My cutting story

It started in August when I was almost 13. It will be two years this August. I don't remember how it all started, but whenever I was sad or depressed I would go to it to make me feel better. It slowly became an addiction and it still is. It doesn't help that my two friends who I trusted and told, they aren't my friends anymore. So every night I get harassed and told to cut myself and kill myself. The thoughts have crossed my mind that maybe if I did everyone would be happier and that no one would care or notice if I did. I honestly don't know what to do now. What I used to use to cut went missing and when I noticed I had a panic attack. I really need help, but I don't want many people to know and I don't want my family worried about me. I am so close to just giving up completely.

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there is hope
by: Anonymous

acts 2:21

call on the name of Jesus, dear. HE is your only hope. Dont give up, God has a definite plan for your life. He loves you.

he is right there
by: shaniece

God alrady knew that u were goin to go through this before u even started cutting urself
all he wants u to do is call on him and he will heal u from all of your pain
God really is there for you, he's right there with you he just really wants you to let go of the situation and let him handle it

so just let go and let God

I care!!
by: Victoria

You are an amazing person and dont let ANYONE tell you otherwise. No cutting is not the right thing to do however your friends should have been there in your time of need. They oviously werent very good friends now were they. Well coming from a friend...thats me!....Your better than this you can stop cutting and start being happy! I have a story to tell u.
I am 19 years old and i know someone that killed themselves at age 16. This happened just last year. This girl was not well known and i believe she did this because she thought noone would notice noone would care. Do you really know how many people would care? Id care,your family would care and so would your real friends! You have the rest of your life ahead of u! Your life is just starting. Try not to let those kids bother you..they want under your skin, but dont let them under!!

....I CARE!.......

God cares
by: Anonymous

It may seem that nobody cares God does he sent his son Jesus to die on the cross for you. He shed his blood so you don't have to. Just look for Jesus he is the way, the truth,and the life. I have seen way to many suicieds in my family. My Aunt has tried to kill herself 7 times. Then she went to chuurch got re-saved and is a newborn Christian. GOD CARES AND SO DO I!!!!!!!!!!

God really does care
by: cassandra

It may seem like no one cares, but God really does care for you.. Its now been just over 3 months since i last cut myself and i still struggle with it.. ive gone through something similar to what you have.. my so called campus best friend (i went to a university last year where i met my so called campus best friend) knew i cut myself, and we're not friends anymore, but that's another story.. i know that it may be hard right now, but maybe they were holding you back from fulfilling your purpose.. after me and her stopped being friends almost 2 months ago, thats when i realized--that she wasn't allowing me to be the person i or God wanted me to be.. i used to consider suicide sooo much, and still do at times, but not NEARLY to the extent that i did...i no longer have my blades and not by choice--my mom found them and threw them out and i havent picked up anymore, simply b/c im scared to.. ive had several panic attacks, and am currently trying to control one right now just b/c of the rough night ive had, and they're not fun..

idk how much help this has been, but i hope its of some help..please know that God REALLY DOES LOVE AND CARE FOR YOU..just remember this verse regarding your friends--"We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God--those whom He has called according to His plan."-Romans 8:28

i care..
by: Destany

Hey i cut too..
i started at the age 12 almost 13. I under stand what you are going through. i dont even know u and i care. ur family would care and those people are just trying to get to you but just dont let them. dont hurt yourself when ur upset. write it down or talk to someone. I CARE!!

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