Perfect Girls and Lonely Worlds

by DrewC.

When I was in my freshman year of high school, some of the girls in my class cut themselves. This was nothing new, of course. I've seen it all happen. Girls who seemed beautiful and radiant on the outside, it's so impossible to think of them being suicidal or depressed.

The girls in my class continued doing this self-destructive "activity" for a few months. Of course, I tried to stop them since I considered them to be my friends. I said to them that this wasn't doing any good. And it never will. But they ignored me and said that they were doing it because they actually liked it. One of my classmates even said, "It's a way of releasing all my problems. Cutting myself makes me happy."

Fortunately, my classmates who cut themselves were discovered by one of teachers. Our teacher in Home Ec. found one of my classmates slashing her arm with a cutter. My teacher immediately informed the principal of this activity. The principal then called these girls' parents to inform them of the said issue.

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