I cut myself to see who cared

by Kate

I used to cut myself, but it wasn't just because I did not know how to deal with my emotions, it's because I wanted to see who cared enough to stop me.

I wouldn't flash the scars but I wouldn't hide them either. I was begging for help and no one would help me. I just wanted someone to notice and not laugh about it.

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Not alone
by: Jen

Hey girl,
Actually, you'll be surprised to know that your condition is actually very common. Cutting is one of three things:
1. A cry for help
2. An emotional release
3. A cry for attention
Your condition, trying to see who cared, is actually something that happens a lot. You are not alone, and probably some of the other cutters that you know just might be in the same position that you are. In this case, we all need to step in and say, hey, we notice you, please don't hurt your body anymore.
Keep your chin up. I'm very very glad that you understand this now.
Carry your candle,
- Jen

Seeing who cares
by: Julie

I think a common thread as people when we are hurting is to see how far we will have to go before others see our cries for help. It's scary and maybe even sad, but because of life sometimes, or maybe because of how well we cover it all up, it takes a very long time for people to see or really even know what to do to try and help us. My desire is that people will learn sooner that God notices when we are hurting and he wants to step in and say "enough is enough" way before we hurt ourselves any longer. I know he hurts when we hurt, and I hope that thought can somehow etch itself into the hearts of the many young girls out there yearning to be understood and cared about.
I am so thankful for you for what you've learned and are sharing with others!

In Him,

i was in your positon
by: Kaity

i know how you feel. At the begginning of this year i started to cut. I had a few reasons why i was hurting myself
1. I was stressed and tired and overwhelmed and i didnt know how to handle my feelings
2. My parents were seperating so I felt lonely and scared
3. I got sooo fed up with life that i wanted to die
4. i wanted to know who cared about me
Turns out i had many people that cared about me very much. It got so bad some of my friends threatened me (that they would cut themselves) to get me to stop. I finally realized that I was better than that and stopped. I realized I wasnt alone and no matter how lonely you feel there are always many people that love and care about you. Its sad because sometimes it feels like you have to hurt yourself to be noticed. I think its all in our heads and we dont listen to the outside world and the people areound us.
My best advice it that if you ever feel lonely or sad or not sure of your emotions. Talk to someone. Anyone. A councler, a teacher, a friend, a family member. Sometimes just talking to people about your emotions helps a lot. But NEVER try to hurt yourself. Trust me it makes everything worse and hurts not just you but everyone around you.
Remember that God loves you and your will never be left alone.

i dont know
by: Anonymous

i have been through a lot in the past year. and i have started to cut. even through i know it's wrong i keep doing it. go to counseling. it's kind of helping me. but remember counseling only helps if you want it to. and right know i am not sure if i should keep going. but if i don't i have to go and see doctors. so do what you want. but there is help. and if one counselor doesnt work go to another. everyone has their own opinions and ideas on doing stuff. and thats what makes us so unique.

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