Scared To Be Me

I'm fifteen and I cut myself. that's my story. Did I mention that my friends make fun of me for it? they tease me, call me stupid, make me show other people, and laugh at me. And it hurts. I want to cry, but cutting is so much easier than crying. It's easier to hide for a while. I want to know why the people who say that they're there for me make fun of me for cutting and tell me go and cut myself every day.

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no title
by: cassandra

hey girl..i'm a "recovering cutter"..i have a question for you..if your friends make fun of your for cutting, and make you show everyone, are they really your friends, or are they just using you for some laughs? think about it..i can't say i know exactly what you're going through, b/c none of my friends knew about it..when i went to a christian university last year, for my first year of college, my roommate knew, and of course her best friend knew, but no one else knew, and i thought they were my friends, well i thought my roommate was my friend, i knew her bff, but i thought she was, and a few months ago, they found a way to use it against me..they weren't my real friends, just trying to make themselves look good..there were also some girls i went to school with last year that knew i was struggling with something, but didn't know what..they knew i was seeing one of the campus counselors, but didn't know what i was seeing her for, but they didn't treat me any differently..i mean i think they had an idea, b/c they talked differently, and purposely avoided some words and topics, but other than that, they didn't treat me any differently, now THATS a REAL friend--someone who knows all about you, or a lot about you, but other than caring about your well-being, doesn't care what your faults are..let me ask you another question..are you in counseling for cutting? b/c counseling really is a good thing..and by counseling, i don't necessarily mean seeing a counselor or therapist, but rather talking to a trust adult, maybe a pastor, youth pastor, teacher, someone you really trust, even a parent if you're able to..but please consider whether or not those are your real friends, b/c they don't sound like friends i'd want to have, and i KNOW how difficult it can be to find good friends, but it is possible.

NEVER alone.
by: Karla

Hey hun,
Life is tough, I'm not gunna lie.
I often feel alone and so emotionally upset. I have cancer and people make fun of me and I hear rude comments about it ALL of the time! So I know how it feels like to have people nag you about stuff. But there is ALWAYS one person that you can count on to help you get through it! He loves you, he adores you...and his name is Jesus. Call to him and he WILL are never alone!!!

I will pray that your friends will realize what their doing to you, so that they can that you can stop hurting yourself, and that God will send someone into your life that can help you see how much Jesus REALLY does love you!!
I would love to hear back from you, and I will continue to pray for you! <3

He's been waiting
by: Mosia

I know it hurts, to have the people you think that are your friends make fun of you, for cutting yourself. I used to cut myself and I was obessed with that. I had many people treat me horrible.

But, let me tell you. Those people have no idea what they say. I know it hurts you; But to find your strength and the love that you need to go on, and feel the life you are living is found in Jesus Christ.

Your not dumb, your not worthless, there is nothing bad wrong with you. You just need to lay it ALL down and tell God yourself that you don't want to live with that. You need help, this site is amazing for advice.

But, I encourage you to find support in someone who is a christian and can help you withn this.

Isaiah 53:5

But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.

when Jesus was getting beaten and scourged and cut with whips he KNEW AND FELT YOUR PAIN. He is the ONLY ONE who understands YOU.

Come to him...

He's been waiting <3

That is so horrible!
by: Gigi

I know that cutting is used to make all the pain of those peoples teasing be taken away, but it's not going to get you anywhere.
I used to eat as a "security blanket" to take all the pain away from my life and I suddenly just realized one day I can't keep eating and eating to fill the holes that have been emptied, I have to fill them with God.
God will fill those empty holes for you and help you recover. Sweetie, saved people aren't GOOD people, they're just forgiven.
With God's strength, he can help you recover from cutting. Cutting is a nasty habit, and it should be stopped right away.
Don't damage the body God gave you.
And, don't be afraid to get into your friend's faces about it! At the temple, when Jesus saw what was going on, he flipped over all the tables, outraged. A lot of Christians say, "If someone slaps your cheek, turn them the other" but after awhile, both cheeks start to hurt.
If the teasing doesn't stop step in and say, "Will you STOP making fun of me? I don't appriciate it."
Bullying and Teasing IS WRONG, and bullies aren't going to stop unless you stand up for yourself and know who you are as a person.

tell someone
by: Natasha

It sounds like you have 2 issues that you need to deal with- self injury & being bullied. A counselor could help you with both. The people who are treating you that way are Not your friends. A true friend would not make you feel humiliated or sad. A website with info on types of bullying & ways to deal with it is:

Try to find some new healthy friends... perhaps at a support group or church youth group or local boys & girls club, etc...

Stay strong & know you are supported in your recovery!

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