I am fading Away

by Emilyn

i am turning 13 on April 3rd, and my name is Emilyn. I live In Minnesota. i cut myself... i just started doing it. my moms boyfriend for many years has been hurting me and my mom. the first time i cut myself was when i was locked in me room and i was hitting my head on the wooden part of my bed and out of the corner of my eye i saw a sharp wire and cut my arm really bad. the next day i wasnt talking to anyone in my first class. my friend said hi and i sat there and didnt even look at her. she already knew about what was going on before and i showed her my arm. later it came infected, but i still cut and the abuse is still going on. i am covered in scars i need help and others opinion who is going through the same thing please bring my spirit up so i dont cut maybe you can keep me from fading away from who i am.

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by: Lynny

I'm not a cutter. I can't relate to you much. I just wanted to say that God still cares. He loved you. A LOT. I know that people do things that really hurts other people. I mean we all make mistakes. I hope you don't fade anymore. I'm thirteen. Just to let you know. I hope you remember that GOD can change your life. All you have to do is let him. He has a great plan for you. :)

Get out
by: Anonymous

First of all, abuse is never okay. You need to get yourself out of the company of mom's boyfriend with or without mom. Tell a teacher about the abuse, they are obligated to report it to the proper authorities. I know that it is scary to think about being away from your mom but doing that will press her to make a decision that may seem hard but will suddenly be very easy, get rid of the boyfriend or loose you. You will be doing your mom a favor as well. After you and her get through kicking the boyfriend to the curb, you can begin healing together.

I am a cutter too
by: Nikola

In somme areas I understand how you feel. I am a cutter. I'm much older and didn't start to almost a year ago, but I know the struggle with it... I was sexually abused when I was younger, but I pushed it out my mind for a long time, but now it resurfaced... and it has been a hard struggle not to cut because of the pain of my past. But you can overcome this. Twice i went 2 months without cutting, and I am in the process of being delivered by God... But I would like to explain stuff and talk to you about this more. Iwant to help.

by: Anonymous

I went throught the exact same thing, the thing what helped me and got me out of it i said something to the school guidence or a teacher and then told my mum all about it even though we werent close at all and then she took me to see someone and she stoped seeing him because she loved aand cared for me just try to get help dont do anything stuiped

Be Careful
by: Breanna

I am 14,I have never cut myself, but last year something really scary happened. My best friend and most of her friends cut themselves. She always had at least one knife in her room somewhere. I tried helping her stop, but she finally got a major wake up call. A close friend of hers cut himself way too deep one night, and the next day at school, my bff had to skip class multiple times to cry. He is still in the world with us, but had to be hospitalized for weeks for loss of blood and a ton of other stuff. Another friend still cuts herself, but I am scared to, and my bff finally saw what I saw. If you cut yourself, you may only think you are finding a way out, but truthfully, you may be harming more than yourself. Instead of cutting herself, she now writes stories or poetry. She has her own website full of poems that you might relate to or enjoy. Please be careful. You only have one life to live on this earth, and one chance to make a positive impact on the people surrounding you. Don't waste it. God loves you. If you feel down or depressed or not special to anybody, remember this. "God made you special, and loves you very much." Try watching VeggieTales for a while. =D

please dont
by: Anonymous

sweetie, you are not alone. I know you have probably read that line a million times but its true. God is with you, you may not be able to see or feel Him but Hes there waiting for you to call on Him. He loves you so much that He died for you just so you may be given the choice of spending eternity with Him. though I may not know your pain --since I was a different sort of abuse-- but GOD does He feels everything your feeling. How?? well, when He was on that cross He held every burd en, pain and sin of everyone on this earth, including you darling. your special and precious to Him, your His princess. tell someone sweetheart this man is dangerous and I don't want you nor your mother getting hurt anymore. if your not already a Christian, accept Him and give all your worrries to Him. He will take care of both of you. I will keep you two in my prayers. and dear try not to cutter you will regret having to cover so many scars, believe me. it may feel good but that scar will always remind you of your past and it will take longer for your healing process.

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