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Pornography and teen girls plus some free stuff from us!
March 02, 2011

Helping You Find Your True Beauty!

In a world that pressures you to look "picture perfect", join in the search to find your true beauty in Christ! It's there, but just needs discovered.

March 2, 2011

A Peek Inside Today's Issue...

  1. Pornography and Teen Girls
  2. Supporting Each Other
  3. Stories of Hope
  4. Great Bible Study Resource
  5. Free Audio Book Version of Mirror Mirror

1. Pornography and Teen Girls

Because I have struggled myself with pornography and masturbation, I know how much it can be a stronghold - and the cycle of shame that comes with it. I thought I was alone. But, now realize I'm not. There are actually many teen girls and women who struggle with pornography. And what I'm finding out is that many times teen girls are first exposed to pornography by their boyfriends.

Even though it's a difficult topic to discuss, I realize God wants me to share my testimony of the healing and freedom I've found in Christ. Therefore, I'm speaking at a conference soon on this topic and would love to have some feedback from you. Take a few minutes to answer a few questions for me and in return, I'll give you a free download of the PDF version of our book, "Teen Devotionals...for Girls!

Click Here to Take the Quiz

Thanks for your help!

2. Supporting Each Other was created to be a place to help and be helped. It's designed to be a community of girls and women finding their true beauty in Christ. Here are some ways people are reaching out to one another and encouraging each other!


To the Fullest

Feel Fat

3. Stories of Hope

Many girls and women share their stories on my website to offer hope. If you need encouragement, read a few of these powerful testimonies today!

Her Value More than Rubies or Pearls

A Life Saved

Deliverance from fornication

4. Great Bible Study Resource

Are you looking for a bible study resource to use in your youth group or with some friends? Then, I'd recommend checking out Cutting Edge Bible Studies, one of our site sponsors. I reviewed their material and was actually really impressed. They were solid, biblical based studies but also interactive and engaging.

Read my review here

5. Free Audio Book Version of Mirror Mirror

Have you read my book Mirror Mirror? If so, would you be willing to give an audio testimonial that we can use on our website? All you have to do is call in to the phone number below and share what you liked about it or how God impacted you through the study. It will literally only take you 5 minutes. And when you do, just e-mail me at and I will send you the audio book version for free!

Call now: (512) 827-0505 ext 1582

Thanks for your help in sharing the message of God's truth through this website and the book/bible study!

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Has this website encouraged you? Do you have any comments or ideas? If so, I'd love to hear from you. Just reply to this e-mail and tell me what you think!

And help us by spreading the word. Tell your friends to check out and to sign up for this newsletter. In doing so, you'll be giving her a gift...a free PDF copy of my book, "Mirror Mirror Am I Beautiful."

Helping you find your true beauty in Christ,

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