgiving and she knows one day, she'll she Chelsea as an Angel in heaven.

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by: Anonymous

The timing of death is never good. It was a sad day indeed miss Westwood's death. Krista you sound like a strong individual who has suffered through something very hard. Do not lose your way Krista, God loves all his children. Remember miss Westwood for her smile and the joy she brought to life. I leave you in my prayers miss Krista and I wish you all the best.

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