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Interested to know where you stand with gossip? Take this gossip quiz!!

"The words of gossip are like choice morsels; they go down to our inmost parts." Proverbs 18:8

Rumor has it you could be a gossip. Gossip is something we’ve all indulged in at one point. It is the oldest and most common form of sharing facts but has the reputation of producing errors – ever heard of the telephone game?

Get in a group of people and have one person whisper something into someone’s ear, have that person then whisper the same thing into the next ear, continue going until the last person has heard the secret and have that person try to tell you what they’ve just heard or think they’ve just heard. In most cases it won’t be anything like what the first person said or intended it to say.

Do you see how gossip can be dangerous? The spread of rumors is often times untruthful and hurtful.

Take the below quiz to find out where you stand on gossip.

Written by Melisa Steele

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1.) How do you feel about gossip?*
A) I live for it!
B) It's harmless fun
C) I know it’s wrong but some stories are just too juicy not to share
D) I would never
2.) Have you ever spread a rumor you knew wasn’t true?*
A) Yes, but I didn’t intend for anyone to get hurt
B) Yes, as revenge – they totally deserved it
C) No
D) Maybe unintentionally
3.) Have you ever dropped a friend because of gossip you heard about them?*
A) Absolutely not
B) Yes, I can’t be friends with some like that
C) No, but our friendship is no longer the same
D) I considered it
4.) Someone confides in you with a personal matter. You:*
A) Can’t wait to tell everyone
B) Tell your best friend and only your best friend
C) Tell only if it’s for the other person’s best interest
D) Tell no one and pray for that person
5.) You’re at the mall with your friends, one of them gets a call on her cell and begins arguing - You:*
A) Let her talk but probe her later
B) Give your friend her privacy
C) Tune out the conversation
D) Strain to eavesdrop in on the conversation
6.) You over hear someone at school talking about your friend - You:*
A) Think, how awful and tell your friend when you see her
B) Think, at least they’re not talking about me
C) Confront them and ask them to stop
D) Start concocting an even better rumor to spread about them
7.) A targeted person of gossip finds out you started a rumor about them and confronts you – You:*
A) Apologize profusely and ask for forgiveness
B) Deny it
C) Make up excuses for why you did it
D) Tell them you only told with their best interest in mind feeling the other party needed to know.
8.) When hanging out with your friends how much time do you spend talking about other people?*
A) All the time – what else is there to talk about?
B) Once in awhile
C) Hardly ever
D) Never – what a waste of our time!
9.) Have you ever made a true story better by exaggerating?*
A) Yes, all the time
B) Only if the story needs to be spiced up
C) No, never
D) Maybe once
10.) You see your best friend’s boyfriend out with another girl – You:*
A) Ignore it – it’s none of your business
B) Tell her right away letting her know you’re there if she needs you
C) Confront him and pray if you should tell your friend
D) Tell your other friends what you saw
11.) You’re at a party when and you see something embarrassing happen to one of the populars – You:*
A) Can’t wait until Monday to spread the news
B) Chuckle because it was amusing but keep it to yourself
C) Post it on your web page as soon as you get home
D) Do nothing, you’re above that
12.) Someone comes running to you with the latest scoop – You:*
A) Have been waiting all week to get the details
B) Change the subject
C) Tell the person it’s none of your business, you’re not interested
D) Listen adding anything that may have been left out
Bonus Question:
Have you ever been the victim of gossip?

Please take a moment to reflect on this question and really think about how you would feel if it were you the rumor was targeting. “In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you” Matthew 7:12
A) Yes, I have been a victim of gossip
B) No, I have never been a victim of gossip

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