Self Injury (SI) trying to recover

by Kari

I have been working extremely hard for the past few months to quite cutting. I have thrown out my raiser blades that I used to cut and am now doing it in my sleep. I don't know how to stop it, I wake up with scratches on my arms and face that are nail shaped. I also find myself chewing on my lip until it bleeds and have recently found out that this is a form of SI.

I really want to stop doing these things but I don't know how to otherwise cope and also I don't know how to stop doing it in my sleep.

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Helpful suggestions
by: cassandra

well..umm...i can give you suggestions on how to stop, but i don't know how to help you in stopping hurting yourself in your sleep.
some things that have helped me stop are drawing/writing what im feeling, snapping a rubberband on my wrist, taking a cold shower, exercising, and my counselor has suggested that i place ice cubes on my bare skin, but i havent tried it yet b/c i live in a dorm and don't have access to it..other than that, idk..are you seeing a counselor? he/she could probably help you more, like help you find out whats causing you to cut when you're asleep..other than that, i really dont know what else.. i'm really sorry.. maybe you could try reading your Bible and/or listening to some good calming music right before you go to bed.

To stop cutting-
by: Holly J.

If you are just doing it in your sleep, then it really isnt your fault. If your doing it unconciously then you shouldnt feel guilty.* hopefully you dont*

Hopefully your have allerted your parents, and if you havent then i would suggest you do. Maybe you should go to a sleeping center and have people watching you in your sleep. Sure, you might feel uncomfortable, but it might help. have them record you sleeping habits, and they are possibly linked to your dreams. If so you should go to a psychologist, and maybe a psychiatrist. If you go to a psychiatrist then hopefully you will get some perscription for this addiction.

I just want to remind you if you are only doing this in your sleep then it really isnt your fault. And you maybe would like to go to a sleeping center and most likely go to a doctor.

I hope this advice helps.. Good luck!

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