"Find Your True Beauty" Talk

One of my passions is to share what I've learned in life. Whether it's a great hiking spot, a yummy recipe or life lessons (like the ones in this beauty talk).

That's one of the reasons I decided to team up with my husband, CJ Hitz, who travels around the nation speaking to teens (www.cjhitz.com), to offer this "Find Your True Beauty" Seminar. It comes from my heart and what I've learned personally. A lot of it I've learned the hard way, that's for sure!

I love meeting new people, hearing their stories and having fun together! This page is a place where I'll share pictures and stories from the different places I go. If you've heard me speak, I'd love for you to add your comments and pictures that you have from your event as well!

By the way, if you're interested in having me come and speak at your event, contact me for more information.

So, here we go! As the song says, "On the road again....I just can't wait to get on the road again..."

Find Your True Beauty Seminar Schedule

See Shelley's schedule here

Seminar Description:

Did you know that 24% of women would sacrifice 3 years of their life to be thin, that girls as young as five have expressed fears of getting fat and 90% of high school junior and senior girls diet regularly even though only between 10-15% are considered overweight.

Does this surprise you? Do you wonder why this is happening? I believe one of the biggest influences on girls today regarding beauty is the media. Using powerful videos and PowerPoint slides, Shelley Hitz will help expose the lies girls believe about their beauty and the steps to become free….helping you find your true beauty!

What Teens Are Saying...

This retreat has been incredible – just what I needed, as well as the rest of my high school. The girls session especially helped me, and also went along with the main message. All the aspects of this message were amazing and memorable ~ every point, video, song or prayer that was shared has stuck in my mind. I will never forget this….
--Emily, student

I liked this session a lot! I’ve been struggling with self confidence recently. Thanks for turning me around and teaching me to ignore the false images of beauty and find my true beauty.
--Laura, student

You just spoke at our school in Willoughby Hills. It was real good. I don’t really struggle a whole lot with self image but thanks for the dressing tips it really helps to stay modest. I read the section on your website how guys are visual. And it’s so true. Thanks so much!
--Kelly, student

Hey, thanks for coming to our school, I think that most of the girls needed to hear about the immodesty thing, I don’t struggle with that, but I know a lot of girls that do. I thought your session was amazing.
--Kate, student

CJ & Shelley did very well and I wish they could do it again next year! The video clips are interesting and you guys are really fun!
--India, student

Shelley,I like your whole session, it was awesome! I hope you come back to our school. What impacted me most was when you talked about your life when you used the cup and how we try to find something to build us up. I went though a divorce with my parents and my dad wasn't with God and was in the wrong path, so that's what impacted me about the session. Thank you for coming to our school.
--Emily, student

Shelley,Thank you so much for speaking to us girls. I loved it!! You talked about what I have been going through! Thank you!
--Jami, student

I recently had a pretty bad break up and am bitter. My self-esteem has gone down and I’m struggling trying to find God but for some reason, I just feel so alone. The girls talk we had though with Mrs. Hitz was very helpful.

I loved how you influenced us and how you opened up my eyes! Thanks!
--Anelia, student

Thanks for coming to our school to talk to us. I really appreciated it. Your talk will really help me to be closer to God.
--Sara, student

This session was totally awesome, thanks! Please pray that I would remember what God thinks about me and keep my eyes fixed on Jesus.
--Sarah, student

Pray that I’d be able to forgive those who hurt me and let God replace my broken cup and overflow it.
--Alyssa, student

What I liked most about the session was your testimony. I always like hearing people's testimonies because even though I feel bad about what they went through it gives me strength to carry on especially if the person got closer to the Lord through their problems.
--Mandy, student

Thank you SOOOOOO much for speaking in the mornings this last week at Teen Quest camp. I could really relate to them. I love to listen to you speak. Thank you again. It really touched my heart!!
--Leah, student

This ministry was amazing and it really touched my heart what Shelley said to the girls. I want to pray that I won't get caught up in the world's beauty and that I can be focused on God's beauty through me.
--Erika, student

This really showed me how much the media has had a very bad effect on me that I never knew. I really needed this. I need to work on my inner beauty and not focus so much on my appearance. Thank you so much for getting this message out to my generation and going against the grain and the way the world thinks. Your ministry is amazing!
--Jodi, student

Shelley's Bio...

Shelley Hitz has been ministering to teens for the last 10 years alongside her husband, C.J. They currently travel and speak to teens around the country. Shelley’s main passion is to share God’s truth and the freedom in Christ she has found with teen girls and women. She does this through her website www.FindYourTrueBeauty.com and through her “Find Your True Beauty” Talks. When at home in Findlay, Ohio, Shelley continues to work as a Physical Therapist for their local hospital.

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