I'm a teenage cutter

For as long as I can remember I've always been the odd one out. In elementary school I was picked on daily & it only got worse when I got into middle school.

I remember when I was 12 me & a boy I had been liking for a while became boyfriend/girlfriend. For the first time in my life I felt like some one actually cared & loved me, but then we broke up & my problems began. I had a friend who had told me that she was cutting.

I slowly started cutting and it became like an addiction & once or twice a week I would cut. At the end of the summer I had about 20 scars on my leg from my cutting.

Me & my friend decided we would stop together & that's what we did. For an entire year neither of us cut, but when I entered the 8th grade this year, I was made fun of on a daily basis, but I thought that if I kept a smile on my face & was nice to everyone I could get through it, but I was wrong.

Soon it became overwhelming & one day after school I began cutting again. To me cutting is like a way to deal with the emotional pain in a physical way. After I cut I feel relieved & like the emotions that drove me to do it in the first place aren't even there.

Right now I'm 14 & I still struggle with cutting. I want to quit, but I just can't. Things always seem to pile up in my life & the only way to get it down is to cut.

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by: Jen

Hey girl.
Cutting is tough, and hard to quit. I'm 17, I used to be a cutter myself. Cutting addiction is just as severe as drug addiction, and stopping is something that you can't do on your own. You need support, and mostly, help from God.

I'd like to talk to you more about this. If you want, you can. We'll talk more about it and see how we can get you out of this addiction that you have.

Carry your candle,

by: Anonymous

I'm 15 and am a cutter. I no how it feels to want to quit but you just can't. I no things get hard but when you rally think about it, mutilating yourself will not solve your problems, if anything it causes more. I apologize that i don't have any real good advice sense I'm going through the same thing. Just don't give up because sooner or later these problems will fade away, like the people at school, they wont hardly be a memory in 20 years. I hope you conquer this once and for all. I wish you all the best.

Cutting at 13.
by: Anonymous

I'm 13 years old and am currently a cutter. Those of us who are, understand that its a release and something to keep our minds off the crap were dealing with. I started last year, and stopped until this year, when again, i felt the need to cut. Lately most of my friends have been caught, and have to go to a mental clinic once a week. I AM trying to cut, but for instance, today in my 4th period class i couldn't deal with the crap i was getting from my classmates. I asked to be exused, went to the restroom, locked myself in a stall and cut. I am very worried about this summer, when I'm going to all my camps and the beach. It would kill my parents and is hurting the other people to know that i do this. I currently have NO good reason to quit, even though i just listed several reasons above. The only way i could quit is if the guy i loved told me it was stupid, and to stop. If anyone else wishes to speak to me on this subject, leave a comment.

by: Anonymous

I'm 16, and I'm a cutter, too. I had stopped, for a few months, but then life got too hard, again, and I picked the blade back up. No matter how long I go without it, the harder it gets. But the only way to stop is to hold on, and be strong. If you need help, being strong, try looking up the butterfly project. I know someone who is trying this, and, even if you don't draw a butterfly, but write a name, it has the same effect. I wish you the best of luck, in your struggle, and wish you to know that I'm supporting anyone who goes through this.

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