Lord, hold me once again

by Emily

i remember that painful night, my glance out the window at that cold, blue sky. i remember anxiously anticipating where You would take me, saying God, Father, Son on high, why, Jesus, why? i remember the pastors dreaded words, and how i cried and cried and cried. i remember feeling like nothing held me together. i have been to the depths of despair, but even then, You were there. You held my shaking hand, and held my pained and aching heart. even when i pushed You away, still then, Lord You stayed. i remember the way You gave me friends, friends to listen, friends to just be near. and now that You've never let me go, even after thousands of painful tears, God thank You. now as my life goes back to normal, as i sit in the spotlight once again, hold me, Lord, don't let me fall apart. You've always been faithful, so why should i doubt? but even so, Lord, hold me once again.

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by: Natalie

beautiful poem!

by: Anonymous


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