pls help me and my friend

by Chloe

Hey my name is Chloe and I am 13. i have recently started cutting my self Because my family issues and depression. i have a younger brother who is 11 but he really does not know anything of wt i do he usually leaves me alone when he knows i am depressed. My dad is in the army so you should think i should be a goody to shoes but life is pretty hard for kids that have parents in the military, well first of we move around to much for me to have really good friends usually live in one place of a year or two but now i have been living were we are Stationed currently for to years and are supposed to stay for 4 so 2 more to go. but anyway my dad got deployed to Iraq and then Afghanistan and each time he comes home he is more of a different person each time more scary and some times i have no clue wt to do i usually go hide in my room but he comes in and gets more mad at me for goodness knows wt but some times when i am to scared i take it out on my bro and i hate that i do because he never does anything wrong. and one day we were riding are rip stick going down a hill because i was chasing him and threatening him as usual and i finally caught him and he fell of and broke his arm really bad and thats when i felt horrible !!! :( so i told my friend and well turns our my best friend in the whole wide world has the same issue but she does not have any sibling so she told me she was cutting her self with her razor in the shower on purpose so she would not hurt anyone and i thought it would be better than hurting my bro again but now i am hurting my self and i really want to find away for my friend and me to stop, well talking about it has helped a little and if you draw a beautifully were you cut your self if makes you feel bad if you cut the butterfly cause you will hurt it but it still wont make us stop all the time so pls pls help us :(((

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It's ok! :~)
by: Annie

Hey Chloe,
I know there are a lot of girls who have to go through this in secret by themselves, but think of it this way- you have a friend you can heal with.
Try a journal so you can write your feelings in, or call your friend whenever you want to cut and have her call you when she wants to.
Have you ever thought of having something to talk to even if its not real? Try a stuffed animal, even if it's not real you can take out your anger and frustration on it and hug it when your sad. Have your friend try that too and maybe it'll help when you can't talk to each other.
One more thing I can think of is find someone much older that you trust and be responsible to them. You might not be able to find anybody, but at least try!
And above all PRAY!!
You are in my prayers!
Annie <3
John 3:16

Oh, Chloe!
by: EMMMeRs

Little sister, you need Jesus in your life!
How would it feel to know that someone else got cut up for you so that you wouldn't have to do it to yourself?
Well, maybe you've heard about Jesus - maybe you even go to Church!
Jesus let people spit on him, whip to pulp and then hammer NAILS into his hands and feet - and I sware he was thinking about Chloe when he felt that pain. He was letting them do this for your sake - he wants all the pain you have had to end. And NOT in death! He wants you to be at peace - he wants you to know him! He wants to be your friend!
Jesus was God in the flesh you see. God knew the only way to restore peace and love in this world was through his death - the death of a perfectly faultless person. And now, if you ask him to change your life and come into your heart and forgive you for all the bad things you've done he will take you to heaven when you die. He'll give you grace to make it through this HARD life!
And little sis - life is not going to get easier when Christ is in your life...but it will become more purposeful. With Jesus in your life he will give you peace and a spirit of love- you won't have to struggle ALONE. Cause Jesus says he feels all the PAIN we feel.
You should get a Bible (KJV is my choice - it's so poetic and original!) and read it everyday - good places to start are at books like John, Psalms, Romans and Genisis if you want to know how all this started.

You are loved and God made you Chloe! God really loves you and wants to be your friend. He died because of our sin and he loves us anyway.

Love in Jesus sister,

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