I'm Going Crazy...

My name is Brianna im 12 years old. I have lost enough in my life now i feel like i should be lost. I cut every night , and as it slits my skin it feels good. I dont know why, nor how. I Cannot stop it, i already saw a therapist, she didnt help all she did was tell my teacher.No one noticed my cutting, until i told my grandmother, i would never dare to tell anyone else. My boyfriend found out. God knows how(if there is a god). It feels like im invisible when im in the streets. My mom is an alcoholic. And no one gets the point that im just lonely and that i have no one but my scissors beside me. I dont feel like living anymore. i dont know if people understand but it feels like if i die, i will be happy i wont have to suffer this miserably disgusting world anymore. My friend started cutting not to long after me, i caught her in her room cutting herself. i want to help myself but then when i help i keep going.. im crazy..im scared..im lost..im never going to be found

i always try to act happy but inside im just dying. like im bleeding on the inside just as the last drop hits the puddle of blood. There i will fall to the ground

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He is there
by: shaniece

i am so sorry that u have to go through that at your age

and as i read your story u sounded unsure of God's existence

i can understand that maybe you havent been raised to believe in God

but i am telling you that God is totally real

i also can really understand that when u are goinf through some hard times you feel like no one is there for you, but in reality God is waiting for you to just run to him and give your problems over to him

God wants u to be his child

i also think that maybe you shuld ask ur grandmother(if she is someone you can trust)if u culd live with her until ur mom is able to get help

also consider this verse:

Psalm 121:1,2
1"I lift up my eyes to the hills-where does my help come from?"
2"My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth"

these two versus are just saying that whenever u feel like ur in trouble or you are broken, you can call on Jesus and no matter what he is there

it may seem as though God isnt there or he might not answer you right away but he will save you and help you when the time is right

i will continue to pray for you and your family and your friend that you all will accept Jesus Christ into your life as your Lord and Savior

God bless,

Mee too
by: Abi , 12

I also am 12 i cut also but i have stopped i have felt that what is the piont think of your grandmother go and tell her i can only trust you and i need some support,
i still cut once in a while but i have cut down and thats what you should do just cut down slowly. :)

your never alone...
by: micha

i know that cutting is like a vice. like alcohol to an alcoholic.

but sweetie, i stated cutting when i was 14. i'm now 17 and i am trying my best not to do it.

i haven't cut in 5 months. and it feels great.

you just need to know that you are never alone.

that people do love you
they do care.

you just need to take time to find those people
i know how it feels to be scared. alone. sad.

these could be temporary feelings. if you stay optimistic and feel that you CAN stop cutting.

you'll be ok
by: jessica

hey my name is jessica, i been through the same thing. it's like you have the same feeling as me. you are not going crazy, you are not alone. there was times when i felt the same way as you. but you lost your friend's i havent, but i could tell you that there is a god and he will heal your pain because he healed mines. i could say im happy because i gave my life up to him. that means when i'm in pain he knows and thats when he comes to me in a strong voice saying that life is full of obstacles. you have to deal with trouble in your life to know what life is all about. so when you cut your self stop because the father in heaven cares 4 u because you are his angle, his baby girl, his child that was created by him sent down from heaven above to the place he calls earth. so don't think your alone. cause i'm here everybody here that is in your shoes. so i will walk a mile with you if you are in pain. cause i hurt, when i know there is a child that's going through the same situation i am. so just keep hope, faith alive. in gods word i will always be in to hear your cries feel your pain.

Ik the feeling
by: Beth

wow u pretty much decribed how i feel i cut to and i try and try to stop but i just cant its my only cure to my depressed self..

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