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Do you feel God leading you to write a book?
March 16, 2011


Do you feel God leading you to write a book? If so, read on :)

In the fall of 2008, God led me down the path of publishing my first book, "Mirror Mirror...Am I Beautiful." Nothing I planned or expected, but something God did through me. Since then I've published several other books via self publishing.

And now I feel God leading me to share with others how to do the same thing...especially followers of reach as many people with God's truth as possible.

I recently encouraged a friend and fellow speaker, Scott Mason to self publish his amazing testimony. And he's done just that.

He used my free book template, wrote his book, had it edited, signed up for a free Createspace account (company of Amazon) and is publishing his book sometime this week...all within two months!

How much I got paid = $0. Seeing God use Scott's story to touch many lives with the power of Christ = priceless.

And I believe there may be several of you that God is calling to write and publish a book as well.

If so, I encourage you to check out my new site, where I share "8 Simple Steps to Self Publishing."

Then sign up for my free book templates, get a free Createspace account and while you're at it, download my 200+ free book marketing and author tools report (this report has many amazing free tools that can be used in ministry, even if you never self publish - and please share it with your friends and family!).

The best part? It's all free! I feel this is part of my ministry being able to help empower others.

Helping you get published,
Shelley Hitz

Author of "Mirror Mirror...Am I Beautiful?"

p.s. You can self publish bible studies, manuals, books and more. If you're interested in formating your book in the Kindle format, check out my advice here.

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