need to get out

im 13 and ive been cutting for about year now but i have self-injured for as long a i can remember. i started cutting about a year ago because the scraching and hitting did not seem to provide the releaf they usto. i have alwayse been 1 for extreems but this was a little bit to much. i started to realize this aoult 2 months ago. i started to realize this because some of my friends found out. i had made them promisses that i would try my hardest not to hurt my sel or atleast call them if i wanted to talk or if i had hurt my self. i started becoming adicted 2 cutting. i never 1 have called my friends and told then. a coupple of my close friends will look at my arms once and a while to see if i had cut(because they relized i wasnt going to call)or they would ask if i was ok or how i was. it seeened like im beaing treated lije a child but realy the more u think about it.. them babying my is actually helping. i havent cut in about 2 months(give or take some). i give them alot of credit. every time they would seee a mew scar i would be imbarsed but in the back of my mind i would think do i realy want them to see my like this no i would say. i am doing well not and i plan it get better. i hope you all can find someway at over come this i konw it is hard i speek from experance. god bless you all. every1 who has helped me and every1 how is fighting this i wish u the best.

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