Facing a break up.

I have been in a really long relationship with this boy. He was my first love and my first boyfriend and I've liked him for 5 whole years. Now he breaks up with me. Is it okay to pray to God to restore this broken relationship? How do I know if I am praying in the will of God? If there were issues that displeased God in the relationship because the boy distracted me from an intimate connection with God, is it alright to pray for a new and healthier relationship with the same boy and for him to come back? I don't want to live in false hope, but the Bible did say if I am presistent in my prayer...he will eventually answer.

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God will answer
by: Heather

God will answer your prayer, however there is a possibility His answer will be no. You can know if you are praying the will of God by how your prayer is answered, but there are a few other things you can look at too. Is this boy a believer? The Bible says that God doesn't want us to be unequally yoked, for the very reason you mentioned. If he is unbeliever it will be harder for you to have a relationship with God. If he is a believer he can still be a distraction if you don't put them in the proper order, but praying for a newer healthier relationship wouldn't be bad. If he is a non-believer, instead of praying for a restored relationship, pray for his salvation, and once that comes, you can decide if you still want a relationship with him, or pray for God to bring a godly man into your life who can lead you closer to God instead of further away.

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