i cut.. and then guilt just pours over me

by Elisabeth

my name is Elisabeth, im 12 years old, and i cut myself

my name is Elisabeth, im 12 years old, and i cut myself

im not even sure what it is that makes me cut. im 12 almost 13 years old and i cut my wrists. i feel like when i hurt other people, i just feel so bad and so sorry for hurting them when.. i didnt even hurt anyone. i have these MEAN MEAN "friends" that blame everything on me and then i feel guilty for being innocent. i feel like if someone is hurting because of me, then i deserve to be hurt. please please please help me. i dont want to this. i have so much going on and honestly, i think i have A LOT going on for just being a twelve year old girl.

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i know what you mean
by: valerie

i know what you mean, im the same way, im 16, and iv been cutting scene i was 9, before that i would beat myself up until i was black and blue, im sorry that you are going through the same. i really wish there was some way i could help you.

Chin Up
by: Desi

You're very young and I am 24 now but I started cutting around your age. Middle school was a horrible transition for me and I used to cut for different reasons than you. My mom never listened to me when I would talk to her and she was very controlling. The first time I ever cut was because she wouldn't let me go to the Homecoming Dance, nor would she even hear me out on why it was so important for me. It made me so angry and out of control and I guess I just thought I needed to bleed to get the anger out. I stopped cutting after high school and all my physical scars have healed, but now I am anorexic. What I think would help you is to imagine yourself in say, your mother's shoes. Or someone you truly idolize and love. Then imagine them watching you cut yourself through a window. How does it make you feel? You seem very sensitive and you said yourself that you don't like to hurt anybody, but in hurting yourself, you're betraying everyone who loves you. Dump those mean friends, there will be many more to replace them. =) Cheer up, honey. We as women tend to be mean towards one another but deep down we all know we only do that to make ourselves feel better.

It will be ok
by: Anonymous

Stay strong. I know its hard when you feel horrible. When nothing goes right, go left. I cut myself and cant stop. Its hard but i try to stop. Then i fight with my parents and cut again. There is nothing wrong with you. Theres something wrong with the world.

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